Hello Kitty Sweater and Heart Chart

Hello Kitty Sweater and Heart Chart
By Sarah Russell
For personal use only.
I must give credit for the inspiration for this chart to Oslofia http://hellokittyalong.blogspot.com/ who
conducted a Hello Kitty Knitalong in 2005. I loved her design and wrote through Ravelry to ask her if it was
available. Alas, I never heard from her. So I did the best I could to design my own, making a few changes along
the way.
The sweater is the Heart and Star Pullover pattern by Bernat:
http://www.bernat.com/data/pattern/pdf/Bernat_KW542058_01_kn_pullover.en_US.pdf You may have to
register with Bernat to get the pattern, but it’s free to register and worthwhile as they have lots of good
patterns. This one was very true to size and the instructions were clear.
For a size 4, I used Martha Stewart yarn: 3 skeins blue, 1 skein pink, one skein white, and some black and yellow
I had on hand. All are worsted weight. I used the needles called for: 7 and 8.
I did a guesstimate of where to begin the chart on the front, judging the number of rows I had on the Hello Kitty
chart versus the number of rows needed for the heart chart on the original pattern. You’re on your own figuring
out placement for the size you do.
My other tweak was that I used Zoe Mellor’s idea of doing a long tail cast on in pink (a contrasting color), and
then changing to the main color for the first row. It makes a really cute border. When I put the ribbing on at the
neck, I found I had to do one row of ribbing in pink and then bind off in pink to get the same effect as I had for
the ribbing at the bottom of the cuffs and the sweater body.
Notes on the Chart
Don’t attempt this for a first intarsia project. It gets complicated since sometimes you’ll be working with 4
colors. You should have done a couple of projects before trying it.
You’ll have lots of ends to weave in when you’re done. I wove them through as usual, and then used a tiny, tiny
smidge of Fabric Tac glue on the tip of a straight pin for each end to make sure it wouldn’t come out.
Painstaking, but worth it in the long run.
To make the whiskers, you can either embroider them on, or put them on as I did with one long stitch the
length of the whisker, and then couching it with a stitch over the long stitch hidden in the black outline of the
To make the bow, cast on 16 st on size 7 needles with pink yarn. Do 10 rows in the garter stitch (knit every row)
and bind off. I did a single crochet chain about 4 inches long with the pink yarn and wound it around the bow
twice to gather it in the middle. Then I used sewing thread to secure it over the ear. It makes a nice
dimensional addition.