Dear Concordia Lutheran College would like to thank you for taking

Concordia Lutheran College would like to thank you
for taking an interest in sponsoring our teams for the
Champion Basketball School of Queensland
Tournament. Concordia Lutheran College has a proud
tradition of involvement in the Champion Basketball
School of Queensland tournament since 2012.
Financial support gained will serve to offset the cost to players, as well as acknowledging that
it is our families’ businesses that make our sporting endeavors possible.
Any offers of support from within our community are welcome and funds will be used to offset
direct cost to players, including outfitting them in team apparel such as warm-up shirts, water
bottles, travel/team bags etc. These items will feature the corporate logos or names of
sponsors as they prefer and the size and location of these logos will depend on the level of
sponsorship. Design and placement of these logos will of course be negotiated with sponsors
prior to manufacture. In addition, sponsors will receive a personalised piece of memorabilia
(such as a team photo or apparel) in acknowledgment of their support.
Any sponsorship arrangement must abide by the College Sponsorship Policy that is attached.
Please take the time to read this document and the provisions that we are required to follow
when accepting sponsorship.
If you would like to make a financial contribution, please contact Ian Hoddinott or me at the
College on 07 4688 2700 or additionally, we can be reached via email at:
[email protected]
[email protected]
Once again, please accept our sincere thanks for considering sponsorship of our teams. We
are continuing to develop a rich Basketball history at the College and your continued support
at all levels is deeply appreciated.
Yours sincerely
Jessica Hewitt
Sports Coordinator
Michael Kaiser
Head of College