What has Year 2 been up to?

What has Year 2 been up to?
Newsletter Issue 32 - 18 October 2012
When Alexis showed Year 2 Green her finger knitting recently, it created
such an interest that she became the “teacher” and taught everyone
(including Mrs Jirasek!) how to do it. As children picked up the skill of manipulating the wool to make the chain, they in turn taught those who needed
more time.
Alexis (left) finger knitter extraordinaire
Persistence paid off!
- with talented pupils
During this process, the children put into practice so much of what they had
been learning at school in the preceding weeks.
In Religion children had studied right and wrong behaviours and this was a
wonderful example of co-operating with, helping, listening to and accepting
each other. They had learnt about persistence, organization, confidence and
getting along in the “You Can Do It” programme and the photos show them
demonstrating all of this. Some found that they needed a lot of persistence!
They used their Maths knowledge to measure, in centimetres and metres,
the length of their knitting and were very excited when they had made 1metre or more.
What’s on next Week
Saturday 7am Parish Working
Bee (Parish land)
Star of the Sea Ball
Monday Pupil Free Day
(Consistency of Teacher Judgement (CTJ) Day for teachers)
Tuesday Year 5 Camp
Year 2 Excursion to Hervey Bay
Wednesday Year 5 Camp
Thursday Year 5 Camp
It was a delight seeing them all so busily and happily engaged learning this
new skill.
Year 5 Camp
Sunday 28th Parish Picnic
Principal’s Corner
Pupil Free Day-Monday, 22 October
Altar Servers for this Weekend:
20/21 October
of Teacher Judgement (CTJ) Day for teachers)
6pm John Algarra, Declan
Fowler, Sarah Murphy,
Hannah Gamble
Coen Willrath, Sophie &
Lochie Armstrong
Lauren & Jarrod Sankey,
Connor & Flynn Whelan
& Brittany-Rose Plant
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for a special someone like Jon-Jon
Watch our ‘Restore Hope to a Special Someone’ DVD
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Collect cash donations from your family and friends
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Parish News
St Joseph's Church, Pialba,
Mass Times
The Sacrament of Penance
St Patrick's Church, Howard
Mass Times
The Sacrament of Penance
Liturgy of the Word with Communion
8am Monday - Friday, 6pm Saturday, 7am & 9am Sunday
10 - 11am
Saturday (or by appointment)
2nd, 4th & 5th Sundays each month at 5pm
2nd & 4th Sundays each month
1st and 3rd Sundays each month at 5pm
St Peter the Fisherman Burrum Heads
Mass Times
& 3rd Sundays each month at 5pm
Sacrament of Penance
1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of the month 4.30 - 4.45pm
Liturgy of the Word with Communion 2nd & 4th Sunday each month 9am
Recorded Mass Times
(07) 4128 1358 [email protected]
There will be NO 9.00am Mass on Sunday October 28. Instead we will celebrate the Mass at our Parish Picnic at 9.00am.
ALL ARE WELCOME. Please BYO chairs and picnic lunch. Soft drinks will be provided. Fr Joe
From the A.P.R.E.
CATHOLIC MISSION: October is Mission month which is an opportunity for all of us to stop
and think of how we can contribute to making the lives of others a little better. Each year
Catholic Mission internationally reaches out to give life and hope to millions of people in
1100 dioceses spanning 125 countries, and offering mission formation opportunities in
160 countries. This is possible because of passionate, caring people like you.
Catholic Mission raises funds for the largest humanitarian organisation (the Catholic
Church) in the world, and is the only Catholic organisation with works dedicated to children. Catholic Mission partners with local Catholic dioceses and parishes. Works are carried out by lay and religious people, including priests, brothers and sisters/nuns, who are
usually in their home country or community.
In 2010, all Catholic Mission agencies worldwide assisted 2.5 million children and helped
train 77,000 seminarians. Australian supporters alone directly assisted missionary works in
assisted 131 dioceses in 37 countries, specifically:
 507,414 children in their spiritual and practical needs
 9,203 catechists and 3,983 seminarians in training
 The building, upkeep and maintenance of more than 79 churches, presbyteries, pastoral centres and 15 convents
 Subsidies for 17 Catholic radio and TV broadcasters
Mission formation opportunities for more than 600,000 Australians
We are currently planning our fundraising activities for Catholic Mission. We will be holding a special day of activities which will be organised by the Year 5, 6 and 7 students. We
are calling this special day the “Star of the Sea Socktober Festival”. Students will be asked
to bring a gold coin to be a part of the festival as our method of fundraising. We are also
inviting all students to wear “crazy socks” for the day for which they will pay another gold
Thank you for your support of this very important event.
STAR OF THE SEA FAMILY MASS: I would like to invite all families to join with us to celebrate the Eucharist here at school on Sunday 18 November. We are hosting this special
mass in our school hall on Sunday afternoon at 4:00pm where Fr Joseph will be our celebrant. This will be a wonderful opportunity for our school community to come together to
thank God for all that we have and ask his blessing on our school community. Please add
this date to your calendar, more information in the weeks to come.
Till next time.
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
Teresa (APRE)
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From the School Pastoral Worker
My Child Has Special Needs – Now What?
A workshop for mothers/carers who have a child with special needs. The sessions will be run one day per week over 3 weeks and will focus on enhancing
individual strengths to maximise each child’s potential. Wednesdays 14th, 21st,
and 28th November from 10:00am to 12noon. Ph 4125 5788.
Anger Management – Everyone gets angry, but how many people know how to
use their anger beneficially? This workshop will be run one day a week for 4
weeks. Tuesdays 30th October – 20th November from 10:00am to 12:30pm. Ph
4125 5788.
There is a new federally-funded website offering tools and tips to people who
are battling anxiety and depression. The interactive self-help website – mycompass.org.au – was launched by the Black Dog Institute and the federal government last term. This website is designed to help people suffering mild to
moderate anxiety, stress or depression who may not otherwise seek help because of a lack of time, lack of access to face-to-face services, or a fear of stigma.
Mary Care – Hervey Bay (St Joseph’s Church) Mary Care is a voluntary group
providing handyperson jobs, home help, transportation and visitation services
on a short term basis. For more information, please phone Irene Chambers on
4124 7412.
Family Connect – offers free information and support for families with children
aged 0-12 years. Phone 4194 3050 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.
The following two websites contain some helpful information on parenting:
Enjoy the weekend with your loved ones, God Bless!
Ms Jenny
Care and Concern
Our next monthly cuppa will be held on Friday 2nd November 2012 directly after
assembly in the undercover area. All are very welcome. Please bring a small
plate of food to share. Hope to see you there!
If you know of a family that may require assistance, please contact me to discuss how we may be able to help.
Enjoy the weekend with your family, God Bless!
Ms Jenny - School Pastoral Worker/C&C Coordinator
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Sports News
Once again another fantastic day of fun at Star of the Sea School. Thank you so
much to all the teachers and school officers for running your class activity so
well. The biggest praise should go to all students who participated in our Ball
Games and Novelty Relays. Your sportsmanship and efforts to do your best
were outstanding. Congratulations.
The overall winning house was UNGOWA (house captains were Alexia Johansen
& Hayley Boonstra)
The House Spirit Trophy went to ELI (house captains were Ella Nicholson & Josh
Listed below are all the House Captains who were selected to represent their
House for the 2012 Ball Games & Novelty Relays Carnival. Congratulations – you
did a fantastic job, especially the grade 7 students and house captains from
WORALIE who came early in the morning to help set up for the carnival.
WORALIE – Luke Jacob & Megan Green
AWINYA – Piper Johnson & Elizabeth Lambert
ELI – Ella Nicholson & Josh Chilcott
UNGOWA – Alexia Johansen & Hayley Boonstra
All students from grades 3 to 7 should have received a swimming information
note regarding school swimming lessons to commence next week. Please refer
to the swimming timetable below. Swimming is an important part of our Physical Education program. With this in mind, could you please provide your child’s
class teacher with a dated and signed note if your child will not be swimming on
their designated day? If possible please include a reason for non-participation.
9.15 – 10
10 – 10.45
10.45 – 11.30
If you did not receive a swimming note there are spares at the office.
Yours in Sports
Billie Willis (P.E. Teacher grades 3 – 7)
This School needs YOU!!!
Do you, as a parent, grandparent or neighbour, have 1 hour
to spare on a Wednesday morning? Weekly, fortnightly?
We are in need of School Banking Co-ordinators for the Student Banking Program.
No experience is necessary.
The children bring their deposit books and money to the office, the co-ordinators
collect them, stamp their deposit and count the money which is then taken to the
bank. You will have full support of the other banking co-ordinators at the school.
Our School Banking Program, with its Rewards Program designed to teach kids about
money, helps them develop good saving habits and gives them the confidence and independence to make sound financial decisions. With hands-on learning experience, we
can help children grow into financially aware adults. PLEASE HELP THE CHILDREN!
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SWIM WEAR AVAILABLE including Chlorine
resistant SHIRTS and
44 Islander Rd. Pialba,
ph. 4128 4888
The family portraits will take place this Saturday between 9am and 1pm. The photographs will be taken in the Mary MacKillop room at the back left hand side of the
The sitting times are:
9.00 Kristy Palmer
9.10 Fran & Mark c/o Kristy Palmer
9.25 Jennifer Batsikas
9.35 Kerrianne Farrelly
9.50 Sue Greener
10.00 Amber Cashman
10.10 Amanda Sarchet
10.25 Julie Gibbs
10.35 Michelle White
10.50 Claire Hollis
11.00 Yasmin Caelli
11.10 Katherine Stead
11.25 Billie Cluck
11.35 Melissa Witt
11.50 Donna Jenkins
12.10 Coren Mills
12.25 Gerri Glass
12.35 Helen Harding
If you have any queries please call Donna Jenkins on 0419 787 904.
Academic Achievement Awards
P Gold
Kobi Muras
P Green
Bonnie Lamont
1 Gold
Harin Ravindran
1 Green
Maxwell Redding
2 Gold
Danika Rogers
2 Green
Lilly Thompson
3 Gold
Cade O’Rourke
3 Green
Cheyne D’Arcy-Koppen
4 Gold
Finn Mills
4 Green
Sarah Murphy
5 Gold
Jackson Landon
5 Green
Will Clayton
6 Gold
April Davies
6 Green
Cody Marsden
7 Gold
Elizabeth Lambert
7 Green
Kane Forster
Fantastic Work!!!!
Keep Up the Great Work!!
The awards will be handed out to the students during Monday’s assembly.
Uniform Shop
collect second-hand sales money: M. Alexander, Birmingham,
G. Cullen, L. Glover, L. Jones, T. Lindsay & J. Lunn
Thanks, Marie—Phone 4125 4508
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Curriculum Matters
Next Monday is a pupil free day for our students and all Star of the Sea
teachers will be meeting with teachers from Xavier College, St Mary’s
Primary (Maryborough) and St Joseph’s Primary (Childers) for our Consistency of Teacher Judgement Day (CTJ). At this meeting we will be discussing student work samples in the areas of Maths, English, Science and
History in year level groups, curriculum planning and pedagogy. These
meetings assist us with our professional development and maintaining
consistent programs and assessment in line with the Australian Curriculum across schools.
Until next week,
Steph Smith (Assistant Principal/Curriculum Support)
Date Claimers
20 Oct – SOS/Xavier Ball @ SOS
22 Oct – Consistency of Teacher Judgement (CTJ)- Pupil Free Day
23-26 Oct – Year 5 Camp
23 Oct- Year 2 Museum excursion
26 Oct- World Teachers Day
2 Nov- Year 4 Sleepover
1 Nov- Prep 2013- Orientation Day
6 Nov- Melbourne Cup Day & Year 7 Retreat Day- Michael Fitzpatrick
14 Nov- Healing Mass- Year 6
15 Nov- Swimming Carnival
18 Nov- SOS- Youth ministered mass- 4:00pm- SOS hall
27 Nov- Year 6 Nursing Home visit
27 Nov- Volunteers morning tea
4 Dec- Year 2 Nursing Home visit
5 Dec- Year 7 farewell and celebration night
7 Dec-Last day of term- 10:00am- final mass- SOS hall
A soft toy identical to this disappeared from a child’s bag on
Friday afternoon after school
while she was changing in the
junior toilets for dance class.
As it has significant sentimental
family value, it would be appreciated if all parents would
check their child’s bag and
bedroom and, if found, return
it to Mr Welch in 4 Green.
Happy Birthday
Mason Glover, Isabel Pedley, Jarlo Dart, Patrick Gray, Piper
Rauschenbach, Georja Brown, Brayden Hutchinson,
Tamara Anderson
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