homework 4

JEE3300 HW4: Due Date Thursday March 19, 2015
100 points
Include sufficient detail with solutions to justify answers given. Give numerical values
when possible.
Problem 1 (10 points):
Text page 213: Problem 5.2.
Problem 2 (10 points):
Text page 213: Problem 5.8.
Problem 3 (10 points):
Text page 216: Problem 5.36.
Problem 4 (10 points):
Text page 275: Problem 6.10.
Problem 5 (10 points):
Text page 275: Problem 6.14.
Problem 6 (30 points):
(a) (10 pts) Text page 282: Problem 6.50.
(b) (10 pts) Suppose that L = 1 meter and a = 1 inch. Assuming the dielectric region
contains air, specify the value of b (in inches) that will cause the configuration of part (a)
to have a capacitance of 33.148 pF.
(c ) (5 pts) If the radian angle between the plates is changed from /4 to /8, what will
be the new value of capacitance?
(d ) (5 pts) Assume the part (b) design was operating close to breakdown in the
dielectric with the value of the voltage applied to the capacitor. If it were desired to
obtain the part (c ) capacitance value, would keeping the voltage the same while reducing
the plate angle to change the capacitance to the part (c) value be a good idea, a bad idea,
or have negligible impact with respect to the breakdown performance. Justify your
Problem 7 (10 points): For the electric field of text page 522: Problem 10.1 find:

Problem 8 (10 points): For the wave of text page 522: Problem 10.3 find:

[ Assume the given H-field is oriented along the x-axis.]