Who Cares for the Caregiver? Special Points of Interest

Who Cares for the Caregiver?
I am so blessed to enjoy the companionship of my 97
year old grandmother! She is my hero. However, I have also
watched her need for care diminish my own parents’ health
and stamina. They have been her caregivers for the past 16
years. Many of you have also experienced the role of caregiver
July 2014
Special Points of Interest
or will enter into that role in the near future. Today’s article is
month I will address the psychological needs of the caregiver.
going to address the physical needs of the caregiver. Next
You must take responsibility for your own health and
wellness. Once you become a caregiver, whether by conscious
decision, or as a result of something you just gradually phase in
to, it is important to maintain your own health. You cannot be
of any help to the other person if you fail to take care of your
own physical needs as they arise. This can be related to simple
every day things such as eating correctly, getting enough sleep
and taking time for yourself. If you care for someone who
needs considerable help at night, for example, you may need to
make sure you get additional sleep in the morning or during
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Mountains cannot be surmounted except by winding paths.
-- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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the day in order to maintain your own health. Trying to carry out the caregiving needs in addition to your
won responsibilities can easily lead to exhaustion. Sleep is important to your health. Seek resources to help
you at night that may be paid through insurance or other resourced for the elderly.
Taking care of your own health also involves taking time for yourself. Some caregiving situations
can become extremely time intensive. When this happens, you need to find ways to give yourself a break.
Another family member may be able to take over for a few hours so you can do something for yourself, or
just get away and take a walk or a nap. If there is no one else who can fill this role, again seek local
resources for a respite worker who can come to tend your loved one while you take a break.
Some people have difficulty recognizing their own need for time to themselves, self-care or a break.
They may be devoted to the person for whom they are caring, and/or they may simply be determined to do
it all themselves. They neglect themselves and their own needs. Some people go so far as to become
dependent upon their role as a caregiver, and fail to recognize that they are becoming over-involved.
When this happens, the caregiver may need to talk to someone such as a trained religious leader or a counselor. Other family members may need to watch to be sure the caregiver is not over extending themselves.
They can encourage caregivers to take care of themselves, and volunteer to help with both time and resources.
What three things could you do to improve your health?
What resources have you used to help in your caregiving role?
Information taken from: DeBois, M & Bosch, K (2006). Who cares for the caregiver. Nebraska Lincoln
Extension. Publication HEF569
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How Much Help Can You Give?
Many people become caregivers without really assessing their ability to do so. For example, would you
be able to lift the person in and out of bed if needed?
Are you in good health yourself? If you have a health
problem that slows you down or for which you need
regular treatment, do you have enough energy to devote to caring for another person? Your time commitments must also be considred. What other responsibilities do you have? Finances may be an important factor.
Does the person you are caring for have sufficient finances to cover basic needs? Would you need to assist
occasionally or even frequently? If yes, do you have
funds that you could devote to this?
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From the State Family and Consumer Education
designated as National Collection Week where all of the
boxes are collected by taking them to a drop off site
We are excited to share a new opportunity for FCE
members to become involved with Operation Christmas Child (OCC). This is a project hosted through
Samaaritan’s Purse, which is an organization aimed at
providing aid to hurting people around the world.
closest to your town. These boxes are shipped all over
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This one box c an impact them so greatly.
OCC is the world’s largest Christmas project of its
You, as FCE members, can help with this goal by
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items and filling the boxes with toy gifts, school
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In November of each year, there is one week that is
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August Topic: Making Decisions
We make hundreds of decisions every day. These
decisions can be as routine as when to get out of
bed, what to eat for lunch, or when to exercise,
or decisions can be as significant as what career
to pursue or where to live. Whether making a
decision about something fairly routine or a
major life event, making good decisions takes
time, practice, and conscious thought.
Each month, I would like to include a book review written by
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Redeeming Love
Hands-on Project: Button Bookmarks
Bring your fun, old buttons and a glue
gun! We’re going to make cute button bookmarks that will bring joy to any book lover.
Written by: Francine Rivers
If anyone is in doubt of God’s great love for them, they must
read Redeeming Love. This is a historical fiction novel set in
the 1850’s Gold Rush era of California. The story is inspired
U.T. Extension Sequatchie County
by the book of Hosea in the Bible. It’s central theme is God’s
170 Church Street
redeeming love toward all sinners.
Dunlap, TN 37327
Francine Rivers is my favorite author. I also love her Mark of
the Lion series set in the Roman era of Christian persecution of
the church.
Submitted by: Aneta Eichler
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