Textile Design Textile Design in general:

Textile Design
College of Design, Engineering & Commerce
Textile Design in general:
“Textile Designers are part artists, part color experts, and part technical specialists who create new fabrics or modify the designs of
previous fabrics so that they can be used in the manufacture of fashions. Many Textile Designers also work on related textile-based
items, ranging from the everyday (e.g., curtains and furniture coverings) to the much more narrowly focused (e.g. cold-weather clothing
and even spacesuits)…[t]hey may…focus their efforts on print fabrics…work with woven fabrics…[or] work with knits.” (p. 18) 1
Description of Major:
The education of textile designers at PhilaU begins in the art studios, where students develop a sense of color, light, shape, texture and
form. Design students then study the properties of fibers, yarns, dyes, and fabric construction -- they also learn to research design. Of
special help is The Design Center at Philadelphia University with its textile study collection ranging from Coptic to the contemporary.
Students get hands-on expertise with the latest computerized design systems before trying their own designs on knitting, weaving and
printing equipment. Because most designs are created to sell textile products, the program also includes principles of marketing and
product performance.
A cornerstone of the program is the system of portfolio reviews. Every student is reviewed and advised individually by a panel of
instructors after their freshman year, mid-way through their junior year, and part of graduation requirements are the mounting of a
Senior Exhibition. Skills reviewed include drawing and painting and use of color and presentation.
Textile majors range from those that are primarily design-oriented to those focused on textile science and engineering, enabling
students to specialize in the area most suited to their interests and strengths. 2
Careers/Job titles: 3
Assistant Designer
Assistant Merchandiser
Assistant Sweater Designer
Assistant Textile Stylist
CAD Designer
CAD Technical Programmer
Contract Designer
Decorating Consultant
Design Assistant
Design Department Coordinator
Executive Trainee Program
Fabric Assistant
Fabric Library Assistant
Fabric Research & Development Assistant
Freelance Designer
Jacquard Designer
Junior Store Designer
Knit Fabric Manager
Print Designer
Production Assistant
Product Development
Product Development Assistant
Raw Materials Assistant
Residential Housing Coordinator
Textile Artist
Textile Colorist Apprentice
Textile Designer
Textile Stylist
Wallpaper designer
Who employs PhilaU graduates?
Affiliate Trading
Belding Hausman
Beyond the Loom
Broder Brothers
Boscov’s, Corporate
Carnegie Brothers
CMI Industries Inc., Chatham Fabrics
Chaps Ralph Lauren
Charming Shoppes
Chico’s FAS/White House Black Market
The Children’s Place
Craftex Mills
David Rothschild Company
Falcon Bay
Franco Manufacturing
Free People
Gloria Vanderbilt Denim
Guilford of Maine
Hartstrings, LLC
Jacquard Fabrics
John Ritzenthaler Co.
Jones Apparel Group
Jones New York
Let’s Decorate
Lily Pulitzer
Milliken & Company
Milliken Fabric
M-Murray Fabrics
Monterey Carpets
Moonkitten Textiles
Phillips Van-Heusen
Ralph Lauren Childrenswear
Sedgwick CMS
Shaw Industries
Shenandoah University
Shen Manufacturing
Sina Pearson Textiles
Tempur-Pedic Technologies
The Textile Studio
Toltec Fabrics, Inc.
Trim Fit
Valdese Weavers
Wallquest, Inc.
Weave Corporation
Woolrich Inc.
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3 Job
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