March 27, 2015
Addendum No.1:
Submitted Questions:
Q1. Do you have a list of the building with the square footage for each?
A1. See attached file: Asset Condition Assessment List
Q2. Do you have a list of the buildings with in each of the parks and their square footage?
A2. See attached file: Asset Condition Assessment List
Q3. Will as-builds be provided for the buildings?
A3. No. Only a few building prints are available.
Q4. Does the City utilize a current CMMS or Work Order system?
A4. The City uses Lucity: a Public Works software application for asset and maintenance
Q5. The RFP mentions April 3rd (Thursday) - the City means April 3rd, Friday - correct?
A5. The RFP is due Friday, April 3, 2015
Q6. In the RFP document, under Scope of Service, Number 5. Review the City’s existing asset
management tool (s) and make recommendations that will assist the City with managing its
assets and annual fiscal decision making. Is there a location on the City’s website where the
City’s existing asset management tool(s) can be reviewed? Or, will the City be able to
provide this information?
A6. The successful firm will have access to our Lucity application. You can review the
application features and functions at:
Q7. Can the unbound proposal copy made readily available for reproduction?
A7. Yes.
Q8. Does the city have a budget in mind for the scope of work outlined within the RFP?
A8. The budget will be based on the adjusted scope negotiated with the successful firm.
Q9. Is there any prerequisite that a portion of the contract be given to a local firm, or that the
primary office from which the project is managed or the key personnel assigned to the project
be locally based?
A9. No. However, the preference is for the key personnel are within “shouting distance”.
Q10. While I understand that the City is not obligated to provide these Exhibits, I did have a
question relating to the City’s requirement for the following:
 A summary level detail cost estimate for the entire project
 Number of weeks to complete, approach to the work, etc. – AND – Project Schedule
including Milestones
A10. The RFP estimate and schedule would be based on your experience for effort needed
given the number of buildings and parks and their typical respective attributes. A revision is
expected resulting from the scope adjustment.