Declaration of Authorship Form Cities of Tomorrow Student Ideas

Declaration of Authorship Form
Cities of Tomorrow Student Ideas Competition
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Declaration of Authorship
1. I/we have complied with and accept the rules, regulations and conditions which apply to this competition
and acknowledge that Cities of Tomorrow reserves the right to refuse any entry.
2. I/we agree to accept the decision of the judges and competition organizers as final, and I/we by submitting
an entry to this competition, agree Cities of Tomorrow has the unlimited right to display, publish, post and
otherwise exhibit (with author credit) all materials submitted in any medium.
3. I/we declare that the work has not been plagiarized, and the work of others is appropriately cited.
4. I/we acknowledge that we retain ownership and copyright of all entry materials submitted. I/we assume
all responsibility for any breach of intellectual property rights or copyright entitlements of others.
5. I/we agree to bear the cost of any claims or outlay relating to intellectual property rights that might arise
from Cities of Tomorrow use or reproduction of any materials submitted.
6. I/we agree to waive any and all claims against Cities of Tomorrow and competition judges arising as a
result of the competition.
7. I/we agree that we will not release any material submitted to this competition until the results of the
competition are announced by Cities of Tomorrow.
8. I/we acknowledge that Cities of Tomorrow will not return any materials submitted.
Signature of Corresponding Author
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Please include this signed form in your full submission package as described in the
challenge outline document.
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