Sac Summit 2015 - Cities Network Campaign

The 2nd Annual
Sac Summit 2015
22-23 May, New Delhi
The 2nd South Asian
Cities Summit - 2015
In South Asia, the urban world comes with a complex set of environmental, economic and social
challenges, but also represents a unique opportunity to build more sustainable, vibrant, innovative,
and equitable communities. The Government of India has announced an investment of $1.2 billion for
100 smart cities in the next 15 years ensuring basic guidelines of smart city and will provide better
urban living conditions, better urban environment and will increase employment and provide for
better urban governance.
Finding solutions and creating a roadmap for a smart urban future involves developing new forms
of collaboration and partnerships. Inspired by the possibilities of this new and smart urban era, and
driven by the philosophy of ‘Connecting Cities. Building Knowledge’ the Cities Network Campaign in
association with All India Institute of Local Self Government (AIILSG) and CDKN is organising the
South Asian Cities Summit 2015 from 22– 23 May 2015 at New Delhi, India.
South Asian Cities Summit
2013 A Grand Success!
The 1st South Asian Cities Summit, 2013 (www.,
in New Delhi, India, in April 2013 was a grand success, with
participation from more than 200 delegates across the
South Asian countries and the formation of the South Asian
Mayors’ Forum (SAMF).
Some Highlights from the South Asian Cities Summit 2013
²² Formation of the South Asian Mayors’ Forum;
²² Delhi Declaration 2013 signed by Mayors/Commissioners/
Participants from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal,
and other participants;
²² National and International Experts - Presentations and
²² Special guests – Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, Secretary
Environment, Department of Environment, Govt of NCT
of Delhi, Dr Jatin Modi, President, UCLG-ASPAC, Mr Ranjit
Chavan, Director General, All India Institute of Local Self
Government, Ms. Hansa Patel, Executive Advisor AIILSG
and Global Advisor Cities Network Campaign, Mr. Rajesh
Tacho - Minister of Urban Development, Arunachal
Pradesh, Prof Mohan Munasinghe, MIND Sri Lanka and
Mayors/ Commissioners/ Senior City officials from
across South Asian cities.
2nd South Asian Cities Summit 2015
Smart and Sustainable Cities
As per the Delhi Declaration, Cities Network
Campaign is organising the 2nd
South Asian
Cities (SAC) Summit 2015 (22-23May 2015) in
New Delhi.
SAC Summit 2015?
The Summit will be a high-profile gathering of
Hon’ble Ministers/ Mayors/ Commissioner/ CEO,
Government officials, senior local governments
officials from South Asian countries/ cities,
international subject experts, policy makers,
national/international organizations, technology
organisations working in the area of Smart and
Sustainable cities and climate change in the South
Asian countries.
The SAC Summit 2015 is in line with the Hon’ble
Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi’s ambitious
initiative of ‘100 Smart Cities’ which is an effort to
promote economic growth, improve governance,
and deliver more effective and efficient public
services to India`s urban residents. The SAC
Summit 2015 will discuss a potential roadmap
for implementing the vision of the Hon’ble Prime
The Summit is expected to witness a participation
of approx 300 delegates from across the world.
Proposed Highlights of
SAC Summit 2015
²² Debate and discuss a potential Roadmap for Smart and sustainable cities in India and for cities
in South Asia;
²² Identify implementable action plans for improvement in key urban services and infrastructure
like transportation, street lighting, solid waste management, sanitation etc;
²² Inclusion of energy efficiency technologies and practices and use of renewable energy
²² Financing and funding avenues for cities and exploring potential business opportunities;
²² South Asian Mayors’ Forum Meet - Explore the huge potential of South Asian cities to involve,
engage and influence one another and learn from similar urban issues and experiences;
²² A platform to display Best Practices across smart cities around the globe;
²² Exhibit by smart technologies by service providers.
Tentative Agenda
The core of the program activities focuses on the various themes/areas of city concern. The different
sessions will include a keynote from a prominent subject/international expert, city experience,
technology providers and finance/investment model.
Day 1 – 22 May
Plenary Session Leadership Speak – South Asian Mayors’ Forum
Panel Discussion –I
South Asian Cities – Local Government Role
Towards the Smart and Sustainable City
Development and Making Cities - World Class Cities
Technical Session-I
South Asian Cities –Steering Towards Future Cities
– Sustainable Development and Smart Cities
Technical Session -II
Corporate Sector Initiative and Role – Smarter way
to develop Future Cities
Parallel Session
Heat Health Project – NRDC/ CDKN
Technical Session –III
Sustainable Urban Transportation Solutions Challenges and Opportunities
Business Meeting/ Dinner
Day 2 – 23 May
Technical Session- IV
Urban Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
South Asian Mayors’ Forum/ Business Meeting
Technical Session –V
WatSAN - A Sustainable Approach
Technical Session - VI
Smart Energy Solutions (Solar/Wind/Biomass)
Parallel Session
Digital Cities
Parallel Session
ZERO WASTE– Managing and Optimizing
Closing and Way Forward
Partnership Benefits
Benefits to Participants
The summit will provide the platform to discuss
on the possible future solutions and agreements
for cities.
²² Unique opportunity to participating cities
across South Asia to bridge the knowledge
gap between cities and help each other in
creating a sustainable urban environment
²² Network
departments & officials, International
organisations, Funding & Donor agencies,
heads of development authorities and top
industry and academic players from energy
and environment sector, etc.
²² Strengthen collaboration among cities,
technology providers, and investors in these
sectors and identify strategic priorities for
collaboration and to explore new business
opportunities with Indian counterparts;
²² Showcase latest technologies and share best
practices from companies across the globe
in the field of urban governance, smart city
planning, urban climate resilience, disaster
risk reduction, etc
²² Empower yourself by interacting with
senior city managers and gaining adequate
knowledge about doing business in cities;
²² One-on-one B2B meetings with specific
partners (pre-decided) to explore joint
venture opportunities in India;
²² Officially branded as Associate Partners;
²² Logo placement and branding of your
organization in all the publicity avenues
(website, publication material, backdrop,
other online media publication such as
proceedings, etc).
Your company details included on all
collaterals used to promote the conference.
Some of them are as follows:
²² Your logo on all the E-mailers
²² Brochures and publicity materials
²² Online/print advertisements
²² Newsletters
²² Exclusive e-mail blast will be sent to all
schools/ academic institutions
²² One-on-one business meetings (pre
²² Branding and marketing as Associate
Partners in press kits, backdrop, banners
and website
²² Exclusive passes for 2 representatives
for your organisation
²² 10% discount on registration fee for
your invitees
²² One/ Half page in the conference booklet
for brief on the Associate Partners
Sponsorship Packages
INR in Lakhs
Proposed participants at South Asian
Cities Summit 2015
The participants at this event would include:
²² Mayors and senior city government
representatives from south Asian countries
(approximately 50 cities)
²² International/National speakers and experts
(approximately 30)
²² Participants from other international and
national organizations (100-120 persons)
²² Technology companies/ businesses
²² Research/ Academic Institutions
Registration Fee
Per Person (individual) Per Person (more than 5 persons)
International participants
USD 150
USD 125
Participants from South Asian countries
INR 5000
INR 4500
Early bird Registration
Discount 10%
Discount 10%
< 10 April 2015
The Summit Secretariat, AIILSG-CNC Delhi Office
South Asian Cities Summit is an international campaign of All India
Institute of Local Self Government and Cities Network Campaign.
They together coordinate the South Asian Mayors’ Forum and guide
Local Governments on various urban issues.
All India Institute of Local Self Government (AIILSG)
AIILSG is a premier institute of excellence to strengthen and reinforce Urban Local
Governance. In 85 years of its progress, AIILSG has believed in delivering rational,
justifies and transparent governance for the people. It has been working with the
various agencies in Central and State Governments along with the internationally
acclaimed agencies like World Bank, UNICEF, UNDP, UN-HABITAT, USAID, UNESCO,
DFID, GIZ, etc in carrying out various training and developmental programmes for
enhanced urban development and management.
Cities Network Campaign –A Global initiative
The Sustainable Environment Resource Institute (SERI) also known as Cities
Network Campaign (, CNC) is a premier not-forprofit organization dedicated to working in the area of climate change, sustainable
development, renewable energy, energy efficiency, water and sanitation, transportation
etc. CNC is a UN listed NGO and is also an Associate Partner/Programme/Event partner
of World Urban Campaign , UN-HABITAT and many world renowned organizations such
as AIILSG, DA, WWF India, TERI, IWP, CEE, UCLG-ASPAC, etc. SERI through CNC has
a total membership of more than 1500 members globally including 35 cities from across South Asia,
majorly from India.
Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN)
CDKN supports decision-makers in designing and delivering climate compatible
development. They do this by combining research, advisory services and knowledge
management in support of locally owned and managed policy processes. They work
in partnership with decision-makers in the public, private and non-governmental
sectors nationally, regionally and globally. They hold strongly to the ideals of human
development and environmental sustainability.
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Ms. Anuradha Das
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