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Mid Gauge Magic
Knit for All Seasons,
from Fine Summer Knits
to Bulky Winter Wear
The SK 860 is the newest knitting machine and the first of
its kind anywhere! With a 6.5 needle pitch, the SK 860 is
designed to work with all the yarns typically used by hand
knitters. By knitting yarns that fall in the top range for a
standard gauge machine and in the lower range for a chunky
machine, this machine can deliver the best of both worlds.
Add Concept and you have a winning team!!
Garment pattern from
Knitwords magazine
Your imagination is the only limit.
Concept creates a link between your computer
and the Silver Reed Electronic Knitting
Machines. It opens a world of design potential.
Create your own stitch patterns. Open basic
shape files apply your stitch gauge and receive
on screen knitting instructions.
Beginners Corner
The SK 160
Mid Gauge Manual Knitting machine offers the
same bed as the SK 860 with a non patterning
carriage. This machine allows you to start with a
basic machine that you will never out grow because
it grows with you. Learn the basic operation of the
machine then add the optional Electronic carriage
and Concept when you are ready.
SR 860 Ribbing Attachment
Give welts a professional finish and invent infinite
combinations of garter stitches with the easily attached
ribber. Fitted with a racking mechanism for Zig Zag
patterns this ribber lets you do your own professional
looking Fisherman’s or English ribs, circular knitting,
pleats, and more!!
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