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Site: www.animee.pt
What is ANIMEE
ANIMEE - Electrical and Electronic Portuguese Companies Association
is a national association of employers whose objective is to develop
Portuguese economy. In pursuit of this aim, ANIMEE has studied and
defended the development of industrial and commercial activities,
has encouraged technological research and provided vocational
training for the Energy, Telecommunications, Electrical and Electronic
ANIMEE represents approximately 88 private companies of this area of
activity, which employ about 26 500 workers, invoiced approximately
5.100 million EUROS in 2014, of which about 4.000 million EUROS
were exported. These enterprises are spread across the country,
specially in the big areas of Lisbon and Porto/Braga, Setúbal and
Alentejo, and are divided within ANIMEE, into four big groups:
Electrical Equipment; Electronics, Informatics, Telecommunications
and Medical Imaging; Consumer Electrical and Electronic Equipment
finally the last group, the Groups of Special Interests (G.S.I.) and
Entrepreneurial Groups or Autonomous Associations.
ANIMEE succeeds to the old Guild of the Manufacturers of Electric
Equipment, has more than forty years and its main function are to promote
and assist the interests of its associates. To perpetuate this aim, specific
Services Areas have been created: the Labour Relations Service, the
Economic and Fiscal Service and the Industrial Technology and Environment
Service. The Association informs, answers to questions, issues opinions,
solves problems, supports its affiliated members and their initiatives. In
other words, ANIMEE is here to help.
Detailing a little bit, the Labour Relations Service manages the collective
contract, solves the doubts about is interpretation and of the labour laws;
the Economic Services elaborates reports on the conjuncture and the
evolution of the external market, annual report of the electrical and
electronic industry, provides multiple statistic data and clears up fiscal
queries; the Industrial Technology and Environment Service guarantees a
continuous information on matters related to quality, standardization,
environment, new technologies, commercial opportunities and the follow up
of the European Directives on these subjects.
Throughout the years, ANIMEE has developed various initiatives of interest
not only to its associates, but also to the companies of the Sector at large.
Therefore, since 1979, and every two years, ANIMEE promotes ENDIEL –
Meeting for the Development of Electrical and Electronic Industries either
in Lisbon or in Oporto Vocational Training, one of the main concerns of the
entrepreneurs, was and is, therefore, one of ANIMEE’s paramount priorities.
It was for this reason that, in 1985, ANIMEE joined forces with I.E.F.P. and
founded CINEL - Vocational Training Centre for the Electronic Industry,
Energy Telecommunications and Information Technology, which operates in
Lisbon and Oporto. The Centre provides courses at all hours of the day and
trains continually excellent electronic technicians, with a remarkable level
of employability.
The standardization and the certification of products, that is, quality at its
highest level, have been assured by IEP - Portuguese Institute of Electrical
Engineering, headquarted in Oporto (Senhora da Hora), since 1981, and
with own Laboratories, namely, fin the Optic Fibers field, Industrial
Management, Training, Metrology, Inspection and Power Efficiency in
Buildings are IEP’s vocational areas.
Every two years and almost forty years, ANIMEE publishes Electrical and
Electronic, Energy and Telecommunications Sector Yearbook. This
publication is of vital importance to find out “Who does what” in this area
of activity.
ANIMEE also publishes, every two months and for thirty seven years, the
“Revista ANIMEE”, a magazina which covers various activities undertaken
by companies in the sector and by ANIMEE itself and several Monographies
of the Sector considered as an important statistic support.
ANIMEE has been a member of Entrepreneurial Confederation of Portugal
– CIP, for many years, and is co-founder of CERTIEL – Electrical Installations
Certification Association and ANREEE - National Association for the
Registration of Electrical and Electronic Equipment. ANIMEE is also member
of APCER - Portuguese Certification Association and CERTIF - Association for
As far as international relationships are concerned, ANIMEE represents
Portugal, in our Sector, in the of the following European Union
Organizations: T&D Europe (The European Association of the Electricity and
Transmission and Distribution Equipment and Services Industry), CECAPI
(European Committee of Electrical Installation Equipment Manufacturers)
and CEMEP (European Committee of Manufacturers of Electrical Machines
and Power Electronics).