Executive Scorecard for FY15 University IT

 Executive Scorecard for FY15 University IT Priorities – March 2015
As of April 3, 2015
Initiative: Implement Program of IT Rationalization
Transition end user
computing in academic
units to the ITS shared
1. Nine Schools and Colleges (of the 18 eligible for
this service) completed migration per plan to the
MiWorkspace service or the adjunct BYOD (Bring
Your Own Device) service by June 30, 2015.
Adjunct BYOD service will be provided to these
units by the end of FY16.
% Comp
Overall Status Comments
Slipping MiWorkspace Migration: Public Health has been removed from the schedule pending the financial discussion resolution with the Provost. Kines will be complete by mid­April and we have begun staff and faculty migrations in Social Work. We have completed pre­discovery activity in Music, Theatre, & Dance, SNRE, UMSI, and Pharmacy and have begun technical discovery activities in these units. Ross migration has been delayed by one month but will not affect FY15 goals. Outcome of "hold harmless" conversation the Provost is planning to have with the deans could negatively impact project schedule. BYOD: The Office of Financial Analysis has completed their review of the Business Case. Currently awaiting written confirmation from the Provost's Office regarding acceptance of the project approach followed by funding authorization from the Treasurer's Office (signed by the Chief Financial Officer). Initiative: IT Strategic Plan and Investment Roadmap
IT strategic plan and
investment roadmap
% Comp
1. The President and the IT Executive Committee
(Provost, EVPCFO, EVPMA, and VP Research)
approve (and the APG endorsed) version 2.0 of the
IT Strategic Plan and Investment Roadmap.
Overall Status Comments
Slipping All updates for the June 2015 version of the strategic plan and investment roadmap have been started. Data entry for the investment roadmap tied to the June 2015 version is in progress. T&L and Research strategies marked as slipping because we are dependent on external ownership and the draft of Research has not been opened to share with us, and we have not yet lined up Barry Fishman to own the T&L strategy as the Associate Domain Steward. One additional school is complete and 2 more are scheduled for the campus outreach work. Marked as slipping because they have been challenging to schedule and we may not meet the April target date. A communication strategy for 2015, for campus and ITS, is in place and meetings­in­a­box have been started for ITS staff. Initiative: Implement NextGen Michigan Technologies
Canvas pilots as part of
1. Complete Canvas pilots that include at least 15
courses and 2000 students each in fall term and in
winter term.
2. Complete evaluation of Fall and Winter term pilot
by Feb and June respectively.
Questions? Contact us at [email protected]
% Comp
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Overall Status Comments
On Track
The Fall term pilots are intended to validate the institutional decision to move to the Canvas Learning Management System; the Winter term pilots are intended to inform our longer term migration requirements and strategy. Canvas Fall Pilot Evaluation recommendations are complete and have been communicated to campus. 117 courses from 16 schools/colleges are now published and active in Canvas for the Winter term. CRLT (Center for Research on Learning and Teaching) is in progress with evaluation activities for the Winter Term Pilot. CTools course sites will be available until at least April 2016 and possibly longer based on the Winter Pilot evaluation results and DIAG adoption recommendations. All courses University of Michigan Office of the CIO ​
High Performance Storage 1. The high speed storage solution is piloted by at
for Researchers
least 3 researchers from more than 1 unit by June
30, 2015.
Upgrade the University's
WiFi infrastructure in
academic spaces
1. Complete public spaces upgrades in 12 of the 18
identified buildings by June 30, 2015.
2. Complete and submit business case, funding
request and implementation approach for campus
to Provost and CFO.
3. Campus implementation schedule (TBD pending
funding approval).
1. Unit action plans and targets implemented in
response to B&F 2014 Employee Satisfaction
Survey in place by November 30, 2014.
2. Progress on action plans reported by June 30,2015.
% Comp
On Track
On Track
for Spring 2015 Term and beyond are now being automatically provisioned in Canvas for interested faculty to use. Issues with gradebook upload and download performance in Canvas for the very large pilot course (STATS250) continue to be addressed during the Winter Term through manual steps taken by the vendor. A fix is in progress and targeted for release this term that would be a first step in addressing the most critical issue identified as a result of the Canvas Fall Pilot Evaluation. Tools to migrate content from CTools to Canvas are being tested and a session to review the migration process with Canvas Unit Contacts and some faculty is planned in April. Project is trending upward based on the project team ability to identify
a way to store both regulated and non­regulated data with the proper access to the Isilon servers. Project Sponsors approved the extension of the building a finalized solution by April. The New date will be set based by the end of May. Some open questions that project leadership and project team needs to answer is related to the effort needed to provide a website/Portal for researchers to obtain this service. Service costs and rates have been defined and will be finalized and sent to OFA by end of April. Completed installation in the following locations: Palmer Commons, President's House, Rackham Lobby, Mendelssohn Lobby, Pierpont Commons, Alumni Center, and Power Center Lobby, Michigan Union,
Student Activities Building, Health Services Building and Hill Auditorium Lobbies Recently completed: Ruthven, Michigan League Work ongoing in Rackham, CCRB, NCRB, Bentley, Hill Auditorium and Power Center. The business case for campus implementation is under development. The proposed funding model and service changes were presented to campus stakeholders on November 19, 2014. Housing has been added to the business case. Proposed business case and funding model is complete and will be submitted March 2015. On track with end of March timeline for campus implementation proposal. B&F Goals
Goal: ​
Become the
Employer of Choice.
Project: ​
ITS Employee
Satisfaction Action Plans
Overall Status Comments
On Target
The ITS Leadership (AVPLT) reviewed the draft plan on 11/20/2014. Action plan submitted to B&F on 11/26/2014. Update 3/31/15: Work progressed on improving communications. Focus this month included space and environment. CIO/ITS Unit Goals
ITS Service Excellence
% Comp
1. 75% of front line staff (Support Services) complete
service excellence training by June 30, 2015.
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Overall Status Comments
On Target
Kickoffs with individual teams within Support Services are underway. First manager training session scheduled for mid­April. Training enrollment for all staff session in May/June is in progress. Training development will continue through May in preparation for sessions in May/June. University of Michigan Office of the CIO ​
Talent Management
1. AVPLT (ITS Leadership Team) approves the
strategy, implementation plan and timeline by
June 2015.
Build Disaster Recovery
Plans for Critical ITS
1. Complete disaster recovery (DR) plans for
identified critical ITS systems and applications by
June 2015.
Questions? Contact us at [email protected]
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Needs Attention The talent management strategy will be looking out over On Target
approximately three years. Update 03/31/15: Other priorities continue to impact this item. Need to
assess what can be completed by June 2015. The project is on track to complete on schedule. The MiWorkspace support team has caught up on delivering their disaster recovery items for the project. The Database team will re engage once the datacenter move has completed, early to mid April. The project team has started analyzing all the support team deliverables and is circling back with teams as necessary to clarify tasks, estimates, and sequences in their DR plans. University of Michigan Office of the CIO ​