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Printed on 60% recycled fiber, including 30% post consumer.
Healing Spaces
Recent evidence further highlights the
importance of a patient’s environmental
surroundings as an influencing factor in the
level of satisfaction with their hospital stay.
Healing Spaces™ is an innovative approach
by Standard Textile to help promote a patient’s
positive experience through room design.
Standard Textile can partner with you to create
a unique Healing Space, where your apparel,
bedding, towels, and decorative products are
designed and coordinated to sooth and relax
your patients and their visitors.
Knit Patient Gown
Roomy and relaxing, our ultra-soft jersey
knit apparel comes in soothing shades with
modest, fully overlapping designs.
Celestial Stone
Celestial Olive
Mother’s Gown &
Mammography Robe
Feminine yet functional, our mother’s gowns
and mammography robes are made with
heavyweight jersey knit fabric that is
uncommonly comfortable and newborn soft.
Available in our pleasing pastel print.
Lotus Primrose
Using the same technology that has made
Standard Textile the leading supplier to the
hospitality industry, cotton-rich TruVal twill
sheets and pillowcases are woven with fine
ring-spun yarn to provide long-lasting luxury.
Our patented combination of premium natural
fiber and texturized microfiber is sensuously
smooth and provides a premium hospitality
experience in a healthcare environment.
TruVal is the very definition of cost-effective
comfort and is available in flat sheets with
three stock length options, deep sidewall
contour sheets, and pillowcases.
Spa Blue
Dual Cover Spread/Blankets
Optimized to offer a balanced blend of warmth
and comfort, our patented Dual Cover spread/
blankets are the ultimate in luxury. The unique
tufted terry construction is both incredibly soft
and truly functional. With Dual Covers, design
and durability are seamlessly combined and
distinctively crafted.
Offered in a broad rage of appealing colors,
Dual Cover spread/blankets will bring warmth
and designer appeal to your environment.
Terra Cotta
Terry Robe
Fabulously comfortable and fully cut, these
luxurious spa-inspired terry robes are made with
plush, long-staple, ring-spun cotton.
EuroSoft® Terry
Originally developed for Standard Textile’s
hospitality clientele, EuroSoft terry products
offer the exquisite softness, plushness, and
upper tier performance that can only be achieved
with a 100% combed cotton pile. Densely woven
cam borders add a high-style decorative accent,
while European elegance and world-class
quality are evident in added features, including
the exclusive multi-layer fast selvage sides.
Available in oversized bath sheets, bath towels
in a range of size/weight combinations, hand
towels, wash towels, and coordinating bath mats.
Pajama Pants
Our soft, roomy, solid-toned pajama pants are
made with our high quality jersey knit fabric,
providing the perfect complement to our line of
Healing Spaces patient gowns.
Spa Blue
Terra Cotta
Cubicle Curtains & Drapery
Decorative Products
Healing environments are not limited to
patient apparel, bedding, and terry.
Only Standard Textile can partner with you to
develop a customized room design that will
compliment our soothing apparel and linens
with coordinating decorative fabrics.
Blossom Slate
From privacy curtains to window treatments
to upholstery, design the ultimate healing
space for your patients, and a relaxing
environment for their visitors.
Offer a soothing visual landscape to your
patients by complimenting their rooms with
coordinated privacy curtains and drapery.
Designed specifically for the Healing Spaces
program, these large scale repeats and
Morse Code Aurora
relaxing colorways are intended to provide
a peaceful escape from stress and anxiety.
Choose between the shimmery tonal florals
of Blossom, or the soft tufts of chenille in
Morse Code.
The perfect combination of patient–centered
care and environmental responsibility,
MechoShades provide the proven benefits
of natural light and outdoor views to your
patients while still ensuring their privacy.
Bedside motorized shades can offer additive
therapeutic advantages, allowing patients to
have direct control over their care environment
(while also reducing calls to hospital staff for
blind or drapery adjustments).
Chickletz Spearmint
MechoShades also provide significant
environmental advantages—from energy
savings to green cloth construction. In
addition to providing a reduction in solar heat
gain for your patient rooms, hallways, and
lobbies, these solar shades are also available
with EcoVeil™, an environmentally enhanced
technology with “cradle to cradle” Silver
Certification from MBDC.
Crypton® Green Upholstery
Tracery Red Coral
Foster a complete healing environment through
sustainable room design.
Made from 100% recycled polyester, our
innovative Crypton Green fabric is the most
environmentally intelligent performance
upholstery available to the market. An enhanced
manufacturing process has resulted in an
upholstery that is significantly more
environmentally friendly than traditional
Crypton, with all the same rigorous performance
and barrier characteristics.
Honeycomb Lime
Chickletz Wintergreen
World Headquarters
One Knollcrest Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45237
P 513.761.9255
T 800.999.0400
F 513.761.0467
Printed on 60% recycled fiber, including 30% post consumer.