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Indulge your ha
May 2011
h+h in Cologne
The handicraft fair took place in Cologne about four weeks ago, and we’d like to say a big thanks to
all of our visitors for their enthusiasm, orders, many great ideas and positive feedback on our addi
needles. We had a nonstop flow of visitors, and our pantomime, Bulipp, brought out many a smile
and laugh.
We have just launched short videos
about the addi Click System, which
will show your and your customers
how to work with two crochet hooks on
one string of yarn, how to “knichet”
with a knitting needle tip and a crochet
hook, and how to do Tunisian crocheting.
Circular knitting needle 25 mm
Our new products have been a big hit. At our customers’ request, we developed the thick circular
knitting needle 405-7 with a 25 mm diameter.
It’s a perfect match to next season’s hot yarns
and will be available for shipping at the end of
June. You may place your orders in advance at
this time.
Sales Display Module
The addi Standing Module measures 1m x
2.06m and is available as module only (article
no. 796-2) or stocked with merchandise (794-2).
Also developed at the behest of our customers
is the addi Heart-Stopper, which fits perfectly with
the patented addi Click System. You can click
this stopper into place on any cord of addi click
system. Because there are two Heart-Stoppers in
every package, they are extremely practical for
Tunisian knitting with the addi Click Hooks (crochet hooks) or for simply “parking” a piece you’re
knitting. Item no. 699-7, in stock.
Posters and Videos
You’ll find all of our new products on our website
at Posters are also available online, which you can request at no additional cost
when you place your order.
Those who want an attractive presentation for
their addi needles can order one of our new sales
display modules. The addi Wall Module measures 1m x 1.16m. You may order the module only
(article no. 797-2) or stocked with merchandise
(article no. 795-2).
Light green 7,0 mm
8,0 mm
addi-Swing 7 mm & 8 mm
The yarns are growing thicker, which also applies
to crocheting, a sector that keeps growing and
growing and growing. That’s why we will soon
offer the super ergonomic addi Swing hooks in 7
mm and 8 mm with perfect metal tips. Available
starting end of July.
You can order a CD-ROM from us or
view the videos on our website at
Many of our customers have posted
their own films online, for example on
YouTube. If you’d like to see a great
video about how to use the addi Click
Bamboo Set, then have a look at
-foU. Thank you Australia!
Q: What does a pirate knit with?
A: Yaaaarrrrrrn!
If you would like more information or have any
questions, please contact:
Ms. Anne-Marie Stehle
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