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A N a u t i c a l Ya r n
Fall 2013
Vogue Knitting LIVE! Chicago is scheduled for Friday through
Nautical Yarn Classes
2 & 3 Sunday, November 1—3. This great knitting event is being held in
the historic Palmer House Hilton. We hope some of you have the
Hats for Helmets and More
chance to attend. Bob and I went last year and it was great! Learn
more at: www.vogueknittinglive.com.
Monday Night Knit and Crochet
Each Monday evening we meet in our Studio from 6—8 PM for a FREE
knitting/crochet/help class. Please join us for an evening of socializing even if you do
not need any help.
Thursday Afternoon Knitting and Crochet
Each Thursday afternoon from 2—5 PM, we meet in our Studio for an afternoon of
needlework and fun. Please join us for this social knit and crochet time.
Knitter’s and Crocheter’s Boot Camps
Knitter’s and Crocheter’s Boot Camp classes are continuing throughout the remainder
of 2013. We meet the 3rd Saturday of each month—Knitting in the morning (class
from 9:30 AM—noon) and crochet in the afternoon (class from 1—3:30 PM). You may
attend just one or all Boot Camp sessions. They are just $5 each month.
Knitter’s Boot Camp
Crocheter’s Boot Camp
September 21—Beginning Lace
September 21—Chevron Crochet
October 19—Advanced Beginner Lace
October 19—Crocodile Crochet
November 16—Intermediate Lace
November 16—Vintage Slipper
Inside this issue:
Fall Events
Great NORTH American Afghan
In the past we offered free classes in the Great American Afghan and the Great
American Aran Afghan. In these classes, participants knit 20-25 squares and
assembled the squares into beautiful heirloom quality afghans. Each square of the
Great American afghans is unique and requires different skills to complete. We each
enhanced our knitting skills a great deal from this experience, so we have decided to
have a year-long experience knitting the Great NORTH American Afghan (GNAA)
The GNAA consists of 24 squares (we will do 20 squares in the class at the rate of 2
each month). The squares introduce cables, lace, colorwork, and many different
knitting techniques. During the summer of 2013 the classes are offered in July and
August. Throughout the year, we will have classes in September, October, and
November and, then, take December off for the holidays. Next year, classes will
resume in January, and continue through April. Yarn requirements are 6-7 colors of
worsted weight yarn and size 6, 7, and 8 needles. With this afghan the yarn can be
purchased as you go, because dye lot is not a consideration. We hope you can attend
some or all of these free classes. Please RSVP (231-845-9868) and stop in and
purchase your copy of the pattern booklet ($12.95).
KALs (Knit Alongs) for Fall 2013
Knit, Swirl Sweater Jacket
Author and designer Sandra McIver presents Uniquely Flattering, One Piece, One Seam
Swirl Jackets. Her book contains 18 designs that flatter all figures, each based on the
innovative one piece, one seam circular construction she calls a "Swirl". Using simple
knitting techniques, she creates elegant sweater jackets in four dramatic silhouettes
and three flexible sizes. Clear step-by-step pattern instructions and detailed
schematics make knitting a Swirl a simple pleasure.
Try one on during our Knit, Swirl Trunk show during the last 2 weeks of August.
Skill Levels
N a u t i c a l
Y a r n — P a g e
ALL All skill levels, B Beginner, AB Advanced Beginner
You may attend any or all sessions of Knitter‘s Boot Camp or Crocheter‘s Boot Camp. For Knitter‘s
Boot Camp, you should know how to knit and purl. For Crocheter‘s Boot Camp, you should know
how to chain, single crochet, and double crochet. Come to our Monday Night sessions to get brought
up to speed on your knitting or crochet skills.
THIRD Saturday of each month from 9:30 AM - Noon
THIRD Saturday of each month from 1 PM - 3:30 PM
September 21
October 19
November 16
September 21—Chevron Crochet
October 19—Crocodile Crochet
November 16—Vintage Slipper
Beginning Lace
Advanced Beginner Lace
Intermediate Lace
Nautical Yarn Class SCHEDULE
As you read through the class descriptions for this fall, you may note some recurring themes.
One theme is Knit-A-Longs. We have 2 KALs; The Knit, Swirl Jacket and The Great North
American Afghan.
Another theme is Gifts. We have several classes with gift-giving in mind. Check out the mitts,
leggings, and boot toppers for kids; the Ushya Cowl, the Beaded Amulet Bag and Chevron Mitts,
Cowl and Boot toppers for girls and women. For men, we are featuring designs from Stephen West,
including the Windschief hat and cowl. Some other gifts are the Vintage Crochet Slippers and
Seamless Salomas Slippers (knitted). People in these parts need warm, comfy footwear in the
winter. Other lacy gift items will be discussed in the three lace classes offered as part of knitter’s
boot camp.
That leads us to a couple more themes. One, of course, is the lace theme. Learn to knit lace
(September), improve your lace knitting skills (October), and try out some more advanced lace
techniques (November).
Our final theme is CHEVRONS: We have four classes that incorporate chevron knitting and
crocheting techniques including Knitted Chevron Mitts, Knitted Chevron Cowl, Knitted Chevron Boot
Toppers, and Crocheted Chevrons which is a great technique for crocheted afghans.
Nautical Yarn Class SCHEDULE
These 2 hour sessions are great if you need a little help or if you want to knit or crochet and chat with others.
Bring your project and questions, or get help picking a new project.
Thursday Sip & Stitch
FREE! 2:00—5:00 PM
Each Thursday Afternoon
All are welcome as we meet EACH THURSDAY afternoon. Enjoy a cuppa tea with friends, old and new.
3rd Saturday of Month– Knitter’s Boot Camp (Carole)
September 21
Beginning Lace
October 19
Advanced Beginner Lace
November 16
Intermediate Lace
3rd Saturday of Month– Crocheters Boot Camp (Staff)
September 21
Chevron Crochet (Shelly)
October 19
Crocodile Crochet (Carole)
November 16
Vintage Slipper (Shelly)
9:30 AM — Noon
1 PM — 3:30 PM
Class participants will earn credits toward “MerryTime Academy” discounts.
Become an ENSIGN, LIEUTENANT, CAPTAIN, or ADMIRAL at the Nautical Yarn Merrytime Academy.
Nautical Yarn Class SCHEDULE
Saturday, August 31—Knit, Swirl Trunk Show $FREE
All Day
Come in for a fitting to determine which Knit, Swirl design you wish to knit during our 3 month long KAL.
Get help making yarn choices. Bring items from your stash, if you like.
September 7 – Kid’s Fingerless Mitts (Pam)
10 AM — Noon
Make these adorable fingerless mitts for kids (just like Mom’s). Class includes pattern. DK or worsted weight
yarn and size 4/5 (DK) and 6/7 (Worsted) needles.
Oct 5 – Seamless Salomas Slippers (Staff)
1 PM — 3 PM
Use worsted weight yarn and size 6 needles to create these comfy slippers. Class includes pattern.
Sept 14, Oct 12, Nov 9—Knit, Swirl KAL
$50 (includes book) 10 AM — Noon
Carole will be teaching this 3 sessions class that show you how to create the beautiful, flattering Knit, Swirl
design. Bring your stash (worsted or DK weight yarn, depending upon style choosen.
Session 1—Getting started, casting on 600+ stitches, hints and tricks.
Session 2—Sleeves
Session 3—Finishing tips and tricks
Sept 14 – Chevron Mitts (Carole)
1 PM — 3 PM
Make these pretty chevron (think zig-zag) fingerless mitts. Pattern works great with striping or solid color
worsted weight yarn. Size 6, 7, or 8 needles and stitch markers. Class includes pattern.
Sept 21– Boot Camp (Carole/Shelly)
September 21
Beginning Lace
9:30 — Noon/1-3:30 PM
September 21 Chevron Crochet (Shelly)
Sept 28– Great NORTH American Afghan (Pam/Maryann) $FREE
Learn the ins and outs of two more squares.
9 — Noon
Oct 5 – Windschief Cowl & Hat (Pam)
10 AM — Noon
Make this iconic cowl using Stephen West’s famous pattern. Great for men or women, but a guy favorite.
The pattern (included in the class) works well with striping or solid color worsted weight yarn.
Size 6 and 7 DPNs. You may use a 16” circular for much of the project. Class includes pattern.
Oct 5 – Beaded Amulet Bag (Shelly)
1 PM — 3 PM
Make this small, beaded purse using techniques learned in Shelly’s Knitting with Beads class.
The pattern (included in the class) requires tiny needles (0 or smaller). Class includes pattern.
Oct 12—Knit, Swirl KAL
Session 2—Sleeves
Session 3—Finishing tips and tricks
$50 (includes book)
10 AM — Noon
Oct 12 – Chevron Cowl (Carole)
1 PM — 3 PM
Make this pretty chevron (zig-zag) cowl. Pattern works great with striping or solid color worsted weight yarn.
Size 6, 7, or 8 needles and stitch markers. Class includes pattern.
Oct 19– Boot Camp (Carole)
October 19
Advanced Beginner Lace
October 19
Oct 26– Great NORTH American Afghan (Carole/Shelly) $FREE
Learn the ins and outs of two more squares.
9:30 — Noon/1-3:30 PM
Crocodile Crochet
9 — Noon
November 2 – Ushuaia Cowl (Maryann)
1 PM — 3 PM
Make this stunning thick and thin cowl. Class includes pattern. One skein of Ushuaia yarn and size 13 needles.
Nov 9—Knit, Swirl KAL
Session 3—Finishing tips and tricks
$50 (includes book)
10 AM — Noon
Nov 9 – Chevron Boot Toppers (Carole)
1 PM — 3 PM
Make these trendy boot toppers. Pattern works great with striping or solid color worsted weight yarn. Size 6, 7,
or 8 needles and stitch markers. Class includes pattern.
Nov 16– Knitter’s Boot Camp (Carole/Shelly) $5
Nov 16
Intermediate Lace
Nov 23– Great NORTH American Afghan (TBA) $FREE
Learn the ins and outs of two more squares.
Nov 16
9:30 — Noon/1-3:30 PM
Vintage Crochet Slipper
9 — Noon
Please RSVP for classes soon. (231-845-9868)
Nautical Yarn—Page 4
The United States is in Afghanistan for one more winter. The army does not supply warm hats for our
troops when they are off duty. Consequently, the men and women are cold. We are being asked to
donate warm hats to our troops. Hats for Helmets is creating one great knitting circle of people who are
willing to to knit a hat for a soldier far away. The hats will be collected, sorted for size, and boxed. They
will be given to /Yellow Ribbon Guard/, a Michigan group that ships donated items to deployed soldiers
throughout the year. In November, they will be looking not only for personal toiletries, but warm caps.
This will get the needed caps to the troops at the right time of year.
Nautical Yarn is supporting the Michigan Yellow Ribbon Guard in their request for hats for our men
and women stationed in Afghanistan for one more winter. The "Hats for Helmets" organization has
certain requirements for the hats. The yarn must be 100% WASHABLE worsted weight wool in black,
brown or dark green. The hats must be knit to a tight gauge for worsted weight yarn (5-5.5 stitches per
inch on a size 5/6 rather than a 7/8). The finished hat should contain the yarn label for fiber verification.
You may include a note, if you like, and small toiletries, such as lip balm, lip gloss, toothpaste, or Wet
Plymouth Yarn has graciously donated 30 skeins of worsted weight washable Merino wool for this
endeavor. Thanks, Paul, and everyone at Plymouth Yarn. We also have the same yarn available for
purchase, as well as other suitable yarns.
We will make the pattern available to all who request it. The yarn will distributed on a first-come,
first-served basis.
The hats must be received at Nautical Yarn by October 15th so we can get them to the Yellow Ribbon
Guard by their due date.
We all enjoyed our Supper Club events last winter. The food was delicious, but better yet, was the fun
and laughter on those cold winter afternoons. We usually had about 25 people attend and the variety of
food was amazing. We hope to see you at one or all of our Supper Clubs (and bring a friend, we have lots
of room.)
We have planned Sunday Supper Club for this fall between 2 and 4 PM on the following dates (the
first Sunday of the month): Sunday, 10/6 and 11/3. The yarn shop will be open from noon until 4 on
those dates.
We will provide beverages, water, soda pop, coffee, cocoa, etc. and paper products including
plates, napkins, and plastic ware.
We ask that everyone brings a dish to pass that serves 6—8 people. You may bring salad, bread,
casserole, dessert, vegetables, fruit. We will make a meal from whatever your favorites may be.
Please bring any necessary serving utensils and a “to go” container in case there are leftovers to
take home. We also ask that all food and dishes be taken home after supper.
Feel free to bring a project to work on after our meal.
No reservations are required.
Off the Needles
I have completed several squares for The Great North American Afghan. I also completed the Last
Minute Baby Sweater and several variations of hats and shrugs. Some of the hats and shrugs were
done, in part, on the knitting machine.
On the Needles:
I am about half done with a Knit, Swirl Jacket in alternating bands of Interlacements Irish Jig, and
Rowans Kidsilk Haze. The colorway is emerald green, and it is beautiful. I have begun a Hat for
Helmet project as well as some Christmas gift items for the men in my family. (Maybe you can guess
what they are when you look at the class schedule. Hint: October 5.