Adam Shah Candidate for President-Elect

Adam Shah Candidate for President‐Elect BIOGRAPHY Greetings! For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, I am Adam Shah. I was born and raised in
Orange County, California with my four younger brothers. I graduated with a Bachelor in Biological Science
degree with a minor in Chemistry from California State University, Fullerton. Growing up, I was constantly
exposed to the medical community. My father is a physician, specializing in internal medicine and geriatrics,
and my mother is a registered Nurse Practitioner for an OBGyn. Their support, guidance, and
encouragement have paved the way for my being able to pursue the PharmD degree.
PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE My student government experience is limited to my time as a wee lad in high school. While this may appear
as a lack of experience, I believe that my real world experience in leadership roles as an adult have more
than prepared me to take on the role of President-elect. My enthusiasm for the class to succeed is
tantamount to my willingness to be the voice of the student body. The responsibility of the inaugural class
does not fade away as new classes enter CHSU. We must maintain high standards and set the example
as a class for future students throughout our time in the Pharm D program.
CANDIDATE STATEMENT Prior to attending CHSU, I was accepted into a volunteer program as a Clinical Care Extender at the main
trauma hospital in Long Beach, California, St. Mary Medical Center. I spent a year and a half gaining
valuable hands-on experience in telemetry, emergency room, and operating departments. As far as future
pursuits pertaining to a career in pharmacy, I will continue to keep an open mind and allow the experiences
and exposure that CHSU provides shape my career path.
My leadership experience in a school setting has been limited to being involved in the student government
during high school. While this type of academic leadership is limited, I do have experience in other
leadership roles. I have managed staff and students and demonstrated leadership in previous jobs. These
have ranged from my time spent working in the biotech industry developing medical devices, as the head
manager at a pre-college camp for high school students, coaching soccer for all ages, and managing valets.
For our upcoming academic year, as we all settle into the program and get involved in various organizations,
I believe our involvement in the community will continue to grow and the CHSU presence in the area will
take hold and flourish. We will be able to do this through many different avenues as a class, and as a
University when the next crop of talent joins us at CHSU in the fall.
In running for President-elect, I will serve the class and student government as our next term’s President’
right hand. I will be an extension of not only him, but also of you, the class of 2018. I can guarantee that I
will stand strong and not cower in the face of adversity. I am excited to have the opportunity to run for this
position, to represent all of you, and to have a hand in putting CHSU on the map.