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Second Church of Christ, Scientist, Evanston
Friday, May 15
Board Meeting at 8:30 at the RR
Thursday, May 21
Exploratory meeting about our Church 7:30 PM
In the Reading Room
Monday May, 25
Memorial Day
The Reading Room will be closed
What a joy to be able to open our church and our hearts to members and visitors as we
prepare for each of our healing services. We have a need for a few more "lightly
scheduled" ushers to help out the regulars on a more predictable basis. Currently, we
have a great supply of Substitute ushers but it is difficult to plan for a balanced
schedule. Please let Jeff C. or Gary B. know if you are willing to be scheduled, and let
us know what your preferences are for Sunday or Wednesday and how frequently you
could serve. 1, 2, 3 or 4 or more times per year.
Ushering is important and every member should consider this wonderful way to serve
our church and the community.
News From the Reading Room
We are going to feature sale items over the next few months as we endeavor to control
our inventory a bit better. To that end during the month of May:
This includes: music CDs, pamphlet CDs and past Sentinel Radio (2) CDs. Most are
priced at $16.00, so that’s half price!
**The exceptions are those related to the Hymnal Supplement, the Anthology CD’s and
any recordings of books.
In addition:
Please note that this Sale will only last for the month of May, so come into your reading
room, enjoy our lovely space and stock up on these inspirational items!
From Claire F.
1000 Christians from around the country and of many denominations, including 15
Christian Scientists, gathered in Washington, DC April 15 - 18 to learn about, and then
lobby Congress, on the subject of "Breaking the Chains of Mass Incarceration and
Systems of Exploitation." Reforming our Criminal Justice system is a great need - one
of few bipartisan issues, and needs our best thinking. The Christian Scientists who
attended gave their best.
Mrs. Eddy speaks about "The voice of God on behalf of the African slave"... and this
voice is still speaking!
This is a link to a summary of the weekend.
Monthly reimbursement forms for members using alternative transportation must be
turned into the church office by the 15th of the following month.
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