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ur last magazine featured some of the milestones and achievements
of the charity over the last 20 years made possible through the
generosity of our supporters. Those of you that were able to join us for the
celebration and services in November would have caught a further insight
into what God had achieved over the years.
Our Patron, Bishop Stephen Cottrell’s message was based on a short
passage of scripture:
There I will give her back her vineyards, and will make
the Valley of Achor a door of hope.
Hosea 2:15
To the Israelites the ‘door of Hope’ led from a place of shame and defeat
(Achor) to a place of restoration for God’s people (vineyard). Today for us
that ‘door of hope’ points to the Lord Jesus. God himself rescued us from
our shame and defeat (our sin) through the death and resurrection of His
son, Jesus. Our sins are forgiven through Jesus, the “door of Hope”, by
whom we can enter into a renewed relationship with our Father in heaven.
A great deal may have been
achieved by the charity but
these deeds should always
point to our great God who
inspires and equips us for
this work. These acts of
compassion and love will
have eternal significance
when someone is introduced
to Jesus or encouraged in
their walk of faith.
Thank you for your
partnership with us in this
l Guyver Bishop Stephen chats with Arms of Hope
P au
hristian Hope International seeks to bring the true hope only found in
Jesus Christ along with practical support to those in need in Africa
and Eastern Europe. Jesus’ life and teaching are the motivation for our
Working in partnership with the Christian Community in the ‘Developing
World’ we seek to glorify God by providing practical aid, resourcing small
community projects and enabling children to receive a good education
through child sponsorship.
highlight of the celebration services was ‘Arms of Hope’, a group of
youngsters of Rwandan descent who performed a contemporary
dance interpretation of ‘Worthy is the Lamb’
After the service there was a buffet lunch featuring a mix of Rwandan
tasters and English food. This was followed by all age craft activities and
an opportunity for young and old to join in traditional Rwandan dance with
‘Arms of Hope’.
For another opportunity to
witness ‘Arms of Hope’ in action
and further explore the delights
of Rwandan food see the details
below. Phone the office 01708
377795, to book your tickets, £5
each or £15 a family. An evening
not to be missed.
Saturday 18th April, 2015
4pm to 7pm
St Peters Church hall,
Harold Wood, Essex
Arms of Hope
xciting News – we are able to offer, for
FREE, a short DVD giving information
and photographs about all of our projects
with a particular emphasis on Stitches of
ian H
Ch ris te r n
tia n
Pa rtn a ti o
ers hip
ers ea
Christian Hope
Be encouraged
Motivate others
Stimulate your group
Excite your friends
Inspire your church
To receive a copy just call or email us.
Order yours today and, for a
small donation (min £2), you
could be the first to receive
our 2016 calendar.
athleen Housdon, seen here, is
100 years young and still knitting
for those in need. Keep up the good
work Kathleen.
Thank Yo
he consignment of goods sent through our partners ‘Mission Without
Borders’ arrived safely in Moldova. This is an extract from one of the
letters of thanks received.
“The teachers staff and children from the Auxiliary Boarding School express
you their sincere gratitude for the provided help and assistance.
We are glad to recognise that there are people who do good, who are not
indifferent to the fate of our children............ Your kindness and responsive
attitude left a mark in the children’s hearts, helped them to gain confidence
in themselves. From the bottom of the heart we wish you a good health.....
May your hearts always be open for doing good.”
Front cover and Moldova
photo’s above courtesy of
n a new development we have been able to support
some of the refugees who have fled from the Isil
violence in Iraq. We linked up with Samara Levy from
Brighton who last summer felt called by God to help
those who had been displaced in the conflict.
Amazingly she has already
sent ten lorry loads of clothing
to Northern Iraq.
We provided approximately
100 sacks and boxes of
complete the packing of
the 40 foot container
going to refugee camps
in Jordan.
Loading the van
Check out
to see what can be achieved when
individuals answer God’s call.
Sacks and boxes of
knitting on the container
3rd November
really is
North Iraq
27th November
Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan
high standard of health care is something
we expect in the UK but sadly it is not the
case in many African countries. In Rwanda
and Uganda the death rate for children
under 5 is alarmingly high:
Rwanda: 1 in 19 children
Uganda: 1 in 15
UK: 1 in 200
The causes of these deaths are often treatable and preventable:
Diseases such as malaria, diarrhoea, influenza and pneumonia
often go untreated.
Medicines are often not available or clinics do not have the funds
Insufficient Doctors:
Rwanda 1 for every 17,857 Uganda 1 for every 8,547
UK 1 for every 358 people
Insufficient Nurses:
Rwanda: 1 nurse to 1449 Uganda: 1 nurse to 765
UK: 1 for every 113 people
As a result of YOUR generosity over
the last 5 years we have provided:
Mosquito nets and malaria
Extra nursing staff
Basic medicines and equipment
Clean water
Hospital beds
hese initiatives have made a
huge impact on the delivery of
health care at Kimwanyi, Shyogwe
and Gikomero clinics, but much
more can be achieved. Please join
us throughout 2015 to raise £5000
to help improve health through
these clinics.
Together we can provide the
basic materials and equipment that these church founded and
supported clinics desperately need; helping them to become more
effective in prevention and treatment.
Kimwanyi clinic, Uganda needs an injection of funds
We can provide Project materials that you can use to help raise funds, with
an information and activity leaflet along with a sticker chart to show the
progress of your collection. We pray that folk will
see that even the smallest gift when combined with
others can make a big impact.
Please call the office if you would like resources
or if you want further information for use in
your Church, Sunday School, club, group,
with friends or simply within
your family.
Together let us make 2015
a year of improved health
for our brothers and sisters
in Uganda and Rwanda.
In February last year we were approached by an individual who uttered
these words that God loves to hear; “What can I do to help?” His wish was
to make a difference somewhere in Uganda. He hoped to fund this through
his business. Kimwanyi Primary school was in a terrible condition which
had a negative effect on both staff and pupils. A serious makeover was
desperately required.
It was not a small undertaking. The estimate to repair and redecorate
amounted to £15,000, but the donor committed to fund the work. Praise
God, one year on the repairs are complete; on time and on budget. We
hope you agree that the difference is amazing.
This is what Pastor Patrick had to say:
“Its a dream in reality, God is great
that what seemed impossible and an
illusion has come true.....”
“Since your intervention, the welfare,
academic attitude and discipline of
both the pupils and the teachers has
Children rejoice outside their ‘new’ school
f course we do not all have a business or the resources to renovate a
school. “So what can I do with the little I have?” we hear you ask.
The GOOD NEWS is that it does not take much to make a huge impact on
the lives of youngsters like these.
JUST £5 provides a pack of pens, paper etc.
which will enable a child to make the most of
their schooling.
YOU could make this difference to a child with
a single donation. Could you commit to a
regular monthly sum and change the lives of
God will work the miracle
whatever we give in faith
or a commitment of £15 per month you
could change the life of a child through
sponsorship, ensuring an education, assisting
the family and building a relationship through
the exchange of letters, photo’s and prayer.
You can find more information about
sponsorship later in this magazine.
This first magazine of 2015 is an opportunity to look back and thank God
for all he has provided, and enabled us to achieve, during 2014.
So what was achieved? YOUR donations both large and small enabled
us to send our partners:
£2,500 for LIVESTOCK.
£5,400 to support NURSES.
equipment, clean water and basic needs
to improve health.
£10,000 to purchase text books,
equipment, and educational materials for
schools and individuals.
£18,900 for the renovation and
improvement of homes, schools, and
vocational training centres.
£1200 from the LOANS 4 HOPE fund to
assist and promote self sufficiency.
Claudine’s family received hens
£1650 to provide Bibles for grass root churches
and bikes to enable the Pastors to better serve
their parishes.
Approximately 800 boxes & sacks of KNITTING
sent via Mission Without Borders, to save lives in
Eastern Europe
20/20 Challenge TARGET REACHED just!!!
Thank you to all who supported this initiative.
252 CHILDREN SPONSORED by the end of 2014
Emmanuel was blessed
with a sponsor during 2014
for each and every
donation that makes this
work possible.
Together we can continue
to improve lives.
20 years of CHI - a reason to celebrate!!!
A very successful 20th ANNIVERSARY
celebration event.
Building skills at Mubumbano
ocational training is vital for many young people who have not had the
opportunity to complete a formal education.
At Mubumbano, Rwanda and Matendo, Uganda YOUR donations have
built, improved and provided lighting for the buildings. You have provided
tools and basic materials to train these young people with life skills needed
to become self sufficient. THANK YOU.
A huge amount has been achieved and
training has commenced at both these
centres. However at Matendo there is an
URGENT need for funds to complete the
building work, required by the authorities to
enable training to continue.
Hairdressing at Matendo
unds have been sent to Matendo to assist
with the course fees for some of the poorest students who, without this
help would not have been able to receive training.
Allan Masiko is one such student studying Motor Mechanics and he writes:
“I would like to offer my thanks for the
sponsorship......I feel happy and encouraged.....I
promise not to disappoint you.......I am very pleased
for the spirit that you have. To have me at heart
as an orphan to have a chance to continue my studies.
May the good Lord bless you.”
Allan’s tutor tells us he is doing well in his training and that he is a well
disciplined student both in class and in the community.
he child sponsorship project, Ray of Hope, has been running since
1996 and, during that time, hundreds of youngsters have been
supported and received a good education. In many cases they have also
benefited by the prayer and contact from their sponsor.
For many years the number of children sponsored hovered in the region of
240 until last November when, miraculously the numbers increased well
beyond the 250 we hoped to achieve by the end of 2014. There was much
celebration over reaching this milestone and, on
behalf of all the children, we offer our grateful thanks
to sponsors old as well as new
Ray of Hope is not about numbers but individuals who
are precious in God’s sight. We may never realise the
impact that supporting a child through all or part of
their education makes but occasionally we do hear:-
Chantal Musabyimana was first sponsored in 1999
at the age of 12. An orphan,
her father died during the
genocide and her mother a
year later. For the next 3
years she was cared for by
her grandmother until she
also died. Chantal, with the
support of the Byumba
Anglican church and her
sponsor, completed her
senior education. With Chantal in 1999
further support from the church she successfully
completed a degree in Environmental Health
Science and is now employed in that field in
In an extract from her testimony she wrote:
‘I thank God who enabled you to sponsor me
and thus made it possible for me to study.
Today I have hope in tomorrow’s life which was
not possible in regards to my family status
conditions. Since I have a job I want also to
support other people who are vulnerable.
Thank you so much for sponsoring me, God
bless you’.
Chantal today
ou too could have the privilege of playing a part in the life of such a
youngster; pointing to the ‘door of Hope’. We may not actually see the
success or otherwise of these sponsorships but we can provide the
opportunities every child deserves. Could YOU sponsor a child today.
Sponsorship costs only £15 a month (£180 a year). Phone the office or visit
the website for more information
By the way it would be wonderful to reach 300 sponsored children by the
end of 2015!!!
hese sponsored children are
enjoying their Christmas
party, funded through your gifts.
Many more youngsters
need YOUR support
On behalf of every sponsored
Your Name: ...............................................................
Post code:.............................
Phone No..............................email........................................
To make a donation using our shop please: 1. Indicate the quantity of each item required
in the boxes provided. 2. Complete the recipients details and a message if you would like
a card. 3. Return the form and payment to the office. We will do the rest.
Orders can also be placed online or by phoning the office.
Gifts for Education
Gifts for Health
School equipment
£10 Buy a Text Book
£15 Towards a Teachers Pay
£15 Vocational Tools
£......... Bursary (school support)
Livestock & Agriculture Gifts
£15 Pig
£30 Goat
Mosquito Net
Clean Water
Elderly Support
Roofing Sheets for Homes
Matendo Voc. Centre
£...... Complete a Classroom
value of
£10 Bible
£........Bike for a Pastor
Nurse +
Gifts for Building
£5 Seeds
£10 Fertiliser
£10 Harvest Tools
Gifts for Spiritual Growth
In the unlikely event that these funds
cannot be reasonably, efficiently
and fully spent where specified, the
charity reserves the right to use
donations to benefit other projects
in the same generic fund.
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