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Food Fair Debrief Meeting 7pm.
Hot Cross Buns distributed
Junior Cross Country 9.30am. on school oval
End term 1. Lunch @ 1pm. Assembly @ 2pm.
Daylight Savings ends – clocks back an hour
Term 2 commences
District Cross Country, Fyansford Common
Gr.5 Maldon Camp
(advance notice)
Grs.3-6 Chilwell Athletics – Landy Field
Network Meeting - Gavan
Mother’s Day (brekky in bed for Mum)
Council Meeting 7pm.
Education Week
2016 Prep Enrolment Week
School Photos
Mid-Year Reports home
3-way Interviews (Teachers, Parents, Students)
(advance notice)
Gr.4 Lady Northcote Camp. (advance notice)
Enjoy the holidays!
Dear Families,
 Food Fair. What a great night for all!!! The weather was kind and the
enjoyment was obvious. One of the terrific aspects for me was the opportunity
to catch up on many ex Chilwell parents. Over the next few newsletters I will
acknowledge many of the supporters we had for the night.
Firstly, I need to thank and acknowledge firms/parents who have left Chilwell,
as their children have left for secondary education, who still support our school
and it's children.
 Brian Digby - who loaned us the cafe marquee and fencing/ counter for the
Wine Tent.
 Mark Blunt, Greg Chadwick and Tim Forshaw who played in the "Dadbeats"
 Imogen Brough who again entertained us on stage.
 Michael Smith who set up all the electrical for the Fair.
 Craig Hosking who supplied all the chicken needed for the BBQ stall.
 Graeme Landy loaned us electrical stands.
 Geoff from Great Ocean Road Real Estate and Connect Financial Services
who donated a van and fuel for pick-ups and deliveries.
 Steampocket Cafe: Cam and our barista, Gilmore.
We also need to acknowledge the fantastic job undertaken by the Managers for
each stall. Thank you to:
 Ian Royce, Alastair Mulroyan, Jodie Reid, Kylie Whitcher, Anna Spurling,
Yoko Dunlop, Clare Dowling, Elissa Sullivan, Bec Keenan, Georgie Ross,
Sue Di Sciascio, Melissa & Peter Temple, Jacqui Parks, Meg Gilby,
Fiona Chomley, Deb Fisher, Heather Alexander, the Eggins, Ridley & Allen
The list of people to thank is enormous but at the risk of forgetting someone
could I thank the following:
- Stall managers and rostered parents.
- Howard Philpott who led the group as Fair Manager
- Volunteers who assisted with the set up on Thursday and Friday and to the
group who gave up part of Saturday to re-establish our school.
- Sponsors who so generously supported our endeavours.
- Susie Ward for her efforts with sponsors.
- Nadia, Cindy and Jane who acted as the go to for stalls.
- Bill and Louise who took on the wine tent.
- Silent Auction organisers (Anna & Kelly & donation volunteer helpers) who
organised a most successful Silent Auction.
- Jodie Bliss Real Estate – our Platinium Sponsor
- Yoori for her work in entertainment.
- Greg Bliss who acted as our MC.
- Cameron Thiele who was our auctioneer.
- Alastair, Simon & Mike who picked up and returned lights.
The children and staff who were so flexible and adaptable.
The numerous businesses who supplied donations.
Our office staff who supported all aspects.
Chloe & the OOSHC team for organising the relocation of Out of School
Hours Care
A final Food Fair Flyer will be published on Thursday. If you wish to have an
article included please have it at the office by 9am. or email item to
[email protected]
The final figure will not be known for a little while but it will be approximately
$48,000. The obvious challenge for next year is to have just as enjoyable a
night and also crack $50,000!!!!!!!
 Food Fair Debrief: This is scheduled for this TOMORROW NIGHT,
Wednesday, 25th March at 7pm. This is an opportunity to review and refine the
2015 Fair. If you are unable to attend please send any suggestions to
[email protected]
 Lightning Premiership: The Year 5/6s missed the opportunity to watch the
Food Fair take shape in order to represent our school at the Summer Lightning
Premiership. As always their behaviour and sportsmanship was on display and
as always they did not let us down!!
 Painters: Oooops!! Last week I thanked our painting crew who did a great
job of painting our new deck. Great job, BUT I forgot to add Cate Paton to our
Picasso's. Thanks Cate!
 Out of School Hours Care: As we are approaching the end of term it is time to
make sure that all accounts are back to zero. This zero balance is a
requirement for using the service. Could I also thank those families who have
continued to have their balances in the positive, this is our preference and it is
pleasing to see so many in the positive.
 Planning Week: This week, as usual, we are having a Planning Week. During
this week staff are released from the class to plan the curriculum for term 2.
The class is covered by our Specialist teachers (Visual Art, Physical Education,
Technology, Library Italian or a relief teacher) this time ensures a planned and
targeted curriculum delivery next term.
 Relief Teachers: At Chilwell the most valuable teaching time is when the class
teacher and students are together, however staff, like all of us, get sick or need
to care for loved ones. At these times we employ teachers on a casual basis.
We attempt to employ the same relief teachers all the time in the same class,
however this is not always possible. These teachers know our school, children,
routines and expectations. At our school we are fortunate to have very skilled
and talented relief staff.
 End of Term: What a busy but very fruitful term we have had:
Congratulations and thank you to all for the work with
 The Food Fair.
 Settling all children into the school routine. This is especially relevant to
families of our Prep children.
 Cross country for both the senior and junior grades.
 Parent teacher interviews.
 Introduction of new families to Chilwell.
 Various excursions and walks which enhanced our curriculum delivery.
 School Council elections.
 Prep Open sessions.
 School camps for Year 6
And many more activities and challenges that I cannot think of at the moment!
Congratulations and thank you to all for the work, commitment and support we
give to each other. The strength of this school is many in number but the
support is at the centre of that strength.
 Friday: As always Friday will conclude with a final assembly outside, weather
permitting, or inside the Multi-Purpose Room. The assembly will begin at 2pm.
and dismissal will be at 2.30 pm. Please be aware that if you are crossing
Pakington Street to attend assembly that the crossing is not supervised until
 Sunsmart: The school policy is to continue the wearing of the school hats until
the end of April. This is in line with Anti-Cancer guidelines. The potential for
damage to skin etc. continues until this time. Please pack the hats in bags
ready for the first day of term 2 asap.
 Birthdays. Happy birthday to the following students who celebrate their
birthdays over the next couple of weeks.
Thurs 26th Mar Max B
Ruby W
Fri 27 Mar
Sophie E
Charli K
Sat 28 Mar
Eliza V
Anthony F
Mon 30 Mar
Camille H
Tues 31 Mar Darcy L
Wed 1st Apr
Lou B
Sat 4th Apr
Fri 3rd Apr
Wed 15th Apr
Violet M
Mon 6th Apr
Wed 8th Apr
Sat 11th Apr
Mon 13th Apr
Tues 14th Apr
Gavan Welsh, Principal
Amber Q
Angelle T
Joshua L
Violet G
Talia K
Tahlia K
Benjamin C
Ryan H
Cooper H
Ashlynn W
Junior Cross Country
The children in Grades Prep, One and Two will be participating in a Junior Cross
Country on Friday, March 27th. The Cross Country will commence at 9.30 am and
will be held on the school oval. The children will be required to wear their house
Parents are welcome to come and watch however we will not require any parent
helpers. The Grade 6 House Captains and Grade 4s are involved in organising
this activity for us.
The focus of this activity is enjoyment and participation. This should be a lot of fun
and we are looking forward to this event.
Regards - Prep, Grade One and Two Teachers
Canteen news……. Orders must be into the office by 3.30 pm. Thursday – no
late orders will be accepted. Lunch will be provided on Friday.
Lunch options are as follows :
OPTION 1 Chicken or Ham & cheese roll, apple, chips, truffle.
OPTION 2 Vegemite roll, apple, chips, chocolate crackle
OPTION 3 Egg & lettuce roll, apple, chips, apple & sultana muffin
Each option $5.00
Canteen Roster – Fridays – 1.00-1.30 pm.
27 March
Jacqui Parks
Penny Whitehead
Please try to arrange a swap if you cannot attend on the day rostered & let office
know of swap.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Canteen Helper – Fridays 1.00-1.30pm.
Name ________________________________________ Ph.________________
Dates NOT available _____________________________________________
2015 Schools Writing Competition
Entries close Sunday March 29, 2015.
Sarah Jeffreys (Literacy Co-Ordinator)
Chilwell Cross Country 2105
Last Thursday week the Barwon Valley Fun Park was transformed with students
from grades 3-6 competing in the Chilwell House Cross Country. There was
chanting, students dressed in red, yellow, blue or green, parents and friends
cheering and supporting and some sizzling times were recorded.
The weather was kind, our House Captains showed terrific leadership and our
students were wonderful. Everybody competed to the best of their ability and can
be very proud of their efforts. All students who competed were awarded points for
their House.
In the end the results were :
Balyang fourth with 151 points
Bareena third with 155 points
Marnock second with 158 and
Riversdale winning with a final score of 225.
Special thanks to the parents and staff who helped out on the day. Your support
in; marshalling, timing, scoring, officiating, taking photos and administering first aid
for our runners was fantastic. Particular thanks must go to the parents and staff
who were spread along the course. The encouragement and support provided by
them to the students whilst running is of vital importance. It ensures that we have
constant visual contact with the students and the moral support they provide is
invaluable. Without this assistance sporting events of this nature would not be
able to occur.
The District Cross Country team has been selected and is based upon times from
our House Cross Country Event. The first eight students in the 10, 11 and 12/13
year old age groups will proceed to this event, however if a student in the 9
year-old age group has a faster time than a student in the 10 year old age
group, that student will take that spot. The date for this event will be held on
Friday the 17th of April at Fyansford Common. If your child is unable to compete
on this date, can you please let me know A.S.A.P, so that we are able to enter a
full team. The team will be given all details shortly.
Regards, Peter Blackall
District Cross Country Team 2105
Congratulations to the following students.
Girls 10 Years
Mia Kemp, Hannah Phung, Chloe O'Brien, Georgia Phung, Eden Nadorp-Goddard,
Daisy Bain, Phoebe Knight, Daisy Bain & Tegan Line
Boys 10 Years
Kane Reid, Michael Rudd, Ted Bain, Jack Jelenko, Lachlan Bliss, Xavier Lindsay,
Noah Pitout, Seb Dell’Oro
Girls 11 Years
Bella Marles, Anna Ward, Charla Kurul, Greta Thiele, Holly Andrews-Stacey,
Eliza Thiele, Piper Mensch & Lykeira Shannon
Boys 11 Years
Archie Bain, Sam Condie , Harry Porte, Seb Alvarez De Toledo, Calum Dell'Oro,
Tom Ross, Will Rixon & Darcy Lane
Girls 12/13 Years
Alice Young, Ella Hill, Annie Lee, Sophie Budge , Maggie Gilby, Missy Braley,
Ashton Dunn & Anneliese Walsh
Boys 12/13 Years
George Chomley, Arvin Sadeghinad, Liam Wylie, Thomas O'Brien, Declan Mackie,
Aidan Stynes, Max Temple & Jack Linguey
Parent Contribution.
A reminder to parents that this payment was due Friday 27th February.
Thank you to the families who have already paid this.
Food Fair Kids Raffle Three great prizes!
 Sports pack
 Groovy Girls Pack
 Boys Pack
Tickets for the Kids Raffle will be on sale at lunchtime this week.
Kids raffle tickets @ 50c each
or 3 for $1.00
At end of term assembly on Friday 27th March at 2pm.
Raffle tickets for the Easter chocolate hamper are still on sale.
$1.00 each or 3 or $2.00. Tickets at the office.
Will be drawn at the assembly on Friday
Some Silent Auction items are still available. Contact the office if you are
interested in any of the items – “first in / best dressed”.
Health Balance Initial Acupuncture consultation & 2 consultations
Health Balance Initial osteopathic Consultation
Club Exec 1 month membership
Contours Female Gym 1 month membership
Clifton Springs Golf Club Meal Voucher
Surf World Museum Family Pass – 2 adults/2 kids
Collections for Women White Soludos espadrille size 36
Private Fashion Style Edit Workshop for 12 people, champagne &
nibbles at The Ark
Collections for Women Bensimon Canvas Trainers size 37 white
EBOX laptop bag (15.6”) + Logitech Webcam C1290
Ouch Clothing Pack Boys Size 0 (hoodie, tee & pants)
Ouch clothing Pack Boys Size 3 (sweat, shirt, tee & pants)
Tran PCD International laptop computer bag
Dentalspa Geelong Voucher for custom-made Sports Mouth Guard
Lost Property
Lost property is located on the shelves outside the
Reading Recovery room, which is in the
Junior wing.
Please ensure all school items
(jumpers, hats, lunch boxes and drink
bottles) are clearly labelled.
Easter Eggs….last chance to donate an egg. Wednesday
morning is the last chance to donate an Easter Egg to the Meals on
Wheels. Children may like to attach their name and address to
the egg they’re donating as recipients often like to reply to the
sender. Thank-you for your support
- Jan McLaren & the Social Service Committee
Junior School Assembly - Star of The Week
Congratulations to the following students for receiving the Star of The Week
Award during our Junior School Assembly:
Samet Cilingir, Lou Baulch, Audrey Dickens, Lucas Hayes, Lucinda Colquhoun, Nic Robinson,
Imogen Wells, Quinn O’Gorman.
Junior School Star of the Week
Congratulations to our Super Stars of the Week. Certificates are awarded during the
fortnightly Junior School Assembly. Well done to……. Jack Troeth, Tommy Linguey, Aron
Pitout, Sonny Dolman, James Whitehead, Lucy Borthwick, Andrew McColl, Maya Henrion
Art Matters…….As part of our Anzac Day celebrations we are asking interested
families if they would like to create a knitted poppy over the holidays to then
create an installation for next term. Knitting kits will be available from the office on
Friday for anyone who is keen or see Deb in Art Room for further details.
The Basket Weaving Group has nearly finished their fantastic baskets and we
have head a great time learning a new skill. Well done to Ella H, Sophia M, Anna
C, Louis P, Calum D and Charlotte N for giving dedicating their lunchtimes and
having a go.
- Deb F, Visual Arts
The Victorian Cultural Diversity Art Prize
On Sunday 22nd March Monty Wojcinski from Prep and I were lucky enough to be
Finalists in the 2015
Cultural Diversity
Primary School Art
It was at Federation
Square as part of the
Viva Festival and there
were thousands of
people there to
celebrate Victoria’s
We had an award
ceremony with the
Minister and Monty
and I were both in the
top 6 for our age group
in the state. There
were lots of photos
and fantastic food from
around the world.
- Jono Fisher 6SW
Hot Cross Buns – will be delivered tomorrow –
THURSDAY 26TH MARCH. Thank you to all
families who supported the Grade 6 fundraising
Food Fair Debrief Meeting
in the Staffroom.
All Committee, Stall Managers & interested parents welcome.
It would be appreciated if Stall Managers could complete and return the
Food Fair folders at the Debrief Meeting.
We ask managers etc. to jot down some notes/ideas of reflection or
future suggestions.
If unable to attend a written comment/evaluation may be sent.
Community News.
ST ROBERT’S AUSKICK 2015 will commence on Saturday 2 May 2015 at
9am at St Roberts Oval, 13 Nicholas St, Newtown. To register for Auskick go to:
aflauskick.com.au and type in St Roberts. Enquiries to Ben Williamson 0401 513
556 or David Cook 0403 428 114 or email [email protected]
Chalk the Walk – Sunday 29 March 10am.-2pm. Ritchie Boulevard, Eastern
Beach Geelong. Buy a “space” on Ritchie Boulevard & send a message to the
children at the Royal Children’s Hospital. $10 per space – chalk provided.
Register on the day. For more info visit www.geelongaustralia.com.au
Geelong Cats Festival & Season Launch – Friday 27 March. Kick off the
school holidays down at Kardinia Park 3-9pm. Market stalls, food trucks, live
entertainment free. Season launch Simonds Stadium including 2015 Team
presentation. Matthew Scarlett Legend Induction. $12 members, $15 General
Public. Kids $5 – under 6 free. 6pm.
Geelong Supercats Super Camps. Camp Dates. Bannockburn – Monday 30
March. Geelong (Tues 31 March-Thurs 2 April). Ocean Grove (Tues 7 April).
Torquay (Wed 8-Fri 10 April). Cost $120 for 3 day special or $50 p/day. Suitable
for 5-12 yo. For more info visit www.supercats.com.au or ph.5277 1388.
2016 Prep Enrolment Week
Monday 18th May-Friday 22nd May 2015
Interested prospective Prep parents are welcome to visit and see Chilwell in
action at any time. However, during Enrolment Week we have organised an
informational tour program.
Tuesday, 19th May
9.30-10.30 am. Tour
Thursday, 21st May
2.30-3.30 pm. Tour
TUESDAY, 19th May
7.00-8.00 p.m.
Venue – Prep Rooms (follow the signs)
The assembly point for these tours
is the foyer.
Entry is via the front door facing
Pakington Street.
Mr Gavan Welsh, the School
Principal accompanied by some of
our senior students, will conduct the
Mr Gavan Welsh and the Prep
teachers will explain the Prep
programs and procedures.
The session will be followed by
Question Time.
You are then welcome to stay and
join us for supper.
Eligibility for school:
Children are eligible for enrolment if they turn five (5) years of age on or before
30th April 2016. At Chilwell, we will accept enrolments at any time during the
remainder of the year if places are available. To assist with planning for 2016
(particularly grade and staffing arrangements) we ask that parents wishing to enrol
their child call into the school between 9.00 am. and 4.00 pm. during Enrolment
Week. We require proof of age (eg. copy of Extract of Birth Certificate) for your
child and a completed Immunisation Certificate (available from the City of Greater
Geelong Offices or Medicare website).
Year 2016 Enrolment.
Return only if this affects your family.
Family Name _____________________________________________
We will not be at Chilwell in 2016.
Sibling enrolling in 2016. Child’s Name _____________________
Name of Pre-School/Kinder ______________________________________________________
Chilwell Primary School
Child's Name:……………………...………..……………………………………………………Date:…../…../…..
Size Quantity
Polo Shirt – Short Sleeve (Royal Blue with White Collar)
Child - size 6 to 16
$ 26.00
Adult - size 16 to 26
$ 30.00
Polo Shirt – Long Sleeve (Royal Blue with White Collar)
Child - size 6 to 16
$ 28.00
Adult - size 16 to 26
$ 33.00
Crew Neck Windcheater (Royal Blue - Round Neck)
Child - size 6 to 16
$ 27.00
Adult - size 12 to 26
$ 36.00
Rugby Top (Striped with Piping & White Collar)
Child - size 6 to 16
$ 50.00
Adult - size 16 to 26
$ 57.00
Polar Fleece Vest (Navy Blue)
Child – size 6 to 16
$ 38.00
Adult – size 14 to 20
$ 38.00
Track Pants (Navy Blue with Pockets & Double Knee)
Child – size 6 to 16
$ 22.00
$ 28.00
Track Pants (Navy Blue - Boot Leg)
Child – size 6 to 16
$ 27.00
Adults – size 14 to 26
$ 34.00
Shorts (Navy Blue - Twill)
Child - size 6 to 16
$ 26.00
Adults - size 14 to 26
$ 26.00
Shorts (Navy Blue - Rugby Knit Unisex)
Size 6 to 26
$ 21.00
Hats - (Navy Blue Wide Brimmed + Logo) Compulsory - Sunsmart Policy
Size: Small - Medium - Large
$ 11.00
Reader Bag - (Compulsory for Preps)
$ 10.00
School Bag - Back Pack
$ 43.00
Make cheques payable to: "Chilwell Primary School"
1. Navy Cords and Girls blue & white check dresses can be purchased from retail
2. Parents are encouraged to donate second hand uniforms to the Uniform Shop.
3. A kilt order is issued early in Term 1 - samples will be at the office.
Summer Lightning Premiership Report - Softball & Kanga Cricket
Sport &
Cricket Boys A
Lightning prem is where you play Softball and kanga cricket and the A
team played the best and it come on top every match. Smashing the ball
all over the park, taking great catches hitting the stumps for run outs. The
first game we played against Fyans Park B. We batted first and Max
made a fifty, smashing every ball for 6 and 12. We easily won. Then we
played Fyans Park A we were playing that well but we still won by 43
runs. Then we played our third match and dominated. Lachlan hit 3
twelves in a row and gave Tino two exciting crowd catches. We won by
123 runs. Then it was the big match, the Grand Final against Hamlyn
Banks C. It was like every match playing our best and going to the next
We won all our
four matches. We
won the Grand
Final 169-81!!
Lachlan Grigg
Cricket Boys B
Lightning Prem is an event where schools compete in different sports. We
were the Boys Cricket B team and we had good roster, but we were
unlucky with the teams we were versing. We were up against Chilwell D
team and we won, but that was the only win we had because later on we
played to Herne Hill A and Fyans Park A and we lost both of those
games. We didn’t make it to the finals, but at least we got a win!
1 win, and 2
We lost our
second game by a
mere 3 runs!
Cricket Boys C
This day would be will be a great day to compete against other schools
and make new friends. As I take my few steps on the oval for our first
game I see the other team making a plan to win the game. We flip the
coin. Chilwell won so we went and fielded first. Chilwell were victorious
and at the end of the day we won 2/3 of our games.
Won 2 and lost 1
game to the
eventual Grand
Will Swan
Cricket Mixed D
On the 20th of March the mixed D went to play cricket at Stead park.
Everyone had a great day but in the end we won 1 of 3. Our whole team
put in a lot of effort and good sportsmanship to lay the day out how it was.
Go Chilwell!
We had a great
day we won 1 of
3. Unfortunately
we didn't get into
the final.
Oscar Jarman
Cricket Girls A
The 20th March had finally come,we all got on the bus and drove to Stead
Park. Everyone was excited and ready to play. We had just arrived at our
first game and we were full of nerves. Once we got on the field were
smashing them! Bella Mills was a legend in the second game because
she caught 2 ball! well since we had won all our games so far we were all
pumped up and ready to go. In the last games that we also won we vs
Herne Hill and that was a great game. we made the final with Fyans Park
and won that game as well! we all did a outstanding job and had a great
We won all of our
games and got
into the finals
which we also
won, 33-29!
Caitlin Boode
Softball Boys A
On Friday the 20th of March all the Year 5 and 6 went to Stead Park to
play softball or kanga cricket. I was in the softball boys A team. Our first
game was against Manifold Heights B team. It was a really fun game and
we won by a lot. The next game was a lot harder we versed Manifold
Heights A team, At the end of the first innings it was a draw. In the second
innings we did end up losing but we still had heaps of fun. After that we
won the rest of our games and it was a good day.
We played 5
games overall and
won 4 and we
came second
Liam Wylie
Softball Boys B
Friday the 20th of March we were off for the Summer Lightning Prem. It
was a really sunny day as we sat down to listen to the rules some I didn’t
even know but hey wasn’t that the reason he was telling us! The first
match we lost but we still had a good hard try. After the game I was
starving and so was everybody else. We won the next two but sadly
enough we lost the one after that and the last one.
We lost 3 games
but we still came
Hugo Temple
Softball Girls A
The day had finally come to compete in the Summer Lightning
Premiership. Our team was excited and ready to have a go! A few games
had been done and we were on top. It came to our two last games when
every run counted. Ella Hill hit a few home runs which won us both of the
games. We all congratulated her with her great efforts! Overall we won all
of our games with a smile and had a really fun day.
The day was
great, The softball
girls A team had
won 5/5 and won
overall in the Girls
Maggie Gilby
Softball Girls B
Summer lightning Prem was finally here and we where ready to give our
all. We first versed Fyans Park we lost then we played Herne Hill which
we win next were Chilwell C team we lost then Herne Hill A we won then
we lost against the Chilwell A team. We had a mixture of wins and loses
but we played really well and enjoyed the day .
The girls softball B
team won 2
games and Lost 3
but we still came
fourth overall
Wood 6PD
Softball Girls C
The pressure was on as the C Team girls went head to head with Fyans
Park. They‘re eyes scanned us over us with intimidation. It was our last
match. We just had to win! Base by base Fyans Park sneaked as many
as their greedy little team could! It didn’t seem fair, almost as if ‘sneaking’
shouldn’t be a rule, but it was so we accepted it. It was a competitive
game but we tried our hardest.
It was a very
active day. We did
lose against
Fyans Park but it
was a great
opportunity for
everyone. Overall
Chilwell P.S C
girls came 4th.
By Lily
Bowlen 5SJ
Chilwell P.S. Outside School Hours Care
Term 1 – March 2015
To book or cancel care please call Chloe/Cheryl on 0417 014 973
Wednesday 25th Mar Making Easter Baskets
Thursday 26th Mar
Writing Easter Cards
Friday 27 Mar
Easter Egg Hunt
EFTPOS facility is available – for payments over $10.00.
Form available at the office or from the OSHC.
With the term coming to a close, all accounts should be finalised and
must be $0 or in credit by Thursday 26th March otherwise placement
of your child in term 2 will be suspended until the account is fully
IMPORTANT!!! We encourage families to keep their account in credit.
Just a reminder to all those who have a permanent after school booking. If
unable to attend please cancel before 2.30pm. to assist staff and avoid session
fee. Thanks – OOSHC Staff.