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Materials: Yarns
how to make a
2" Felt (brown) for eyes
Knitted Animal
Poly fiber fill or cotton
Clover Wonder Knitter
using the
Darning Needle and coordinating thread or yarn
Wonder Knitter
1. Knit the head and body using the 6-pin disk.
a) Head - make 60 stitches
b) Body - make 90 stitches
c) Stuff head and body
with poly fiber
fill or cotton.
Stitch to close.
2. Knit 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 ears and scarf using the 3-pin disk.
a) Arms and Legs (4x)
make 24 stitches
b) Ears (2x) make 15 stitches
Make knots at the end
of the yarn.
darning needle
c) Scarf - make 30 stitches
Tie both yarns at the end
of the stitches to make
round shape ears.
Stitch ears onto the head.
Insert needle with yarn and
pass through the other end.
Stitch both arms and legs onto the body.
3. Stitch all parts of the body. Wrap the scarf around the neck and tie.
Cut felt and create a shape of an eye. Attach the eyes with glue.
of eye