May 2015 AirNews

MA Y 2 0 1 5
Chicago Area Chapter Ninety-Nines®, Inc., International Organization of
Women Pilots.
Saturday, May 9, 2015
10:30 a.m. Coffee, 11:00 a.m. Meeting
Illinois Aviation Academy
32W751 Tower Road
West Chicago, Illinois
Girl Scout Badge Day will not be held on May 9.
Ellen O’Hara hopes to reschedule the event for later in the year.
We will have our regular meeting at Illinois Aviation Academy (“IAA”). Pass
IAA and turn into the next drive to park in the area east of their building. We
will meet in the same second-floor classroom where we held our April
meeting and which is at the rear of the IAA hangar; the entrance is via
outdoor stairs on the southeast side of the building.
DuPage Airport (KDPA)
41º 91’N
088º 25’W
F R OM N O R TH : I- 9 0 t o s ou t h o n R ou t e 5 9 ab ou t 9 m i l e s; w e st
o n H w y 6 4 (N o rt h A v e ) f or 2 1 / 2 m i le s ; s ou t h on K a u t z R d
( w e st s i d e o f P h e a s an t R u n R e so rt a f t e r a irp o rt ); n e x t l ef t i s
T o w e r R o ad .
F R OM S OU TH : I - 88 t o n or t h 3 m i l e s o n R ou t e 5 9; w e st on
H wy 3 8 f or 3 m i l e s t o n o rt h o n K au t z Ro ad ( a f t er t r a i n
c r o s s in g ); 2 m i l e s t o To w e r R o ad an d I A A on e a st s id e , n o rt h
o f ru n w a y . ( N O T E : K au t z R o ad i s c lo s e d at H w y 38 f or
c o n st r u c t i on — if y ou d o n ’ t w an t t o d et ou r , u s e N or t h A v e . )
Donna Klein
822 Chestnut Lane
Darien IL 60561
Home: 630-794-0400
Cell: 630-674-1200
[email protected]
Vice Chair
Joan Kerwin
Phone: 630-665-0312
Cell: 630-750-0642
[email protected]
Jill Mann
1117 N. Britton Road
Union Grove WI 53182
Home: 262-878-9203
Cell: 262-989-6406
[email protected]
Madeleine Monaco
46 S Stonington Dr
Palatine IL 60074
Cell: 847-431-1847
[email protected]
Air News Editorial
Mary Ann Pintor
Deadline for
submission is the 25th
day of each month
Cynthia Madsen, Editor
441 Elm Street
Frankfort IL 60423-1103
Home: 815-469-2631
[email protected]
Air News is published
December) by the Chicago
Area Chapter of the Ninety
-Nines, Inc. and is available
to non-members for $20
per year. Members must
pay chapter dues to receive
Air News (send chapter
dues to the Treasurer).
Suggested donation for
advertisement: $5
edition or $50 per year.
Chapter members may
place 6 free personal
advertisements per year.
Please send all subscription
or ad requests, photos,
articles, and information
for publication by e-mail or
U.S. Mail to the editor
listed above.
Air News May 2015 Page 2 
Donna Klein, chairman
FINALLY!!! Spring has sprung! The weather is beginning to match
the season at last.
Beautiful flowers, budding trees and flying
weather are what we wait all winter for. Let's enjoy it and make the
most of each day.
Congratulations to Mary Linstromberg on being awarded her Private
Pilot's License. W ay to go, Mary! We're proud of you. And to other
CAC 99s who are working on licenses or ratings, please let us know
how you are progressing.
Our Girl Scout Prep Day last month went smoothly - like a fine-tuned
engine; we almost have it down to a science. Unfortunately, we won't
need the packets we prepared right now, since we had to postpone
the event due to low enrollment. Thank you, Deb Meznarsic, for
providing us with a scrumptious lunch. W e also celebrated Diane
Cozzi's birthday and collected supplies for the victims of the Kirkland
I wasn't able to attend the NCS Spring Section Meeting last month.
(Details are featured elsewhere in this newsletter.) It is the first one I
have missed in a while, and I heard it was great. It is always fun
getting together with 99s from other Chapters - reconnecting with old
friends, meeting new ones and getting fresh ideas for how to improve
our own Chapter. I encourage all of you to go to one of these
meetings if you have a chance. The next one, in September, will be
in Minnesota.
One of our Members, Beverlee Greenhill, who passed away last
summer, is being inducted into the Illinois Aviation Hall of Fame. She
and several others will be honored at a dinner in Rockford on May
14th. She contributed so much to aviation and to our Chapter, and it
is fitting that she is being honored in this way.
I'd like to remind you to try to keep in touch with those Members who
we don't see very often, and to reach out to our new Members by
welcoming them and inviting them to a meeting or an event.
I hope to see you at our next meeting. Have a great day!
You can find more photos and great information on the
C h a p t e r ’ s w e b s i t e ?
Opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the authors and shall not be construed to represent the policies or
opinions of the Ninety-Nines, Inc.
April 11, 2015
Illinois Aviation Academy, DuPage Airport, West Chicago, Illinois
Submitted by Madeleine Monaco, Secretary Pro Tem
Call to order 1:20 pm by Chairman Klein. Present were Treasurer Monaco – appointed Secretary Pro Tem in
the absence of Secretary. Also present Adams, Cozzi, Meznarsic, Madsen, Hickman and O’Hara.
Secretary Report – March minutes amended to add 3 nominating committee candidates: Schorsch, Erikson
and Klein. Also Kerwin and Klein not attending Section meeting. Monaco, Yowell, Prellwitz, Madsen, Adams,
Cozzi, O’Hara are. Prellwitz going to Intl Conf. Herring moved to AZ and resigning as webmaster as of end of
Treasurers report- March Account Balances and Banking Summary presented. Banking Summary for YTD
(6-1 thru 4-10) also presented along with a YTD Report and Proposed Budget for FY 6/1/2015-5/31/2016.
Motion to accept O’Hara/Klein. Passed Final numbers for FY to be sent in June to all present at this meeting
and other officers not present. Adjustments may be presented at May meeting, and final budget to be
acknowledged in June.
Committee Business Reports –
Membership – Frantz, Feldman absent Klein reported on change in reporting from 99s HQ all members now
included not just due/late/dropped. New Member reception was discussed.
Nominating –Ballots are out, no word on returns yet
Girl Scout Badge Day - O’Hara no attendance update but 80 packets to be prepared. AOPA teaching
modules are available and all are asked to review them at or before the event.
Air Marking Monmouth – O’Hara will request a change of date. May 16th too soon after Hall of Fame Dinner.
Unfinished/Continuing Business Mentoring Update – many more new members on HQ printout. Klein will contact
Chapter Rejuvenation – many suggestions received Gift card will be awarded next month to member(s) with
best suggestion(s)
Flight Planner Update ( We are on it but its reported as difficult to navigate.
New Business
Forest of Friendship- no members to be nominated this year
Donations – due to AEBM contribution donations to be delayed until next fiscal year
Member News – Klein heard from Sabina from Nepal that she earned her rating in England.
Announcements – Bins needed by tornado victims in IL Deb and Bill Meznarsic to deliver
Pilot Talk – It was suggested by O’Hara that it would be fun to find/charter a King Air for an upcoming Section
Meeting All agreed.
Calendar –
April 17-19 O’Hara to sit in at Chairmens Breakfast for Klein in Ohio
May 9 – Girl Scout Badge Day
May 14 – Hall of Fame Dinner
Thank you Deb Meznarsic for the great Portillo’s lunch and Illinois Aviation Academy for the room
Adjournment 2:20 pm
Madeleine Monaco
Secretary Pro-Tem
Followed by packet prep done in 1 hour flat! Including Birthday song and cupcakes for Diane Cozzi.
Air News May 2015 Page 3 
If you do not have a
chapter name badge
in the shape of your
state, now is the time
to order one. Send a
check in the amount
of $16 made payable
to the Chicago Area
Chapter 99s and mail
to Rita Adams, 484
Banyan Tree Lane,
60089 or contact Rita
by email at:
Badge above is in the shape of Illinois.
Please indicate your state and whether you
want a pin or magnet backing.
[email protected]
BACKING! Allow three weeks for delivery.
Nepal Earthquake
H e a d q u a r t er s h a s b e en i n
touch with our Nepal Section
and all of our 99s there
a p p e a r t o b e s a fe .
Chicago’s Aviation Emporium
13 West Main #6
Bensenville IL 60106
Our longtime chapter member Beverlee Greenhill, who passed on to New Horizons last year, will
be inducted into the Illinois Aviation Hall of Fame (“IAHOF”). A number of chapter members and
others who knew Bev are planning to attend the IAHOF banquet.
Thursday, May 14, 2015
6:00 p.m. cash bar, 7:00 p.m. dinner
Radisson Hotel & Conference Center
200 South Bell School Road
Rockford, Illinois 61108
Call hotel directly for $99 room rate
Cutoff date for rate is 4/28/15
Air News May 2015 Page 4 
To purchase a banquet ticket, make $50 check payable to
“Illinois Aviation Hall of Fame” before May 9, 2015 and
mail to Tom Cleveland (below). Your ticket may be
picked up at the registration desk that afternoon.
Mr. Tom Cleveland
Illinois Aviation Hall of Fame
c/o DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport
3232 Pleasant Street
DeKalb, IL 60115
2015 Calendar of Events and Places to Fly
May 9 . .... .... ..... Chicago Area Chapter meeting, DuPage Airport (KDPA)
May 9 . .... .... ..... Fly-in Drive-in Breakfast, Quincy IL Regional Airport 7:30-11:00 515-297-0924
May 10 .... .... ..... Fly-in Drive-in Breakfast, Poplar Grove IL Airport 7:00-Noon
May 14 .... .... ..... Illinois Aviation Hall of Fame dinner, Rockford IL
May 16 .... .... ..... Prairie Aviation Museum Open Cockpit Day, Central IL Regional Airport, Bloomington IL 10:00-4:00
May 17 .... .... ..... Fulton County Flying Club Annual Fly-in, Canton IL Ingersoll Airport (KCTK)
May 17 .... .... ..... Fly-in Drive-in Breakfast, Taylorville IL Municipal Airport 7:00-11:00
2015 99s WEBINARS
May 17 .... .... ..... Fly-in Breakfast, Ogle County Airport, Mt. Morris IL 7:00-Noon
To sign up:
May 17 .... .... ..... Fly-in Breakfast, Lewis University Airport, Romeoville IL 7:00-Noon
June 6-7 ... .... ..... Rockford AirFest 2015, Chicago Rockford Intl. Airport, Rockford IL
June 7 .... .... ..... Pancake Breakfast, DeKalb-Taylor Airport, DeKalb IL 8:00-11:30
June 15—PPLI
August 10—Flight to Success
June 13 .... .... ..... Fly-in Pancake Breakfast, Jacksonville IL Airport 7:00-11:00
October 19—Website creation
June 14 .... .... ..... EAA Annual Pancake Breakfast, Lansing IL Municipal Airport (KIGQ)
December 7—Fundraising
June 14 .... .... ..... Fly-in Drive-in Breakfast, Poplar Grove IL Airport 7:00-Noon
June 19-20 .... ..... International Forest of Friendship, Atchison KS
June 20 .... .... ..... Prairie Aviation Museum Open Cockpit Day, Central IL Regional Airport, Bloomington IL 10:00-4:00
June 21 .... .... ..... Chicago Area Chapter meeting, Schaumburg IL Regional Airport (06C) Fly-in breakfast
June 22-25 .... ..... Air Race Classic (four stops in the North Central Section)
July 4 . .... .... ..... Fly-in Breakfast, Ogle County Airport, Mt. Morris IL 7:00-11:00
July 5-10 .. .... .... 99s International Conference, Munich, Germany
July 9-10 .. .... ..... WINGS Weekend, Coles County Airport, Mattoon IL
July 12 .... .... ..... Fly-in Drive-in Breakfast, Poplar Grove IL Airport 7:00-Noon
July 17-19 .... ..... Ford Trimotor visit/rides at Lansing IL Municipal Airport (KIGQ)
July 18 .... .... ..... Prairie Aviation Museum Open Cockpit Day, Central IL Regional Airport, Bloomington IL 10:00-4:00
July 20-26 .... ..... EAA Air Venture, Oshkosh WI
August 23 . .... ..... Chicago Area Chapter meeting, Kenosha WI Airport (KENW) Joint meeting with Wisconsin 99s
September 12 . ..... Chicago Area Chapter meeting, Lansing IL Municipal Airport (KIGQ) and Fetching Market
September 25-27... North Central Section meeting Shoreview MN *
October 18 .... ..... Chicago Area Chapter meeting, Waukegan IL Airport (KUGN), museum tour
November 6-7 . ..... 99s International Board meeting, Oklahoma City OK
November 13-14 ... Biennial Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic, Parke Hotel and Conference Center, Bloomington IL
November 22 .. ..... Chicago Area Chapter meeting, location TBD
December 13 .. ..... Chicago Area Chapter holiday party, location TBD
March 4-5, 2016 ... 99s International Board meeting, Oklahoma City OK
July 6-10, 2016 .... 99s International Conference, Ottawa, Canada
July, 2017 .... ..... 99s International Conference, San Antonio, Texas
2018 .. .... .... ..... 99s International Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
* C o u n t ry I n n a n d S u it e s ; T h u r sd ay T w i n s v . I nd i a n s g am e ; c u rl i n g ; M p l s . S e g w ay t o u r & m o r e .
F o r i n f or ma t i on on f l y i n g e v e n t s in y ou r ar e a, c h e c k ou t w w w . s oc i al f l ig h t . c o m
Sharon Schorsch spent her birthday hiking the Navajo Trail in Bryce Canyon National Park and
finished the day with friends for a meal in the Rainbow Room Restaurant at Lake Powell Lodge … News that
Mary Linstromberg became a private pilot came as members were finishing up Girl Scout preparation on
April 11 — Congratulations, Mary—we all cheered for you! …Joan Kerwin will receive the Award of
Achievement for Contributions to The 99s at the International Conference in Munich ... IDOT has named
Poplar Grove Airport 2015 Illinois Private Airport of the Year, to be awarded at the Illinois Aviation
Conference luncheon on May 14 — Tina Thomas must be proud … The Octave Chanute Aerospace
Museum in Rantoul, Illinois will close its doors at the end of this year for economic reasons. Plan your last
visit soon.
Air News May 2015 Page 5 
North Central Section Meeting
April 17-19, 2015
B y C yn t h i a M a d s e n
Se v e n m e m b e r s o f t h e C h i c a g o Ar e a
C h a p t e r a t t e n d e d t h e Sp r i n g N C S m e e t i n g
i n D u b l i n , O h i o h o s t e d b y t h e Sc i o t o Va l l e y
D i a n e C o z z i , R i t a Ad a m s , E l l e n
Chapter members in front of the
s t a t i o n a r y B e e c h 1 8 i n t h e C o lu m b u s
O ’ H a r a , M a d e l e i n e M o n a co , L o r a Yo we l l ,
Zoo’s Heart of Africa exhibit.
L e s l i e Pr e l l wi t z a n d C yn t h i a M a d s e n ( s e e
photo at right, left to right).
E l l e n f l e w wi t h G o v e r n o r M i n n e t t a
G a r d i n i e r ; L e s l i e f l e w c o m m e r c i a l ; L o r a r o d e wi t h M a d e l e i n e i n h e r
a i r p l a n e ; a n d D i a n e a n d R i t a d r o v e wi t h C yn t h i a . T h e o n l y m o d e s
m i s s i n g we r e t r a i n a n d b u s!
A t t h e Sa t u r d a y b u s i n e s s m e e t i n g , we d i s c u s s e d : e l e c t r o n i c b a l l o t i n g ,
wh i c h t h e So u t h e a s t Se c t i o n i s u s i n g ; f i l l i n g t h e N o m i n a t i n g C o m m i t t e e
slate; 501C3 forms; financial report and proposed budget; an update on
t h e Am e l i a Ea r h a r t M e m o r i a l Sc h o l a r s h i p ; p u b l i c a t i o n o f W a yp o i n t ; a n d
d i s c u s s i o n a n d v o t e o n B y l a ws c h a n g e s .
T h e By l a ws c h a n g e wa s
p a s s e d a s m o d i f i e d a t t h e m e e t i n g s o t h a t Ar t i c l e VI I I , Se c t i o n 3 .
N o m i n a t i o n s c . i . n o w a l l o w s t wo m e m b e r s o n t h e N o m i n a t i o n C o m m i t t e e
t o c o m e f r o m t h e s a m e ch a p t e r . T h e r e we r e 4 6 m e m b e r s f r o m 13
chapters represented at the meeting; 589 members in the section.
9 9 s Bo a r d m e m b e r D i a n n e C o l e wa s t h e I n t e r n a t i o n a l r e p r e s e n t a t i v e
a t t e n d i n g o u r m e e t i n g a n d g a v e a n u p d a t e o n wh a t i s h a p p e n i n g a t
Headquarters. W e now have a tenant in the Oklahoma City building
wh i c h s i g n e d a 5- y e a r l e a s e . I t wa s s u g g e s t e d t h a t i f yo u a r e a t t e n d i n g
t h e I n t e r n a t i o n a l 9 9 s C o n f e r e n c e i n M u n i c h t h a t yo u r c r e d i t c a r d h a s a
m i c r o c h i p i n i t — i f n o t , yo u wi l l b e c h a r g e d a p r o c e s s i n g f e e f o r
G o v e r n o r G a r d i n i e r r e q u e s t e d e a c h c h a p t e r wi t h a r e p r e s e n t a t i v e a t t h e
m e e t i n g g i v e t h e i r r e p o r t or a l l y, l i m i t e d t o o n e m i n u t e . Sh e f e l t i t wa s
i m p o r t a n t t o a c t u a l l y h e a r wh a t o t h e r c h a p t e r s a r e d o i n g .
T h e G ov e r n o r s u g g e s t e d t h a t e a c h c h a p t e r s e t a g o a l f o r i t s e l f f o r t h e
n e xt ye a r . Sh e a l s o n o t e d t h a t 4 o f t h e s t o p s o f t h e A i r R a c e C l a s s i c
( “ A R C ” ) wi l l b e i n t h e N C S. I f yo u a r e c l o s e t o o n e o f t h e m , t h i n k a b o u t
h e l p i n g o u t . N C S m e m b e r Be t t y H u c k wi l l b e a n AR C j u d g e t h i s ye a r .
The NCS is due to host the International Conference again in 2019.
Air News May 2015 Page 6 
NCS Meeting
April 17-19, 2015
Dublin, Ohio
In the Heart of Africa exhibit at the Columbus
Z o o , h a l f t h e B e e c h 1 8 i s i n t h e l i o n c o mp o u n d ,
h a l f a c c e s s i b l e t o v i s i t o r s . L io n s c o m e u p o n
t h e w in g a n d g e t u p c l o s e a n d p e r s o n a l w i t h
humans (behind safety glass, of course). The
wing is air conditioned to encourage the lions
t o l a y d o w n o n it .
Rita Adams exits the Beech 18.
out the
for more
Air News May 2015 Page 7 
Cynthia Madsen, Editor
441 Elm Street
Frankfort IL 60423-1103
Address Service Requested
May Meeting ...... ........ ........ 1
Who’s Who ........ ........ ........ 2
The Flight Line ... ........ ........ 2
Meeting Minutes ........ ........ 3
Advertisers ........ ........ ........ 4
Nepal Earthquake ....... ........ 4
IL Aviation Hall of Fame ....... 4
Calendar of Events ..... ........ 5
99s Webinars ..... ........ ........ 5
New of Note ....... ........ ........ 5
Ohio NCS Meeting ...... ........ 6
Ohio Photo Gallery...... ........ 7
Chicago Area Chapter Ninety-Nines®, Inc. International Organization of Women Pilots
Dr. Debbie Karas,
[email protected]
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