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Teeth Whitening
Are you uncomfortable with your smile because they don’t appear as white or bright as you would like, you
are not alone, at FIT Dental Center we understand how important it is to have a an attractive confident smile.
Teeth Whitening Products
Tooth whitening is a wonderful way to return the white to your “pearly whites”. You may be confused about
which process is best for you. Professional teeth whitening offered in offices may create more immediately
apparent results, but in most cases the extreme strength of the tooth whitening agent causes sensitivity in
your teeth, making the experience as unpleasant as it is effective.
At FIT Dental Center, we provide patients with the happy medium in teeth whitening, which not only whitens
teeth, but also protects them from sensitivity, while allowing you to whiten in the comfort of your home, not a
dental chair. We use the Opalescence and Opalescence Xtra Boost teeth whitening systems, which include
potassium fluoride to strengthen enamel and protect your teeth from the sensitivity caused by in-office teeth
whitening treatments.
Teeth Whitening Procedure
Dr. Nick Van Zyl will discuss your expectations and determine which strength of Opalescence teeth whitening
gel to prescribe. We will then take an impression of your teeth, which is used to create a custom teethwhitening tray that perfectly fits your mouth. Once the tray and gels arrive, you can begin whitening in the
comfort of your own home, and you will experience remarkable results in as little as a week.
When you meet with Dr. Van Zyl for your consultation, simply express your desire to have a whiter smile, and
we can schedule your treatment for as soon as possible. We also recommend teeth whitening if you are
interested in porcelain veneers or tooth colored fillings, which do not respond to teeth whitening. This avoids
the necessity to replace porcelain dental restorations, which will appear yellow if they were color matched to
stained teeth.
Please call or email FIT Dental Center today to learn more about teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry
procedures available in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
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