The Statement

The Statement
by John B. Voyjester
March 2015
Ladies & Gentlemen,
my name is John and I am lucky...
For those who last to know more, P.T.O.
For others, this is all you need to know…
It all started...
It all started on my flight to Amsterdam, March 12 th
2014. I was enjoying my drink when all the sudden
horizons opened...
I love Czech rich history and having Bohemian
predecessors may not result in anything else but
unstoppable need to know each and every detail ab out
Bohemia, the country which was once a kingdom of the
Holy Roman Empire...
It is more than nine years now since I first time came
across location called Zinkovy. It appeared in google
search when I was exploring Yale university librar y
looking for the mysterious Voynich manuscript. I
followed my search track to find out that a person
called Baresch once owned this ever undecoded book
and that the same person had direct connection to
How surprising it was to find out that the Castle in
Zinkovy changed the owner in spring 2007. I started to
follow this project and saw that each year the new
owner continued to renovate this mysterious building
with history that is of extreme importance, importance
that was not understood neither by all previous owners
nor by the public...
My interest soon changed into addiction, especially
when I saw how sensitively the castle got treated.
My name is John and I am lucky…
Horizons opened and I met the right person…
I was reading the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le
Petit Prince, when the person on the plane sitting next
to me said: “Those who hear Romance and have the
ability to enjoy each of its tones shall be working with
us to find the fulfillment”.
Not more, not less. That person did not look at me
once, did not do anything else to initiate discussion.
Nothing. The day was over.
My name is John and I am lucky…
Miracles happen without rational base…
In late summer 2014 I received a call from the plane
person. I have no idea how he got my contact, because
if I had, it would not be a miracle…
The phone call was truly strange, as the following was
“Take the pen and write down all I will tell you now…
1. You stay romantic whatever happens . You stop, you
are out.
2. We will contact you anytime, night or day, and you
will love to hear us, it will become the axiom.
3. We give you all support and help to attract romantic
people to come to castle Zinkovy and live their dream
4. Money is not to be ever discussed , so that no
limitations are ever set.
You have it all?”
And when I responded: “Yes”, I was asked one more
question: “ Do you fly with us? There is no way out as
by saying “Yes”, you become part of our book.”
There was just one possible answer…
My name is John and I am lucky…
First beads on the string...
Since this phone call I started to rece ive random inputs
to play with. With every single theme of our discussion,
I felt that I need more, I felt that someone found the
way leading to the key, the code to the medieval passion
for alchemy, dedication based on lasting for the way
towards ultimate happiness and immortality of any kind.
Soon I could not concentrate on anything else but the
Zinkovy theme.
During one of our discussions I dared to ask the
following: “What can I do to live the dream?”
And the immediate answer just froze me… “Nothing, all
you do is seen by those who care. Even this question
you just raised is already heard by all those who care.
We just do not know if you are the one… “
“So please, find it out”, was all I could have asked.
My name is John and I am lucky…
Lasting for lasting comes with risk...
Existing Romance at Castle Zinkovy is protected by
heavily armored wardens of modern times. Lawyers,
consultants, advisors, all these modern soldiers came up
with a strategy to which I was introduced.
“If you feel that you are the one, than you shall with
ease face our task which is based on inviting top
managers to fight with you. Prove you were the right
person sitting on the plane next to our envoy. ”
My name is John and I am lucky…
December 16th 2014
The day when the CIM position got publically
announced, the day I climbed the highest hill in my
neighborhood to enjoy the horizons.
My name is John and I am lucky…
Not a minute to take a breath...
And so I made it through the first round. Yes, the date
was January 29th 2015. That day the plane person called
me again and said: “Dubai, February26th, 11.30AM, Burj
Khalifa, 124th floor, western leaf. Do not be late!”
“What shall I do?”, and the answer was just beeping…
My name is John and I am lucky…
The card, the piece of paper that changed my life
I did not remember the plane person’s face from the
flight to Amsterdam and so I was there five hours
earlier, waiting. No one coming to me. And just when
29’ changed to 30’, someone approached me from the
back and said: “Do not ever look back, ever! Make your
way to the lift. In less than a minute you will know. Go
- now!”
Less than a minute, that is how long it takes. Less than
60 seconds to find out whether I defeated the other s.
Where they having the same kind of cooperation with all
the other applicants, where they just pulling my strings
all the years? All these questions were popping up with
every meter of the lift descent.
And then it came! Lift reached the basement and the
gong sounded – no one did anything. So am I out? What
else could be the answer? What did I do wrong?
Just when I get in motion driven by all the other people
in the lift leaving the cabin, just when I was about to
step out, just at that single, half a second lasting
period I heard silent but strict voice saying: “With the
right one”. And into my palm “something” got nested.
I stand there; I stand at my highest neighborhood hill,
raising the “something” to look at it in correlation to
The card carried this simple message “This chapter is
My name is John and I am lucky…
Ladies & Gentlemen,
This chapter is mine and I will now make it the way , all
those who live for romance, admire.
To my team
Dear Villma, Joseph, Imanuel, Vaclafa, Luccas, Kate,
Bochumil and Jaroslaph,
I have been working on the company structure with the
plane person for a while. I know all about your deeds
and recent successes.
Be the plane engine, just be super reliable. I will
arrange good servicing of the engine, a nd you will fly us
all high...
It is very simple with me – I know the flight plan and
all my fly crew has the incredible flight granted.
Reach me anytime. I am listening and I hear what you
say even in you do not speak. I will be always listening.
Have Villma to guide you through the Plane person’s
corner stones in the office. These are my common
All you do has a meaning. All you do adds to the book
of the Voynish message. Feel the privilege, because you
deserve it.
I will join you this summe r as I still have certain duties
elsewhere. I will anyway communicate with you richly in
the mean time.
To my suppliers
Eight years, that is a long time. Some of you are with
us for this whole time, the others for little shorter –
you all have in common one strategic thing, you have
our trust.
All those who no longer work for us lost it, and trust is
something that does not reappear as snow. We all do
mistakes and if a mistake takes place, you come and say
- admit, that is the only way we continue.
Use all you talents, do not hurry. Art takes time. Do
your work with pride, perform the way which copies
contours of our thinking, there is not more or less
important part of your work. Substructure supports the
To the artists
Friends, brothers and sisters in “he”art, we are the fun
place, we are the concentration zone. We are the place
for laugher as we are for the tears. Come and present
yourself, we care for art first, and commercial aspect
gets solved by the plane person.
To the plane person
I am romance!
Your John, in heart, thought & on the paper