December 18, 2006 - Charter Schools USA

We need volunteers to be contestants on CSUSA’s Minute to Win It
competition at the CSUSA Summit!
Hello Principals!
We are excited to be bringing back to the CSUSA Summit our very own version of
“Minute to Win It”!
We need contestant(s) to represent each of your schools.
Please select the following number of members of your school staff to participate in a
variety of on-stage competitions that will ultimately lead to a winner of CSUSA’s Minute
to Win It:
Indianapolis Schools
Louisiana Schools
Chicago Schools
North/Central Florida Schools
West Florida Schools
South Florida Schools
NC & Georgia Schools
Each school, please provide the following number of
IMPORTANT: Please ask your contestants to report to the Media Area & Help Desk in the back of
the room during Roll Call. The first competition will commence shortly after Roll Call.
Contestants should be energetic and friendly competitors who will proudly represent your
school. We kindly ask that participants meet the following requirements:
1. Must not have current neck/back concerns. Activities to be performed may
involve bending, shaking, twisting and balancing.
2. Flat shoes to be worn on the day of the Summit. Please no heels, flips flops or
3. Adhere to all safety guidelines provided before or during activity.
CSUSA Summit 2015
4. Participants should have a good sense of humor and should not be afraid to be on
stage in front of crowds. We want this to be an enjoyable experience for all
5. Participants will be provided a contestant badge to bring and wear to the Summit.
Additional communication and materials will be provided to each Principal for the
contestants prior to the Summit date.
Should you have any questions regarding the Minute to Win It competition, please
contact Veronica Lisicki ([email protected]) and Allyse Acevedo
([email protected]) at the Support Center. See you at the Summit!
CSUSA Summit 2015