March 2015 - The Charlotte Players

March 2015
Sherrie M. Moody,
February 26-28, 2015
Church Basement Ladies
Cultural Center
February 24, 2015
Harry James and the
Andrews Sisters
Tribute Show
Cultural Center
March 6-21, 2015
Last of the Red Hot Lovers
Langdon Playhouse
March 10, 2015
Cahal Dunne
Englewood Event Center
Executive Director
Only a couple o f days left in
We haven’t completely started to see
February and I’m trying to remember the light at the end of the tunnel, so keep
just what happened over the last six offering to lend a hand. We are finishing
weeks. What a whirl-wind! Lots of up next year’s theatrical schedule and
shows, loads of people and great the 2015-16 Season Brochure is under
entertainment. We have had fun, no construction. We will be ready to present
sleep, and eaten a bunch of drive-thru our newest season at the March 31 st
food. Volunteers have pitched in to General Membership meeting. Make
March 11-12, 2015
George Burns and Friends
Cultural Center
make things happen. Believe me when sure you put it on your calendar. The
March 16, 2015
Dame Edna
Cultural Center
wouldn’t have go tt en do ne. The ready to present a new Board and
I say that without you things just Nominating Committee will also be
feverish pitch has started to lessen and Officer slate at that time. Enjoy spring
the craziness appears to be paying off because summer will be right around the
March 20, 2015
Piano Classics of Spain
Fundraiser for
Charlotte Players
Kaff Residence
March 26-29, 2015
Red Velvet Cake War
Cultural Center
April 16-19, 2015
Sin City
Langdon Playhouse
Charlotte Players, a volunteerbased organization, shall provide
and promote quality theater arts
programs to educate, entertain and
enrich the Southwest Florida
in dollars and cents.
corner all too soon.
Please plan to join us for
The General Membership Meeting
of the Charlotte Players
Tuesday, March 31, 2015
6:00 p.m. — Refreshments
7:00 p.m. — Meeting
at the
Rehearsal Hall • 1182 Market Circle
Port Charlotte, Florida
Guests are Welcome!
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Spotlight News
Quick Reviews
First Mini-Fundraiser a Great Success
The first Charlotte Players mini fundraiser of the
2014-2015 season was a fun and colorful “Medley of
Middle Eastern Arts.” Our thanks goes out to those
performers who contributed their time and talents to
t his event (Arline Fit zmaurice fo r her t heat rical
readings, pianists Judy Kaff and Linda Moreau for their
beautiful duets, and Nancy Kevorkian and Barbara
Earley for their exciting dances). And we thank all of
those who joined us for the evening and contributed
an enthusiastic appreciation for the event.
Southern Comfort
Wows Them at the Langdon
Once again a Langdon Production opened to sell-out
crowds and closed to rave reviews! Veteran Charlotte Players
actors Rita Corn and Jack Rabito, displayed both their acting
and directing skills for this one. Well done!
A Magical Set Framed
Nana’s Naughty Knickers
Once again Chris Smith — Charlotte Players set
designer — worked magic, changing Nana's lovely New
York apartment into Nana’s naughty lingerie boutique with
just a flip of a few switches.
Nana (Joyce Cleary) hoped to keep her secret business
operation hidden from her best buddy Vera (Lora Stevens)
and granddaughter Bridgett (Jessica Martin), as well as
from her landlord (James Holmes). But when Bridgett
moved in, and Nana's order got confused with the order
of a shadier business, the secret was exposed. Victoria
Caruso (representing the shadier business), Michael Vera
(a policeman) and James Manns (the UPS man) added to
the confusion. Thanks to the landlord's wife (Jeanne
Marquez), who happened to be Nana's faithful customer,
the day and Nana's rental was saved.
Director for this fun show was Jim Choate and the
Stage Manager was Jessie Choate.
Nancy Kevorkian performs the “Sword Dance”
at the Middle Eastern fundraiser.
Charlotte Players Sponsored Programs
Delight Audiences
For two evenings in February, The Edwards Twins
amazed audiences at the Cultural Center with their
impersonations of famous music celebrities — both male
and female! Many who were there to see the show admitted
to having seen “the twins” previously — some three or
four times. They, like the twins themselves, promise to
see us again next year.
This year the Charlotte Players expanded its reach by
offering special entertainment programs in neighboring
communities. The first of these programs proved to be very
successful. An audience of over 700 turned out to see The
Lettermen at the North Port Performing Arts Center. It was
a great evening filled with memories of the romantic songs
made famous by these outstanding performers.
The second special program performance in a neighboring
community is Cahal Dunne, which take place at the
Englewood Event Center on Friday, March 10. Get your tickets
now at the Charlotte Players Box Office located at the Cultural
Spotlight News
There are Still Tickets Available for
Church Basement Ladies
7:30 p.m., February 26-28, 2015
The Charlotte Players production of Church Basement Ladies
is a musical comedy celebrating the women who work in the
kitchen of their rural Minnesota church.
Mavis (Melissa Cripps), Vivian (Dawn Carpenter), Karin (Kim
Fisackerly) and Beverly (Rachael Dalangauskas) handle a variety
of church events requiring their cooking and organizing skills while
keeping Pastor Gunderson (Kirk Roberts) on due course. This
play can be described as funny, touching, down-to-earth and family
friendly. Don's miss it!
(L-R): Kim Fisackerly, Dawn Carpenter and Rachael Dalangauskas. Not
Shown: Melissa Cripps and Kirk Roberts.
The Director for this show is Ron Bupp, Set Design is by
Chris Smith, Stage Manager is David Habershaw and Costume
Designer is Richard Itczak. A great team and a great show!
Tickets are $24 and are available at the Cultural Center
Box Office (2280 Aaron Street, Port Charlotte) or by calling the
Cultural Center Box Office (941-625-4175, ext. 220).
The Red Velvet Cake War Coming
to the Cultural Center Main Stage
March 26-29, 2015
Charlotte Players last Main Stage production of the year
is the riotously funny southern-fried comedy—The Red
Velvet Cake War. The three Verdeen cousins—Gaynelle
(Jesse Choate), Peaches (Kyle Marie) and Jimmie Wyvett
(Charlene Kircher)—are throwing a Verdeen Family reunion
in the small town of Sweetgum and, of course, as the title
suggests, a high-stakes wager is made on who bakes the
best red velvet cake. But this is only part of the fun that
frames this crazy family reunion.
Evening curtain is at 7:30 p.m. at the Cultural Center
Theatre. The Sunday matinee is 2:00 p.m. Tickets are available
at the Cultural Center Box Office at 2280 Aaron Street in Port
Charlotte or by calling the Charlotte Players Box Office at
941-625- 4175, ext. 220. Price is $18 per person.
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Langdon Playhouse Productions —
An Unbeatable Deal
The next play to be on the stage at the Langdon Playhouse is
Neil Simon’s The Last of the Red Hot Lovers. Like other Langdon
productions, this one is most likely to be playing to sell-out
audiences. One reason may be that Langdon Playhouse productions
have got to be one of the best deals in town, since seats sell for only
$15 per person. What a deal!
For those who have never seen this play or the 1972 movie
made from it, you may have guessed already that Barney Cashman,
played by Gary Seddon, is not really such a red hot lover. In fact,
he is actually an awkward, insecure, 47-year-old married man,
who is afraid he has missed out on something, His attempted
flings with Elaine (Sara Hart), Bobbi (Mariah Phillips) and Jeanette
(Carol Louisgnan) really don't go as planned.
The Artistic Director for this show is Paula Pender. Set
Designer is Chris Smith, Stage Manager is Ian Bisset, Costumes
and Props are under Shirley Noel and Backstage Manager is Lynne
Ziegler, who also plays Momma Cashman.
The final production scheduled for the Langdon this season is
written and directed by David Abraham. His Sin City will run from
April 16 through April 19 and will be featured in our next newsletter.
Just a reminder: Tickets for all Langdon Productions can be
purchased by calling the Langdon (941-255-1022) or the Cultural
Center Box Office (941-625-4175, ext. 220). Seating at the
Langdon is open; however, early-arriving (7:00 p.m.) Charlotte
Players members have priority seating.
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Spotlight News
Three Great Charlotte Player
Tribute Shows Coming to the
Cultural Center Main Stage
Charlotte Players not only brings plays to the Charlotte
community, but it also brings in shows that promise to
entertain at a price that is right. This season there are three
more special shows scheduled for the Cultural Center Theatre
that are sponsored by Charlotte Players. Show times for each
is 7:30 p.m., and the price for each is $20 per person.
On February 24, Harry James and the Andrews Sisters
Tribute Show will bring to the stage the most memorable
music of these two legends of popular music. From
“Cribiribin” to “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” and “You Made
Me Love You” to “Apple Blossom Time,” it all comes alive
when Charly Raymond, his band, and the Apple Blossoms
take the stage.
For two evenings in March, the 11th and 12th, Peter
Salzer and Lynn Roberts will bring George Burns and
some of his best-known comedian friends to the stage.
How would you like to see George Burns, Bob Hope,
Red Skelton and Jimmy Durante all in one night? Join us
for the Take You Back two-act show — it is filled with
humor and music.
The final special show for this season will take place
on March 16. Scott Mason will be at the Cultural Center
impersonating the outrageous Dame Edna. Scott has received
numerous accolades and awards for his portrayal of Dame
Edna. In 2010 and 2011 he was awarded “Best Comedian”
at the Las Vegas Reel Awards. Three times since 2008 he
was named “Funniest Male” at the Sunburst Convention for
Celebrity Impersonators. This is a must-see! Don't miss it.
Spotlight News
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Second Mini-Fundraiser
of the Season
Spanish Piano Classics
March 20, 2015
Sponsor a Child for
One Year with a $25 Contribution
If you are familiar with the Cultural Center's "Two Piano
Group" or their Friday free-lunchtime concerts, you may also
be familiar with Judy Kaff and Rosario Morant. These very
talented pianists have offered their talents for our second
mini-fundraiser of the season. In addition, Judy Kaff has
offered her lovely home and her two beautiful grand pianos
CCIL stands for Charlotte County Imagination Library
for the event. The two-piano performance, dinner and
and is an affiliate of the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.
beverage will feature Spanish classics. And, by the way,
Through this affiliation, every child in Charlotte County
Spain was the original home of Rosario Morant, who has
between birth and their fifth birthday is entitled to receive
studied piano in Madrid, Paris and the Julliard School in
an age-appropriate book delivered to them by mail
New York.
monthly. The books are vetted and mailed by the Dolly
The price for this fundraiser is $40 per person or $70
Parton Imagination Library to those children declared
per couple. Only 30 tickets will be sold for this event. For
eligible and registered by the local affiliate, CCIL. The
more information, please call Sharon MacLaren at 941-629-
local affiliate must pay for the books and the mailing cost
6382. To purchase tickets, call the Charlotte Players office
through its fundraising efforts. The cost per child for a
at 941-255-1022.
year is approximately $25.
Currently there are about 800 children in Charlotte
County who are registered in the program and are
receiving books. It is estimated that about 5,000 children
in Charlotte County meet the criteria (that is ages birth to
fifth birthday). There are many children out there then
who are not receiving the benefits they are eligible to
If you wish to sponsor a child for this program for
one year you can do so by sending a check of $25 made
out to CCIL. The check should be mailed to Charlotte
Players, P.O. Box 494088, Port Charlotte, FL 339494088.
Thank you for your consideration and support of this
program that is so valuable for kindergarten readiness in
Judy Kaff and Rosario Morant
our county.
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Spotlight News
Volunteering Has Its Benefits
We often inform people that Charlotte Players is a
volunteer-based organization. And that it is. Currently,
there are approximately 665 volunteers helping out in
everything from acting, ushering, office work, backstage
work, costuming, props, etc., but we never have enough
volunteers. There are always things we would like to do
that we don't get done, and there are many times when we
are asking willing volunteers to do more than we know
we should.
As the number of performances increase as they have
this season, the number of production-related volunteers
like ushers needed increases. Although ushers for the
Charlotte Players productions are not paid, there are great
advantages to being an usher for the Charlotte Players. In
addition to the annual volunteer appreciation events and
the opportunity to meet new people, ushers have the
advantage of seeing Charlotte Players productions and
special shows free of charge.
Both men and women serve as ushers for Charlotte
Players, and often husband and wife teams usher for the same
show. How's that for a free date night!
If you are interested in serving as an usher for the
Charlotte Players or helping out in any other way, please
call our Volunteer Coordinator, Mary Walters at 941-8753737 or email her at [email protected]
We need you!
Have You Ever Heard of
“The Red Feather Investment Club?”
If you haven’t, you are missing an opportunity to bring a
Charlotte Players Program to your home, club, church or
organization. “The Red Feather Investment Club” is a mystery
theatre production in which a group of very rich, widowed
and single ladies meet to make sure that their fortunes are in
good hands. When they find out that they are dating the same
man, the mystery finally becomes “Who Killed the Cad?”
For more information on this “touring” production, call
us at the Charlotte Players Office: 941-255-1022.
Volunteers Jim Manns and Mary Walters work the “Business Expo”
at the Charlotte Harbor Events Center
Volunteers Needed
in the
Charlotte Players Office
March 3-13 from 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Melissa Cripps will be out on medical leave; let’s step
up and help during her recovery period. Please call:
Mary Walters, Volunteer Coordinator
More Volunteers Needed
• Ushers
• Office Help
• Gofers
• Prop & Costume Care
• Bingo Paymasters
• Poster Distribution
These are busy times and we sure could use some
helping hands.
Having Trouble Purchasing Tickets for
Charlotte Players Productions?
Tickets for all Charlotte Players Productions can be
purchased at anytime on-line. Simply check out There is an additional fee
($1 to $2 depending on the price of the ticket) for this
Memberships Are Important
We would be remiss if we didn’t make the pitch for memberships. Memberships not only help pay the bills, they give us credibility as an
organization that serves the interests of a significant segment of our community. If you are not now a member, please join us. If you are a current
member please remember to renew and think about encouraging your friends and family to join us, too.
Below is a membership form. For some it will be a reminder to renew. For others it provides the information about the cost of membership
and the information we need to know about you.
Charlotte Players, Inc.
Name ____________________________________________________________________________________________
Address __________________________________________________________________________________________
City __________________________________________________State _________________ Zip _________________
Additional Family Members ___________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone ( ______ ) ______________________________ Cell Phone ( ______ ) ___________________________
email ____________________________________________________________________________________________
Interested in Volunteering?
Check-off your interests below Thanks!
Production Support
___ Acting, Singing, Dancing
___ Carpentry
___ Stage Manager
___ Children’s Workshops
___ Painting
___ Backstage Crew
___ Reader’s Theater
___ Props
___ Backstage Manager
___ Costumes
___ Set Transportation
___ Hair Stylist
___ Ushering
___ Makeup
___ Advertising
Office Support
___ Playbill Preparation
___ Computer Work
___ Mailings
___ Telephones, Filing, etc.
Please make your check payable to: Charlotte Players, Inc.
___ Individual Membership: $25
___ Student Membership: $10
___ Family Membership: $35 (Includes all individuals
living in the same household.)
___ I would like to add a donation: $___________
Please mail this form with your check or stop by the office and drop it off.
Mailing address: Charlotte Players, inc., P.O. Box 494088, Port Charlotte, FL 33949-4088
Business Office location: 1182 Market Circle, Port Charlotte, FL 33953-3820
Telephone: 941-255-1022 • Fax: 941-743-7297
Charlotte Players, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your contribution may be tax-deductible.
For Office Use Only
Amount Paid
$ ___________________________________
Check No. __________________________
Cash __________
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Spotlight News
Charlotte Player Chairpersons and Coordinators
Volunteer Coordinator: ........ Mary Walters
941- 875-3737
[email protected]
Ushers Coordinators: .......... Marj Curry
Linda Herendeen
941- 258-2833
941- 661-6719
[email protected]
[email protected]
Box Office Manager: ........... Mary Meunier
941- 625-4175
Development Director: ......... Sharon MacLaren
941- 629-6382
[email protected]
Newsletter Editor: ................ Sally Lightbourn
941- 979-9216
[email protected]
Red Feather Casting: .......... Liz Andresen
941- 380-7015
[email protected]
Set Construction: ................. Chris Smith
941- 637-8562
[email protected]
2014-15 Charlotte Players Board of Directors Officers
President .... Steve Pignataro
Vice President .... Marie LaBrosse
Secretary .... Jeanne Marquez
Treasurer .... David Habershaw
Past President .... Lynne Ziegler
Liz Andresen • Gary Bayne • Gene Callan
Sean Doherty • Sara Hart • Deborah McMullen
Dan Mearns • Paula Pender • James Sanders
Charlotte Players, Inc.
P.O. Box 494088
Port Charlotte, FL 33949-4088
Fax: 941-743-7297
[email protected]
1182 Market Circle
Port Charlotte, FL 33953-3820