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2015. 1학기 중간고사 대비 <교과서>
Lesson2 Treat yourself on the Street!
As you walk down the street, the inviting aroma from the food carts makes your mouth water.
You are inevitably drawn to the carts to satisfy your curiosity as well as your appetite. The closer
you get, the stronger the smell
People traveling around the world often come across such delicious street foods. What kinds of
street foods draw
your attention?
Here are some delicious street foods you will certainly want to try.
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2015. 1학기 중간고사 대비 <교과서>
Hot Dog
The hot dog is widely sold from mobile food carts, trailers and trucks parked on city streets all
over North
These “hot dog stands” first started in New York City, during 1860s, when German immigrants sold
hot dogs, milk rolls, and salted cabbage from food carts.
Today, passers-by are attracted to the quick meal at all times of day or night.
Fifteen percent of the approximately ten billion hot dogs consumed by Americans are purchased
from hot dog stands.
The popularity of hot dogs in the United States is attributed to the fact they are convenient to eat
and easy to make.
Every major city in the U.S. sells a variety of hot dogs that differ in size, shape, and seasoning.
Outside major universities, office buildings and shopping malls you will find food carts with
steaming sausages, warmed buns, and a variety of toppings.
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2015. 1학기 중간고사 대비 <교과서>
You can use pickle relish, spicy chillies, fried onions, and cheese to create your own hot dog.
The best part of all is to eat it while you walk home or go window shopping. It is the perfect fast
food for people in a hurry.
So, where did the term “hot dog” come from? It is assumed to originate from a cartoonist’s use of
the term in his portrayal of a man who sold sausages at a baseball game.
The vendor in the cartoon was supposed to be yelling, “Get your Dachshund sausages while
they’re hot!”
But the cartoonist couldn't spell the German word, “Dachshund,” although he understood its
meaning a breed of dogs in Germany.
Instead he wrote, “Get your hot meaning dogs!” The cartoon was a hit and the term “hot dog”
was born.
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2015. 1학기 중간고사 대비 <교과서>
Ais Kacang
Ais kacang is a popular dessert served for people to quench their thirst in Malaysia and
This dessert is made of red beans and shaved ice topped with
sweet syrup or jelly.
It is usually served in outdoor food markets and in shopping mall food courts. The word “ais”
came from the English word “ice,” and “kacang” means “bean” in Malay.
It is also known as air batu campur, or more popularly as ABC. “Air batu” means “ice” and
“campur” “mixed.”
Today, sweet-tasting ABC comes in bright colors with jellies, cream corn, chopped peanuts, and
different flavored syrups.
Another less common ingredient is aloe vera. This icy dessert is not only great after a spicy meal
but presents an excellent way to overcome the hot and humid weather!
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2015. 1학기 중간고사 대비 <교과서>
Morocco’s famous spicy bean soup, harira, is seasoned with ginger, pepper, cinnamon, and lots of
fresh herbs.
Harira is most often eaten by Moroccans during the month of Ramadan, the Muslim holiday, when
people do not eat meat, or are allowed to eat a little only after the sun sets.
Harira is sold at many food stands in night markets especially during Ramadan.
Harira can be also prepared as an ordinary Moroccan meal using a blend of meat, chickpeas, and
To enjoy harira your way, try any combination of dried beans or chickpeas, add it to different
blends of spices, and let it sit for 24 hours.
It tastes better if served with a large spoonful of chilled yogurt on top and lots of fresh crusty
Even when temperatures are 27°C at night, this soup is still best-loved by Moroccans. It’s spicy,
hearty, and fragrant!
공부안한 내성적표 대재앙을 일으킨다.
2015. 1학기 중간고사 대비 <교과서>
No matter where you go in Brazil, you'll probably encounter the Brazilian street food called pastel.
Any small street food stand will have a deep fryer with these little square pastries puffing up in
the hot oil.
Pastel can be filled with delicious ingredients: white cheese, ground meat or palm hearts.
And it is often served with freshly pressed caldo de cana - the sweet and thirst- quenching juice
extracted from raw, peeled sugar cane.
It is commonly believed that pastel originated from Japanese immigrants in Brazil, who adapted
Chinese fried wontons to sell as snacks at weekly street markets.
Pastel is ordinarily sold at the entrance of street markets, a few blocks of neighboring streets
close to traffic, or at the bus station.
People often buy pastel at these places in the daytime because it makes for a quick, delicious and
very cheap lunch that they can eat while shopping in the street market.
This crispy pastry really satisfies your hunger!
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2015. 1학기 중간고사 대비 <교과서>
The Best and Worst New Year’s Food
Each culture celebrates the New Year with traditional dishes like baked black-eyed peas in the
United States or soba noodles in Japan.
They are believe to bring people good luck and they help enjoy the coming New Year with friends
and family.
However, in certain cultures, being aware of unlucky dishes is as important as serving the best
A careless selection of dishes, such as chicken or lobster, may hurt people's feeling and can have
negative influence on them for the entire year.
In some cultures eating poultry is forbidden because it means that your luck could fly away.
Chicken, which often scratches backwards, is particularly avoided because it can mean the opposite
movement for people who want to move forward in the New Year.
Similarly, eating lobster means bad luck since a lobster swims backwards.
공부안한 내성적표 대재앙을 일으킨다.
2015. 1학기 중간고사 대비 <교과서>
The color of food is another symbol of bad luck.
For example, white means death in Chinese culture, so people should avoid eating eggs, tofu, or
white cheese on New Year's Day.
Also, some cultures around the world believe leftovers welcome in a great year.
So, remember not to eat everything on your plate!
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2015. 1학기 중간고사 대비 <교과서>
Lesson3 Find Me a Cool Hobby!
My Plant Eating What?
One day, I ran across some plants that eat insects to survive.
These plants, called carnivorous plants, were not new to me since I had read about them in books.
However, I decided to study more to see if I could find something interesting about the plants.
Carnivorous plants have the strangest adaptations to low-nutrient environments.
These plants obtain some nutrients by trapping and digesting various insects, and sometimes even
small frogs and mammals.
Insects are the most common prey for many carnivorous plants.
Normal plants absorb nitrogen from the soil through their roots.
But carnivorous plants absorb nitrogen from the insect that gets trapped in the specially designed
공부안한 내성적표 대재앙을 일으킨다.
2015. 1학기 중간고사 대비 <교과서>
There were more varieties of carnivorous plants than I originally thought.
As I looked for more information on the plants, I found that growing them at home was not
However, it wouldn't be easy.
It is not easy to collect carnivorous plants from the wild because most of them are relatively rare.
If you are interested in growing the plants, purchase them from an expert.
I doubted I could ever grow carnivorous plants.
The good news was that there were some plants that novices like me could grow easily.
One of them was called a Venus flytrap.
A Venus flytrap is one of the easiest carnivorous plants to grow.
If you wish to grow one or more, there are several important things you need to consider such as
wet roots, high humidity, full sunlight, and acidic soil.
공부안한 내성적표 대재앙을 일으킨다.
2015. 1학기 중간고사 대비 <교과서>
When you are given its bulb, plant it with the root side down so that the top of the bulb is even
with the soil.
Do not add fertilizer.
You plant will live longer if you transplant it into new soil every few years.
Fortunately, there was a botanical garden near my house and I went there to see if there were any
Venus flytraps for sale.
A man working at the garden helped me find one and gave me more detailed information about
taking good care of my Venus flytrap.
High humidity and temperature control seemed to be very important.
In order to provide high humidity for your Venus flytrap, plant it in a glass container with a small
You need to watch your glass container carefully.
In the summer, the temperature inside the glass may get too hot.
공부안한 내성적표 대재앙을 일으킨다.
2015. 1학기 중간고사 대비 <교과서>
If your plant dries up, then it needs to come out of the sun quickly.
Just the opposite is true in the winter.
When it gets very cold, you need to move your plant away from the cool area or cover it at night
in order to keep it warm and wet.
However, your Venus flytrap will experience a dormant period in the winter, so it needs cooler
temperatures and fewer hours of daylight.
I didn't have a glass container, so I planted it in a pot and placed the pot in a larger bucket.
I partially covered the top of the bucket with a piece of glass to keep air circulation close to the
If you grow your plant outside, it will get enough insects to eat.
When it rains, the container may fill up with water but this will not hurt the plant.
It can live underwater for months.
If you grow your plant inside, you will need to feed it insects.
공부안한 내성적표 대재앙을 일으킨다.
2015. 1학기 중간고사 대비 <교과서>
A couple of flies are enough during the growing season.
However, do not feed your Venus flytrap a hamburger!
You might face some troubles and your plant will probably die.
I haven't seen how my plant catches insects yet, but I one saw a fly half melted
in the trap.
My plant is growing well and an amazing thing happened this morning.
I found flower buds on my plants.
Because of their scary image, I never imagined carnivorous plants with flowers.
After your plant matures, it may produce flowers on a tall stem far above the leaves.
The stem has to be high above the leaves so insects pollinating the flowers do not get trapped in
the leaves.
Each flower produces very tiny seeds.
They are about the size of the period at the end of this sentence.
Plant the seeds right away or store them in a refrigerator.
I can't wait to see what will happen to my Venus flytrap tomorrow!
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2015. 1학기 중간고사 대비 <교과서>
Lesson4 Sports : More Than a Game
Special Friends, Special People
Have you heard about the Special Olympics World Games?
The Special Olympics World Games are an international sporting competition for intellectually
challenged children and adults, hosted by Special Olympics.
Special Olympics is an organization which provides training and sports competitions for more than
three million intellectually challenged athletes around the world.
“Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt."
This is the oath of Special Olympics.
Switching between summer and winter, Special Olympics World Games are held every two years.
Here are some stories about Special Olympics and the Special Olympics World Games.
공부안한 내성적표 대재앙을 일으킨다.
2015. 1학기 중간고사 대비 <교과서>
Camp Shriver, the Birth of a Global Movement
In the backyard of her home in Potomac, Maryland, Eunice Kennedy Shriver started a summer day
camp, known as Camp Shriver.
Shriver saw that people with intellectual challenges were being treated unfairly and children with
special needs had no place to play.
She believed when given the same opportunities and experiences as others, intellectually challenged
people were far more capable than commonly assumed.
In 1962, she put her belief into action by holding the first Camp Shriver annual event, where
children with intellectual challenges explored their capabilities in a variety of sporting events.
Camp Shriver continues until it was replaced by a larger, better organization, Special Olympics.
공부안한 내성적표 대재앙을 일으킨다.
2015. 1학기 중간고사 대비 <교과서>
The History of Special Olympics
In 1968, Shriver was asked to hold an Olympic-like athletic competition, which became the first
International Special Olympics Summer Games.
The competition was held in July at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois.
“The Chicago Special Olympics will prove a very fundamental fact.
The fact that exceptional children … can be exceptional athletes.
The fact that through sports they can realize their potential for growth," Shriver said in her
Opening Ceremony address.
She also introduced the Special Olympics Training Program, a new national program that would
offer people with intellectual challenges everywhere "the chance to play, the chance to compete,
and the chance to grow."
In 1971, the United States Olympic Committee officially allowed Special Olympics to be one of only
two organizations to use the name "Olympics" in the United States.
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2015. 1학기 중간고사 대비 <교과서>
Supporters of Special Olympics
Special Olympics could not have succeeded without the commitment and passion of its millions of
These volunteers create lifetime friendships and great memories.
Two important groups of volunteers, the coaches and spectators, support the athletes of Special
The job of the coaches is to help athletes be the best they can be.
Coaches are not only role-models, but also leaders that help athletes find their own abilities.
Just as important are the spectators who attend all the events and cheer the athletes on for
공부안한 내성적표 대재앙을 일으킨다.
2015. 1학기 중간고사 대비 <교과서>
No Longer the Unconfident Girl
"I'm no longer a shy girl! Now I have many friends and feel confident about everything!"
Ann Chan has Down syndrome.
As a child, she was shy and unconfident.
When her mother realized that Ann was capable of figure skating, she encouraged Ann to learn
how to skate and participate in figure skating programs.
Ann liked skating and won a bronze medal at the 2004 Special Olympics Canada Ice-Skating
In 2007, she became a member of the Hong Kong Special Olympics Skating team.
At the 32nd Hong Kong Special Olympics Ice-Skating Competition in 2008, Ann won the gold medal,
which qualified her to participate in the 2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games.
After ten years of positive experiences from participating in the Special Olympics World Games,
Ann became self-confident and much more active in competitions.
She also got better at communicating with other people.
공부안한 내성적표 대재앙을 일으킨다.
2015. 1학기 중간고사 대비 <교과서>
Competition has taught her independence and improved all areas of her life.
Currently, Ann is learning how to dance and play the piano.
These activities improve her skating skills.
Listening to her favorite song, Ann says, "I really want to figure skate to this song!"
The Running Man From East Timor
“I want to run and run and run until the end of my life."
Across the nation, East Timor has been involved in conflicts for more than 30 years to gain
independence from Indonesia.
In a war-torn country, people with intellectual challenges are often forgotten and abandoned.
Alcino Pereira, an intellectually challenged orphan from East Timor, who is unable to speak, has
never had access to health care.
He can use one of his arms but only in a very limited way and walks with a limp.
Despite these intellectual and physical challenges, he loves to run.
공부안한 내성적표 대재앙을 일으킨다.
2015. 1학기 중간고사 대비 <교과서>
In his worn-out shoes, Pereira runs every day in his home town of Dili.
So he got his nickname, the "running man."
In 2007, Alcino Pereira became the first athlete to represent East Timor in the Special Olympics
World Games in Shanghai, China.
This made him an internationally famous celebrity.
The Prime Minister, the Catholic Bishop, and the people of East Timor joined together to raise
money to support his trip.
Although Pereira did not win his long-distance race, all the spectators rose to their feet and
cheered as he crossed the finish line.
Returning to his country, he became a famous figure to help raise public awareness of
intellectually challenged citizens in East Timor.
Alcino Pereira is a good example of how a person participating in the World Games can be a good
role-model for others, even if he or she is not a winner.
공부안한 내성적표 대재앙을 일으킨다.