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Third Graders: Learn to Knit? Why ‘Knot’!
This year marks 11 years of service for the Westwood-Bales’
Knitting Club! We will begin meeting on Tuesday, September
24th, 2013. We meet on Tuesdays from 7:30 to 8:00 in the
library (Westwood side) with volunteers, 4th and 5th grade
mentors, and our sponsor, Ms. Sandra Miller. You will learn
to knit squares to create caps for children in need. Last
year our hats went to the Pregnancy Center here in
Friendswood. Two years ago, our hats went to a local hospital
and to Africa! Come help us decide where to send them this
You will need your own knitting needles, size 8 SHORT (about
10 inches in length), which are available at craft stores
like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and JoAnn’s. Please turn in
your signed permission slip to Mrs. Hees’ at the entrance of
Westwood by Friday, Sept. 20th. Bring your knitting needles
on the 24th in a gallon-sized bag with your name and teacher’s
name on the bag. Our knitting volunteers will do your first
cast on stitches and have your needles ready for the
following week. We do have a few donated needles for anyone
that cannot afford to purchase them; please leave a note with
Mrs. Hees for Ms. Miller, if you need assistance. Needles
can run from about $4 to $8 dollars. Please do not purchase
any yarn, as we have plenty through generous donations.
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Yes, my child, ___________________________, would like to
join the knitting club. He/she understands that this is a
“knit for service” opportunity and he/she will show good
character and abide by all of the Westwood-Bales rules
during our meetings.
Student’s signature
Parent/Guardian signature
Knitting volunteers are always welcome!
Parents/grandparents, please feel free to join us!