Knitted squares

Knitted squares
Knitted squares are used to make blankets which the Salvation Army distributes to street kids or homeless
people. The squares are also used to make baby blankets. Knit as many squares as you like. Julie Timewell, Tight
Knit World Coordinator, is available to sew together donated squares to make small and large blankets and she
crotchets a border around them.
8 ply wool
Needles size 7 (4.5mm) or 8 (4 mm)
Cast on 30 stitches. When casting on, leave a length of yarn approximately 30 cm long and again when
casting off. This length is used to sew the squares together.
Knit in garter stitch (plain) for approximately 62 rows until the knitting is square.
Cast off.
25 squares make a blanket for a baby
100 squares make a blanket for an adult
Square with lengths of yarn
Baby blanket
Adult blanket
Tight Knit World September 2007