B.W.C Brandon Wood Workers Club July’s Newsletter

B.W.C Brandon Wood Workers Club
July’s Newsletter
President Ruth’s Minutes:
Greetings Fellow Woodworkers,
Our meeting started at 7:00 P.M. on
08 July 08.
Terry Sanchez explained how the Library
operates and encouraged everyone to take
advantage of it. All members are welcome
to make use of it.
Gene Simmons sold $16.00 in 50/50
tickets and the winner me I won $ 8.00.
First time in a long time ( thanks ).
Brady Placek gave the Treasurers report
and we have 36 paid members.
Bill Dixon needs updated email addresses
to ensure everyone receives the
newsletter. Also check with the Link on
the Web for the newsletter.
Art Falcone reminded everyone to get
your projects ready for the fair. Also a
category of "degree of difficulty" will also
be judged once again.
also has axels and wheels available
for making toys.
Keep on making those toys for the
Girls and Boys.
Our program for:
August will be presented by Frank
Gabriel who carves fish
September will be presented by Joe
White Jr. on Phase 2 of Windsor chair
New Business: Think about new
officers for 2009.
The Stake body truck made by Mary
Anne Tempest will be auctioned off at
the August meeting.
The program tonight was presented by
Maryann Tempest. She demonstrated
how she makes handles and sheaths
for knifes.
Brady Placek won the Show and Tell
$10 gift card from Lowes.
Meeting adjourned at 9:00 P.M.
John Sheldon and our Vice Pres. Don
Cnossen brought excellent refreshments
for all. Thanks to John's wife for her
efforts for the excellent taffy. MMMMM
Good. Thanks Guys.
Marvin Lopez reported we only have 191
toys made and we need many more to
keep up with past years distribution. He
Respectfully submitted by:
Ruth East, Pres.
Treasury Report:
By Brady Placek
Beginning balance
Web Site
Show –n-Tell prize
Ending Balance
-----------$ 33.00
------------$ 85.00
$ 968.27
The website has had 4250 hits on it so far.
The link to the web site is
Tim brought in this scroll saw piece.
Tim has some software that scans a
picture then will produce a scroll saw
pattern from the scan
Show-N-Tell Pictures
Here Tim holds up the pattern and the
start of scroll work in the wood.
This is the stake truck made by Maryann
Which will be auctioned at August
Here is a pretty scroll saw piece brought
in by Ruth
We had a pretty lengthy discussion on
how Brady should mount these
drawers in a safe.
Here Maryann is holding a knife in a
sheath that she made.
And as always Bill will be sending
out the picasa web site for bigger
versions of the July meeting pictures.
This is a 2 drawer stack that Brady is
making for a client.