CeramicSpeed Headset

CeramicSpeed Headset
- make a real difference to how your bike rides
CeramicSpeed products focus on making a real difference inside every crucial part of
your bike. We strive to be the best and pave your way to victory, considerably improving
your biking experience.
Increased stability and stiffness
The CeramicSpeed Headset includes top and bottom CeramicSpeed bearings, a top cap
and spacers. Thanks to the CeramicSpeed bearings inside, the front triangle of your
bicycle benefits from increased stiffness and higher stability when stearing.
Extended lifetime
CeramicSpeed Headset is designed from high quality parts and with the special
CeramicSpeed balls. These hand crafted bearings offer an extended lifetime conpared to
other bicycle bearings on the the market.
The highest quality
Every ceramic ball that you find in our bearings is ultra-smooth. The CeramicSpeed balls
are 400 % smoother than steel balls and over 100 % smoother than any other ceramic
balls used in bicycle bearings. Due to the unique abilities of the balls and the other high
quality components the bearings are extremely resistent to wear.
Team Tinkoff-Saxo has been part of the development project and
has been riding the CeramicSpeed headset the last two seasons.
Here’s their take on it:
“CeramicSpeed is not highly visible on our S-Works bikes but it’s
found in many of the moving parts such as the bottom bracket,
wheels and the headset. We save energy due to lower friction
and their bearings last longer than average bearings, meaning
that we can use the same bearings for several seasons.”
• Improved stifness
• Higher stability when stearing
• Last longer than other bicycle bearings on the market
• High performance bearings made with quality CeramicSpeed balls
• 400 % smoother than steel balls and over 100 % smoother than any other ceramic balls
• Handmade in Denmark
Part of the Victory!
CeramicSpeed – Noergaardsvej 3 – 7500 Holstebro – Denmark – Phone +45 9740 2544 – [email protected] – ceramicspeed.com