Reflections from Indianapolis our

clear and not “crinkly”. Perhaps most important to remember is
that we must learn the characteristics of old glass and not concentrate on the reproductions since they are always changing.
Reflections from Indianapolis our
Nineteenth Annual Meeting
We arrived a little worse for wear after traveling through heavy
rain all day. The cheerful smile of Mary Ann Brown (Photo 1)
at the hospitality table brightened the day and was a warm welcome to the 19th Annual Meeting of the Society. Thanks to
Mary Ann’s expert calligraphy our name tags and place cards
are always beautifully done and as a bonus Mary Ann is there to
greet us.
On Friday morning it was down to business for the members of
the Trustees who met bright and early. At that meeting it was
decided that the convention for our 20th anniversary will be held
in New Bedford, MA with the dates being planned for the first
weekend of September, 2014. On the schedule will be the New
Bedford Glass Museum which is well worth the visit and it’s convenient to hotels, antique shopping and historical sightseeing.
Transportation will be arranged to the Sandwich Glass Museum
As people arrived it was great fun to socialize, get acquainted,
and renew friendships. During the evening some members had
brought glass to sell at silent auction with the winning bidders
paying the sellers directly. Members were encouraged to bid on
these items throughout the evening. Also, we had a chance to
preview the books which were being sold from the Society’s
reference library. There was a nice variety of extremely desirable
reference books to check out for possible purchase. The Show
and Tell and Pattern Identification led by Nancy Smith and assisted by Sam Kissée (Photo 2) was enjoyable and informative.
Many members had brought some interesting pieces to share
which led to a good deal of discussion and participation. Nancy’s
‘pearls of wisdom’ always make an impression on me and I find
that I think of what I’ve learned from her quite often. I like the
“round is wrong” as applied to the Westward Ho pattern and that
looking through the buttons on Daisy and Button you should see
which has glowing reviews from visitors and is well regarded as
a “cultural and educational activity that should not be missed”.
In addition to their regular attractions those two museums will be
doing special programs for our group. As an added attraction Joe
and Jean Greene will open their home for us to see their goblet
collection. This amazing collection numbers well over 3000 of
the best of the best ever made. The convention will be planned to
coincide with the Cape Cod Antique Show and for the intrepid
shoppers among us Brimfield will be open September 2-7. You
may want to consider arriving a few days early to experience this
huge outdoor antiques and collectibles event. Plans are currently
being developed and there will be more complete information on
all the activities in upcoming NewsJournals. Stay tuned for updates on how to make this a most memorable trip.
During the day Friday we were free to attend the Hoosier Antique
Show (Photo 3). I always have to pause and catch my breath
made a sizeable donation to our silent auction to benefit the organization and we all greatly appreciate their generosity.
because it’s such a site of beauty and quality. As always, this
show had an abundance of glass to purchase and plenty of
friendly, helpful dealers many of whom are Society members.
A good antique show like this is an excellent venue for education
especially with dealers who are so generous about sharing their
knowledge. The National Greentown Glass Association, The
National Toothpick Holder Collector’s Society, The National
Duncan Glass Society and our own Society all had impressive
and informative displays. There were several Society members
who hold joint membership in the Duncan Glass Society who
presented a wonderful display and very informative mini seminar
right in their show display area.
The program for the evening was “50 Favorite Goblets” based on
the book “50 Favorites: Early American Pressed Glass Goblets”
compiled and written by Kirk J. Nelson and Renee G. Gouaux.
Gloria Dobbs and Courtney Sloan (Photo 7) presented this program using goblets from their own personal collection as well as
several examples from the extensive collection that belongs to
Joe Greene. Thanks to Gloria and Courtney for sharing these
beauties with us and for the interesting program which sparked a
lot of discussion and audience interaction. Good program and
This year the theme of the Society’s booth (Photo 4 and 5) was
“Collector’s Choice” and featured a stunningly beautiful collection of glass. Linda Eppelheimer presented a large group of
States’ patterns based on her recent NewsJournal article. In her
display were some gorgeous pieces of Michigan pattern with
maiden’s blush stain décor and several Minnesota pattern pieces
including the only known example of the water tray and a scarce
ruby stained pitcher. John and Alice Ahlfeld presented a display
of rare and unlisted colors; Kathy Piersma and Nancy Smith did a
grouping of children’s ABC plates; Lu Dodemont and Jack
Senander’s display was on the Egyptian pattern; Frank Jackson
exhibited rare examples of the Three Face Pattern; and Jim and
Karen Burns displayed rare and unusual milk glass items in The
Family pattern. Rich Moon gave generously of his time and expertise to welcome visitors to the booth. I hope everyone made it
a point visit and appreciate the efforts of all who worked to make
the booth such a success.
fun for all. After the program the sale of the Society’s reference
library was concluded through a silent auction. The bidding for
the fine selection of books was spirited and competitive so the
sale generated a considerable amount for the treasury.
The annual business meeting was held on Saturday morning and
all members were encouraged to attend. The election for the
Board of Trustees was held and four members were elected to
serve three year terms. Three members were re-elected to their
positions: Nancy Smith, Eastern region; Cathy Gunderson,
Mountain region; and Lonnie Sulzberger, Central region. One
new member to the board was elected, Laura Day Sharpnack
from the Eastern region. After the general business meeting the
Friday evening we all convened for a social hour (Photo 6) beBoard of Trustees met and elected the following officers: Presifore the dinner. It’s always such a pleasure to get together to
discuss the day’s experiences and to share the treasures we found dent, Linda Yoder; Vice-President, Cathy Gunderson; Treasurer,
at the antique show. After dinner Gloria Dobbs made a few reLonnie Sulzberger; and Secretary, John Ahlfeld.
marks to recognize and thank Tom Neal who is one of the owners
The remainder of the day left us free to make another visit to the
of the Hoosier Antique Show. He, and the co-owner of the show,
antique show. My husband and I headed for the Hoosier show
Glen Schoenfeldt, had provided all EAPG Society members with
for one last look around. It’s such a treat to see that amount of
half price admission to the show. In addition, Glen and Tom