Create Your Own Season! Memory Wire and Pearls Bracelet

Create Your Own Season!®
Memory Wire and Pearls
1 Strand 8 mm Glass Pearls
Memory Wire—.8 mm
Bead Caps - 2 for each bead
Round Ended - Wire bending
jewelry pliers
Heavy Duty Wire Cutters
Optional bead(s) and headpins
for dangle at end
1. Cut memory wire, so it goes around your wrist one-and-one-half times.
2. Use round ended beading pliers to make one end of the wire into a
closed loop.
3. String on one bead cap, then a pearl, then another bead cap. Make
sure the bead cap cups each side of the pearl.
4. Repeat with another bead cap, pearl, and bead cap. Continue to
repeat until you have filled up your wire.
5. Bend the other end of the wire over in a loop.
6. If you want something extra, add a charm or bead dangle to one or
both ends of your wire prior to closing the loop.
7. Make a bunch and Stack It Up!
Create Your Own Season!®
Memory Wire and Seed Bead Bracelet
.8mm beading wire
2 tubes of seed beads, size 6
Glass Crystals (about 5), 6 8mm, or whatever you like
Round ended wire bending
jewelry pliers
Heavy-duty wire cutters
Optional bead(s) and
headpins for dangle at end
1. Cut memory wire so it is long enough to wrap around your wrist 3 1/2
2. Using the wire bending jewelry pliers, form a closed loop on one end
of the wire.
3. Using the 2 tubes of seed beads, choose to either alternate colors
randomly or string one color and then the other color, adding a
large crystal or bead in-between the colors or randomly throughout.
4. When the wire is almost full, using the round-ended pliers, form a
closed loop on the end of the wire.
5. Optional: you may use other beads or crystals, placing them on a
headpin, making a loop at the end and attach them to the memory
wire loop prior to closing it completely.
6. Make a bunch and Stack It Up!
Create Your Own Season!®
Freshwater Pearl Monofilament Bracelet
Monofilament - about 8
inches or wrist sized
Freshwater Pearls - about 25
Clasp - Lobster Claw or Spring
(2) Jump Rings
(2) Clam Shell Bead Tips
Bead Glue (optional)
1. Cut monofilament to the size of your wrist + 2 inches or
approximately 8 inches.
2. Thread end of monofilament in the clam shell and tie a knot at the
end inside the Clam Shell.
3. Dab knot with bead glue and close clam shell over knot.
4. String pearls onto monofilament until desired length, making sure
you account for the space needed for the clasp.
5. Thread end of monofilament into the clam shell at the pearls and
tie a knot, making sure to keep the pearls and the clam shell snug.
6. Dab knot with bead glue and clamp down.
7. Attach a jump ring to each loops of the Clam Shell.
8. Attach each part of the clasp to the jump rings.
9. Make a bunch and Stack It Up!
Create Your Own Season!®
Miracles and Magic Bracelet
Stretch Magic - .7 in. - about
10 inches
Miracle Beads - 8 mm - about
11 beads
Miracle Beads - 6 mm - about
17 - 20 beads
Bead Glue
Optional - crimp beads for
stretch cord
1. Cut Stretch Magic or
other stretchy beading
cord about 2 - 3 inches
larger than wrist.
2. String beads in desired
3. Tie both ends of the Stretch Magic together, using the knot show here.
4. If desired size, add a crimp bead instead of a knot. To do this, place
each end of your Stretch Magic in each end of the crimp bead and
pull through to make snug. Crimp the crimp bead down and trim
excess ends.
5. Dab a small amount of glue on the knot or bead to keep it secure.
6. Make a bunch and Stack It Up!
Create Your Own Season!®
Charming Vintage Chain
3 Types (or more if you wish) of
chain of about 8 inches each,
longer for larger wrists.
Jump Rings - 5 mm - 2 for the clasp
and one for each charm you will
add. More if you would like to keep
chains together.
One Lobster Clasp
Beading tools
1. Open up a jump ring, being sure to twist sideways instead of pulling
apart, and place the ends of each chain on the jump ring as well as
one end of the clasp. Close Jump ring.
2. Repeat with another jump ring, the other ends of the chains, and
other half of the clasp.
3. Attach a jump ring to a charm and attach it to the middle of the
chain. You may attach it to only one chain, or connect all of the
chains together. Continue with remaining charm(s). If you would like
to keep the chains of your bracelet together, connect with additional
jump rings.
4. Make a bunch and Stack It Up!
Create Your Own Season!®
Embellished Leather Strap Bracelet
TierraCast Leather Strap10”x1/2”
TierraCast Z Hook Clasp
28x19mm package with rivets
Rhinestone Rivets
Flower Rivetables or Bead
Leather Punch
Rivet Setter and Hammer
1. Slide the Z Hook over one end of your leather strap, then using the
rivets included with the Z Hook, fold the end of the leather strap over,
punch holes where you will place your rivet and secure the rivet in
place with the rivet setter.
2. Wrap the leather band around your wrist, deciding how long you
need the strap to be - keeping in mind you will be folding the other
end over, and cut off excess.
3. Using the other rivet from the Z Hook package, make a loop on the
other end of the sized leather strip, making sure the loop is large
enough for the clasp to fit into snuggly, and set your other rivet.
4. Lay your bracelet out and decide how you want to place your
Rhinestones, Rivetables, Bead Caps, or whatever else you are adding.
Punch holes in the necessary places and add your decorations.
5. Make a bunch and Stack It Up!
Create Your Own Season!®
Floating Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
3 Strands of Beadalon
beading wire - 19 gauge wire
is recommended
Freshwater Pearls - about 23
Crimp Tubes - 2 mm
Lobster Clasp
Jump rings
Crimp Tools
1. Set your pearls out in three rows, alternating shapes, colors and
placement to form an alternating, random pattern.
2. Attach each of the jump rings to the clap pieces.
3. Thread a crimp tube over the end of a beading wire and then
through a jump ring. Loop the wire round the jump ring and back
through the crimp tube, then crimp down*. Continue for all three
4. Take one wire and slide a crimp tube down to almost the end and
crimp down. Put a pearl on next, then another crimp bead. Crimp.
5. Continue with all pearls and wires, keeping your spacing in check.
6. When you are done, attach the ends of the wires to the other jump
ring just as you did with the other ends. You may attach them straight
across or weave them in and out prior to attaching them to the jump
ring, depending on your liking.
7. Make a bunch and Stack It Up!
* Remember, when using the large crimp tool, use the hole closest to the
handle to make the tube a “U” shape, then the hole at the tip to draw the
ends of the “U” together and clamp down around the wire to make it
snug, so it cannot move on the wire.
Create Your Own Season!®
Elegant Leather Cord and Brass Bracelet
1 Yard of 1 1/2 mm round
leather cording
Brass gothic cross or other
brass piece.
1. Cut leather cord in half.
2. Fold one piece of leather cord in half and lace folded end through
one side of the brass piece making a small loop. Pinch cut ends of the
leather cords together and lace them through the loop. Pull tight.
3. Repeat with the other half of the leather cord on the other side of the
brass piece.
4. Tie the ends of each cord in knots.
5. Make a double slip knot to connect the ends of your bracelet.
6. To do this, you will only be working with
the cords on the left hand side. The
right cords will stay straight the entire
time. First, cross the left side over the
right side of the cord.
Flip page and see other side.
Elegant Leather Cord
and Brass Bracelet
Directions - Cont.
7. Wind that left cord around behind the right,
under it and then in front of both cords.
8. Then wind that same left cord over the top of the loop you just
made, then behind it and push the end through from the back to
the front.
9. Pull the knot snug, leaving as
much tail on that left cords as
10. With the long tail, repeat the process by winding
that same left cord around behind the right,
then under it and then over all of the cords.
11. Then behind the loop you
just made and through it
from back to front.
12. Tighten the knot. Make sure the bracelet fits when the knots are
cinched to their tightest position. If it does not get tight enough,
adjust where your knots are on the straight right string, moving the
left knot closer to
the brass piece for
a smaller fit and
further away for a
larger fit.
13. Make a bunch and Stack It Up!
Create Your Own Season!®
Ball Chain with a Flair
Ball Chain - twice the
circumference of your wrist or
approx. 17 inches.
S-Lon cording - approx. 210
inches (you may substitute
with embroidery floss)
Ball Chain Clasp
Optional, Charm or beads on
a headpin with a jump ring
1. Cut ball chain in two even pieces and place the clasp (A)
on one of the piece.
2. Tie one end of the string around the end of the other piece
of ball chain and tie a strong knot. (B)
3. Line up the two pieces of chain, so that one row of the
balls alternate in-between the other row. (C)
4. Holding the two rows together, wrap the S-Lon Cord around
both rows under the first set of balls (where you tied your
knot), two or three times, keeping it snug. (D)
5. Always moving from back to front of your bracelet, move
down to the next set of balls, wrap the cord around two or three
times, keeping the chain off-set, flat, and keeping the
cord only visible in front during the wrapping. Always
move down to the next level with the cord in the back. (E)
(continue on other side)
Create Your Own Season!®
Ball Chain with a Flair (cont.)
Directions, cont.
6. Continue all the way down the entire length of the chains almost to
the end. Make sure to keep the cord snug.
7. Move the clasp to the end of the chain and finish with your S-Lon cord
to the end of the chains. (F)
8. When you get to the end, continue by wrapping the S-Lon cord back
up the chain at a diagonal direction, forming an X with the existing
cording as you go back up to the top. This time just wind the cord
around the Ball Chain one time per set of balls. Making sure you keep
the cord snug. (unlike the picture, it is shown loosely so you see how
the cord crisscrosses).(G)
9. Just before you get back to the top, move your clap back up to the
top, to make sure it will fit with the cording in place.
10. At the top, tie another snug knot around the last ball. Add a dab of
glue on the knot if necessary.
11. Make a bunch and Stack It Up!
What it looks like
from the back, at the
end of first part of
wrapping. →
(kind of)
(Sorry my pictures are not very good!)
Create Your Own Season!®
Wire and Crystals Bracelet
24 Gauge Wire - 6 pieces of
17 in, and 2 pieces of 8 - 10 in
Spacer Beads - 4mm - about
18 - 20
Thunder Crystals - 6mm - 9
Thunder Crystals - 4mm 15
Clasp - 7mm Spring Ring
2 - Jump Rings - 10mm
Wire Cutters & Beading Tools
1. Fold each 17 in. wire in half and place each through a jump ring,
keeping the jump ring in the folds of the wire.
2. Attach the large end of the clasp on that jump ring.
3. Take one of the small piece of wire and wrap it around the wires just
up from the bends and the jump ring. Be sure to tuck the ends of your
small wire inside the wrappings, so you don’t get stuck with the ends
during wearing.
4. Holding all 12 ends of your bracelet wires together, make sure they are
all the same length, cutting them straight if necessary, with wire
5. For ease in bead stringing, find a way to attach the clasp to your work
surface with a pin or tape.
Cont. on flip side
Wire and Crystals
Bracelet Directions continued
6. Lay your bracelet down on your work surface, spreading wires so they
lay flat. Taking the first 4 wires, thread a spacer bead on all four wires
and push to the very end, by the wire wrap. If this is difficult, your wires
may be too bent. Try straightening them out by running them over the
end of a table. Also, you can put two or three on and then thread in
the fourth. That helps, since the ends seem to get bent a bit, so they
are larger. You can twist your bead back and forth in your fingers to
help it slide down the wires. Repeat this with the next 2 sets of 4 wires.
You will end with three spacer beads in a row just above the wire
wrapping, that is just above the bends of the wires.
7. Now, pulling two random wires, place a crystal on two wires and pull it
down snug. Taking 2 other wires, take another crystal or bead and pull
it down the wires, but not lined up with the first. Continue this with all of
the crystals and beads, making sure to pull random wires from
different parts of the bracelet, so that it looks almost woven.
8. Pull each bead snug and alternate between bead crystals and
spacer beads.
9. When complete, be sure to leave about an inch of each wire free of
beads. Gather ends of all bracelet wires together and fold over the
end of the other jump ring, leaving about ½ inch of bead-free
bracelet wire before the jump ring and ½ inch after.
10. Cut ends of all wires even to about one-half inch long after the fold.
11. Use the other short wire, wrap it around the ends of the wires and
bracelet wires, just up from the fold, making sure all wire ends are well
covered, so that no ends poke out from the wrapping, even the ends
of the small wire, when you finish wrapping.
12. Attach other end of clasp to jump ring.
13. Spread the wires out a bit to shape it to your wrist.
14. Make a bunch and Stack It Up!