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summer season
Voice Works
Fiddle Tunes
Welcome to Centrum’s
42nd Summer Season!
In partnership with Fort Worden State Park, Centrum
serves as a gathering place for creative artists and learners
of all ages seeking extraordinary cultural enrichment.
OUR MISSION is to foster creative experiences that change lives. From
exploring the roots of the blues or jazz, to the traditions of American fiddle
music or our award-winning writers’ workshops—Centrum’s summer
festivals transform the majestic, inspired setting of Fort Worden State Park
into a unique arts destination.
JOIN US and discover a full array of mainstage performances, nightclub
events, vital literary readings, lectures, dances and more.
OUR PROGRAMS welcome participants
from across the globe. Last year alone we
served individuals from 17 countries, 46
out of 50 states, and 77% of the counties
in Washington. 27% of those we serve are
age 18 or younger and our participants were
aged 4 to 97!
We present our programs with support from the Washington State Arts
Commission, State Parks Commission, the State Superintendent of
Public Instruction, National Endowment for the Arts and the Fort Worden
Public Development Authority. We thank the many donors and generous
sponsors who support Centrum and our unique role in our Puget Sound
community, and I hope you will too!
Please join us for cultural experiences you simply cannot find anywhere
else on earth. See you this summer at Centrum!
Robert A. Birman
Executive Director
(800) 746-1982
June 23-28
Fort Worden State Park
Port Townsend
Singing is compelling—a natural
human effort to communicate.
Singing maintains culture, and
it makes you feel good.
Voice Works’ unique combination
of world-class artists and
passionate singers creates a rich
community that welcomes styles,
songs and stories in a wide range
of vocal traditions.
Centrum’s Honky Tonk Polka
Dot Dance is a longstanding and
beloved tradition as well as our
intimate faculty performance in
the Wheeler Theater.
Come and be reminded, time and
time again, of what a beautiful gift
we give by singing.
Purchase tickets
online at
or call (800) 746-1982
Workshop space is still available!
Find your voice in a weeklong
immersive workshop with lessons
and genres for singers of all skill
levels and interests. Learn more at
Casey MacGill | Moira Smiley | Pharis Romero
Elizabeth LaPrelle | Eli West | Jennifer Scott
Global Resonance
Friday, June 26, 7:30 PM
Wheeler Theater
Tickets $20
Masters of International
Traditional Song:
English, Irish, Spanish,
Eastern European
and French styles
Appalachian Ballads
Elizabeth LaPrelle
Eastern European
Moira Smiley
Honky Tonk Polka Dot
Dinner & Dance
Saturday, June 27, 7:30 PM
USO Building
Tickets $10 (sold at door only)
Featuring plenty of space
for dancing; beer garden
and fried chicken dinner
available for purchase.
Caleb Klauder Country Band
featuring Reeb Willms and
special guest Casey MacGill
Pharis Romero
Laurel Bliss
Eli West
Creole French
Cedric Watson
Traditional Mexican
La Familia Govea
Irish Folk Song
Cathy Jordan
Mexican dance set with
La Familia Govea and
a dinner-hour jazz set
with Jennifer Scott
and Pamela Bertoli
British Columbia
Jennifer Scott
Pharis Romero
Pamela Bertoli
La Familia Govea
Moira Smiley
Cathy Jordan
Cedric Watson
Caleb Klauder
Reeb Willms
Elizabeth LaPrelle
Laurel Bliss
Casey MacGill
Eli West
And more!
Purchase tickets
online at
or call (800) 746-1982
Cathy Jordan
Centrum thanks Sage
Foundation for its lead
support of Voice Works.
La Familia Govea
Festival of American
FIDdle June 28-July 5
Fort Worden State Park
Port Townsend
Suzy Thompson, Artistic Director
Since its inception in 1977, the
Festival of American Fiddle
Tunes has been one of the largest
celebrations of traditional music
west of the Mississippi.
More than 30 faculty members
from four different countries share
a rich history and diverse styles
of fiddle music with hundreds of
participants in a weeklong, multigenerational workshop.
Classes, band labs, dances,
concerts, open jams, and
informal and spontaneous
gatherings culminate in mainstage
performances that welcome
thousands of audience members
to experience the tapestry of
North American fiddle styles.
Workshop space is still available!
Learn a variety of genres from the
bearers of fiddle tradition in an
immersive workshop open to all.
Learn more at
Anya Burgess
Brian Conway | Ruthie Dornfeld | Milton Vanicor | Shaye Cohn
Kinnon Beaton | Christine Balfa | Suzy Thompson
Fiddles on Fire
Fiddles on the Fourth
Friday, July 3, 1:30 PM
McCurdy Pavilion
Tickets $28, $23 and $15
Saturday, July 4, 1:30 PM
McCurdy Pavilion
Tickets $28, $23 and $15
New England: Rodney
Miller and Sandy Bradley
Kentucky: Lee Sexton
with Johnny Sexton and
Bruce Greene
Denmark: Kristian Bugge,
Morten Alfred Høirup,
and Sonnich Lydom
New Orleans: Shaye Cohn
and John James
Quebec: Lisa Ornstein,
Andre Marchand,
and Normand Miron
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia:
Kinnon and Betty Lou Beaton
California: Suzy Thompson
and friends
Bluegrass: Billy Baker,
with Jack Hinshelwood
and friends
Missouri: Vesta Johnson
and Steve Hall
Michoacan, Mexico:
Don Pedro Dimas,
Miguel Dimas, and
Hermenegildo Dimas
North and South
Friday, July 3, 7:30 PM
McCurdy Pavilion
Tickets $28, $23 and $15
New England: Brian
Conway, Rose Conway
Flanagan, and Mark Simos
Georgia: Frank Maloy
and Mick Kinney
California: Jody Stecher
and Kate Brislin
Ruthie Dornfeld
Louisiana Cajuns: Anya
Burgess, Kristi Guillory, and
Christine Balfa and friends
Port Townsend’s
Fireworks Display
will begin at dusk.
Premium viewing
from Fort Worden!
Fiddle Tunes
Package Includes:
Mainstage Package
Includes all three
concerts held at the
McCurdy Pavilion.
Seating is reserved at
the McCurdy Pavilion
Section A: $70
Section B: $55
Section C: $36
Purchase tickets
online at
or call (800) 746-1982
Centrum thanks Sage Foundation
for its lead support of Fiddle Tunes
Mick Kinney
Purchase tickets
online at
or call (800) 746-1982
Port Townsend
July 9-19
Erin Belieu, Artistic Director
Fort Worden State Park
Port Townsend
Featured Faculty
Luis Urrea
Lisa Norris
Joseph Stroud
Erin Belieu
Kim Addonizio
Gary Copeland Lilley
Jimmy Kimbrell
Skip Horack
Pam Houston
Claire Davis
Pam Houston | Luis Urrea | Lisa Norris | Gary Copeland Lilley
The Port Townsend Writers’
Conference has been at the
wild heart of the thriving Pacific
Northwest literary scene since 1974.
Whether you’re new to writing
and seeking an inspirational
environment in which to create
new work; looking for advanced
post-MFA revision workshops; or
simply desire to renew and recharge
yourself in a writing retreat, the Port
Townsend Writers’ Conference gives
you the craft and connections to
make breakthroughs in your work.
Sunday, July 12
7:15 PM
Gary Copeland Lilley
Workshop space is still available!
Experience a week—or more—
learning within a supportive and
welcoming community. Designed
for beginning, emerging, and postMFA writers with daily tracks in
poetry, fiction and nonfiction. Learn
more at
Centrum thanks Amazon
for its lead support of the
2015 Writers’ Conference.
at the Wheeler Theater
All readings are free
and open to the public
Monday, July 13
7:00 PM
Lisa Norris and Pam Houston
Tuesday, July 14
7:00 PM
Claire Davis and Kim Addonizio
Wednesday, July 15
7:00 PM
Participant Reading
(Northwind Arts Center)
Thursday, July 16
7:00 PM
Skip Horack and Luis Urrea
Friday, July 17
7:00 PM
Melissa Febos and Erin Belieu
Saturday, July 18
7:00 PM
An Evening with Joseph Stroud
Kim Addonizio | Erin Belieu | Skip Horack | Joseph Stroud
July 19-26
Jazz Port Townsend
Fort Worden State Park
Port Townsend
John Clayton, Artistic Director
Jazz Port Townsend is the perfect
opportunity to experience
excellent musicians, soak up
a weekend of jazz in a seaside
paradise and participate in a wide
array of mainstage and nightclub
Artistic Director John Clayton
inspires a true sense of family
during this special week of events
that showcases internationallyknown performers in new and
unexpected pairings. Jazz Port
Townsend has emerged as one
of the leading jazz festivals in
the nation.
Purchase tickets
online at
or call (800) 746-1982
Workshop space is still available!
Live, learn and jam with some
of the nation’s best jazz players.
Learn more at
Sean Jones
Matt Wilson | Jeff Clayton | Eric Reed
Friday, July 24, 7:30 PM
McCurdy Pavilion
Tickets $45, $32, $23
Much More Than Samba
Maucha Adnet, vocals
Jovino Santos Neto, piano
Nilson Matta, bass
Duduka Da Fonseca, drums
Regina Carter & Friends
Regina Carter, violin
Benny Green, piano
John Clayton, bass
Alvester Garnett, drums
Saturday, July 25, 1:30 PM
McCurdy Pavilion
Tickets $52, $35, $28
Trio da Paz
Romero Lubambo, guitar
Nilson Matta, bass
Duduka Da Fonseca, drums
“Some Morning”
Kim Nazarian & Friends
Kim Nazarian, vocals
Eric Reed, piano
Jon Hamar, bass
Jeff Hamilton, drums
All-Star Big Band
Directed by and featuring
the music of Bob Mintzer
Saturday, July 25, 7:30 PM
McCurdy Pavilion
Tickets $45, $32, $23
Latitude Adjustment
Steve Wilson, alto
Romero Lubambo, guitar
George Cables, piano
Sit Down, Hang On
Bob Mintzer, tenor sax
Dayna Stephens, tenor sax
Sean Jones, trumpet
Terell Stafford, trumpet
Benny Green, piano
John Clayton, bass
Jeff Hamilton, drums
George Cables | Maucha Adnet | Terell Stafford
Jazz in the Clubs
Admission $25 (all access)
Thursday, July 23, 8 PM
Cotton Building, Public House
and American Legion Hall ONLY
Friday and Saturday,
July 24-25, 10 PM
All Venues
American Legion Hall,
Cellar Door, Cotton Building,
Key City Public Theatre,
Pope Marine Building,
Public House, Rose Theatre
Jazz Performance
Package Includes:
All Fest Package
Includes all three concerts
held at the McCurdy Pavilion
AND Jazz in the Clubs on
Friday and Saturday.
Section A: $180
Section B: $135
Section C: $115
Mainstage Package
Includes all three concerts
held at the McCurdy
Pavilion. Does not include
Jazz in the Clubs.
Section A: $130
Section B: $85
Section C: $65
Seating is reserved at
the McCurdy Pavilion
Purchase tickets
online at
or call (800) 746-1982
Harris Mericle
and Wakayama
Making Sense of Investing
Brock Tidball - (360) 385-2243
Jeff Clayton, Bob Mintzer,
Gary Smulyan, Dayna
Stephens, Steve Wilson
Sean Jones, Terell
Stafford, Jay Thomas
Jiggs Whigham
Regina Carter
Dan Balmer,
Graham Dechter,
Romero Lubambo
George Cables,
Dawn Clement, Benny
Green, Randy Halberstadt,
John Hansen, Eric Reed,
Eric Verlinde
John Clayton
Chuck Deardorf,
Jon Hamar, Nilson Matta,
Chris Symer, Ben Wolfe
Clarence Acox,
Duduka Da Fonseca,
Alvester Garnett, Jeff
Hamilton, Joe La Barbera,
Kelby MacNayr, Julian
Matt Wilson
Maucha Adnet,
Kim Nazarian,
Sachal Vasandani
Port Townsend Acoustic
July 26August 2
Bl ues
Fort Worden State Park
Port Townsend
Jerron Paxton, Artistic Director
Join us for the largest country
blues gathering in the nation!
Concerts feature players and
music from regions where pre-war
country blues were formed—
Piedmont, the Delta, Mississippi
Hill Country, New Orleans, Texas
and more.
Immerse yourself in the AfricanAmerican history and traditions
from which blues has grown.
Purchase tickets
online at
or call (800) 746-1982
Workshop space is still available!
Participate in a weeklong, multigenerational workshop led by the
nation’s best acoustic blues players.
Learn more at
Jerron Paxton
Lightnin’ Wells | Steve James | Samuel James
Terry Harmonica Bean | Lauren Sheehan |
Bearether Reddy | Phil Wiggins
Rag, Blues
& Zydeco Dance
Wednesday, July 29, 7:30 PM
USO Building
Tickets $20
Featured Artists:
Alice Stuart, Andy Cohen,
Beareather Reddy, Dean
Mueller, Gene Taylor, Jay
Summerour, Jerie Choi,
Jerron Paxton, Leroy
Etienne, Orville Johnson,
Phil Wiggins, Sunpie Barnes,
Terry Waldo and friends
Acoustic Blues
Saturday, August 1, 1:30 PM
McCurdy Pavilion
Tickets $43, $33, $23
Featured Artists:
Artistic Director Jerron
Paxton; Alice Stuart; Andy
Cohen; Beareather Reddy;
Cyd Smith; Gene Taylor;
Jerie Choi; Lightnin’ Wells;
Michael Jerome Browne;
Phil Wiggins; Samuel James;
The Sherman Holmes Project
with Brooks Long and Cora
Harvey Armstrong; Terry
Waldo; Tom Feldmann;
and special guests
Please see website for artist
rosters and venue details.
Blues in the Clubs
Friday and Saturday Night
July 31 and August 1, 8:00 PM
Admission $25 (all access)
American Legion Hall, Cellar
Door, Cotton Building, Key
City Public Theatre, The Boiler
Room, and The Public House
Featured Artists:
Alice Stuart, Andy Cohen,
Beareather Reddy, Brooks
Long, Cyd Smith, Daryl Davis,
Dean Mueller, Gene Taylor,
Jay Summerour, Jerie Choi,
Jerron Paxton, John Miller,
Lauren Sheehan, Leroy
Etienne, Lightnin’ Wells, Mark
Puryear, Mary Flower, Micah
Kesselring, Michael Jerome
Browne, Orville Johnson, Pat
Donohue, Paul Asbell, Phil
Wiggins, Rich DelGrosso,
Samuel James, Steve
James, Sunpie Barnes, Terry
Harmonica Bean, Terry Waldo,
Tom Feldmann, Valerie Turner
and special guests
*Mainstage and Clubs concert
lineups subject to change.
Acoustic Blues
Performance Package:
Includes Acoustic Blues
Showcase and Blues in
the Clubs.
McCurdy Pavilion Seating
Section A: $80
Section B: $70
Section C: $60
Seating is reserved at
the McCurdy Pavilion
Purchase tickets
online at
or call (800) 746-1982
Blues in the Clubs is a
moveable feast of great
music in various downtown
venues, with each venue
operating on a first-come,
first-seated basis. Your
wristband is an all access
pass, and we encourage you
to move around throughout
the evening to gain the
full benefit of the clubs
experience. Venue hosts
will help direct you to
available seating or
standing room options.
Centrum thanks Wilder Auto
for its lead support of the
2015 Acoustic Blues Festival
Marianne Brogan, Artistic Director
Now in its 3rd season, the Port Townsend
Ukulele Festival continues to draw a
diverse, multi-generational community
of enthusiastic beginner, intermediate
and advanced ukulele players.
In 2015, Centrum is offering two
weeks of workshops led by Artistic
Director Marianne Brogan
and featuring more than
20 world-class faculty.
October 7-11
and 14-18
Fort Worden State Park
Port Townsend
Ukulele Bonanza One
Saturday, October 10, 7:30 PM
Wheeler Theater
Tickets $20
Featured Performers:
Del Rey, Brook Adams, Casey
MacGill, Francis Doo, The
Canote Brothers, Jim D’Ville,
Stu Fuchs, Heidi Swedberg,
Daniel Ward, Lil’ Rev, and
Mark Nelson
Ukulele Bonanza Two
Saturday, October 17, 7:30 PM
Wheeler Theater
Tickets $20
Featured Performers:
Sarah Maisel and Craig Chee,
Gerald Ross, Joel Eckhaus,
Ralph Shaw, Jason Arimoto,
Nani Edgar, Stu Fuchs,
Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer,
Del Rey, and Aaron Keim
Lil’ Rev
Purchase tickets
online at
or call (800) 746-1982
Nani Edgar | Greg & Jere Canote | Heidi Swedberg | Francis Doo
Fridays at the fort
Bring a picnic blanket
and some low-back
chairs and enjoy
Centrum’s annual Free
Fridays at the Fort
series, showcasing
jazz, blues, and fiddle
tunes performers
among many others.
This lunchtime concert
series on the lawn
of the Nora Porter
Commons is free to
the public. In the rare
event of inclement
weather, alternative
plans will be posted
on Centrum’s website.
Eduardo Mendonça
(Brazilian Music)
Friday, June 26, Noon
Friday, July 24, Noon
Pies on the Run
Jazz Port Townsend
Big Band directed by
Friday, July 3, Noon
Fiddle Festival
Friday, July 10, Noon
Clarence Acox
Friday, July 31, Noon
Port Townsend
Acoustic Blues
featuring American
Songsters Joe Hunter
and Joe Seamons
Friday, July 17, Noon
Artists TBA
Free Fridays Family Concerts are made possible
with the generous support of the Congdon
Hanson Family and the following sponsors:
that change lives.
To become a donor,
call (360) 385-3102 ext. 132
Give a gift and support access to
art and culture for the next generation.
Every season, Centrum receives more than
$150,000 in requests from participantsin-need of scholarship assistance. Your
charitable gift can allow many to experience
creativity and art through Centrum’s annual
workshops and live performances.
Last year alone, Centrum served aspiring
artists from 17 countries, 46 out of 50 states,
and 77% of the counties in Washington. Our
workshop participants ranged in age from 4
to 97! And 27% of our enrollees were age 18
or younger, helping Centrum truly fulfill its
mission to provide lifelong learning at Fort
Worden State Park.
Annual donors receive special benefits
including invitations to receptions with our
artists, priority access to ticket purchases,
concierge services and more. Plus, donors
who give $100 or more in 2015 will receive
Centrum’s first-ever highlights CD with
excerpts from the year’s most memorable
you can help make a difference in many
lives by contributing to Centrum today.
Thank you for your generous support!
Benefactor ($10,000 - $24,999)
Anonymous (2)
Noel and Tom Congdon
Lucy Congdon Hanson
and Charlie Hanson
Estate of Leah Hammer
Estate of Joanna Loehr
Charlotte Martin Foundation
Jim and Noreen McCarron
Leah Mitchell and Nancy McLachlan
National Endowment for the Arts
Jock and Sonchen Patton
Peach Foundation
Cindy Thayer
Laura Welland
Renate Wheeler
Sustainer ($1,000 - $2,499)
Anonymous (2)
Paul and Joyce Anderson
Joe and Ann Baier
Baker, Overby and Moore, Inc.
Charles Beauchamp and Janet
Terry Bergeson
Sharon S. Black
Michelle Blue
Jay and Mimi Bonds
Ed Carpenter and Lauren Sheehan
John and Judith Chiles
Copper Canyon Press
James and Jeanne Costello
Suzanne Cunliffe
Edward Jones/Brock Tidball
Enclume Design Products, Inc.
First Federal
Ron and Caryl Gentry
Philip Hallin
Mark and Deborah Hamby
Pheo Martin and George Heidorn
Jeffrey Hollingsworth
Homer Smith Insurance, Inc.
Hope Roofing and Construction
John L. Scott Realty
Erich A. Koch
Midge Korczak
Kristin Manwaring Insurance
Jack and Bonnie Lambton
Betsy and Larry Lee
Cathy Jo and Joseph L Linn
J.H. Loux and Carol Sanders
Catherine McCurdy Chatalas
Microsoft Giving Campaign
Dawn and Jesse Mohrbacher
Mickey MRD Subway Group
Rena and Earll Murman
Aldryth O’Hara
Alice Oliver
Steve and Kathleen Politakis
Port Townsend Brewing Co., Inc.
Port Townsend Hospitality
Rayonier Foundation
Sherry Robinson
Bill Roggensack
David Romtvedt and Margo Brown
Arthur and Janice Ronci
Homer Smith III
Kenneth M. Snider
Susan M. Songer
Sport Townsend
Ted Springstead
Joseph Trad
Presenter ($5,000 - $9,999)
Bob Alexander
Anonymous (1)
Gigi Callaizakis and Steve Moore
Cindy and Joe Finnie
Forest Foundation
Stanton and Colleen Freidberg
Linda Gerrard and Walter Parsons
Greater Tacoma Community
Kitsap Bank-Port Orchard
Berry and Sam Shoen
Joanne and Len Tyler
Sally Warren and Jeff Jackson
Marsha Wiener
Wilder Auto Center
Leader ($2,500 - $4,999)
Anonymous (2)
Allstate Insurance Company
Konrad Alt
Robert and Siri Birman
Gail Boulter-Burgler and
Kevin Burgler
Jeanie Cardon and Richard Clayton
Michael and Gretchen Chesley
Herb and Kathe Cook
Dave and Robin Ditzler
Malcolm and Karen Harris
Harris, Mericle and Wakayama, PLLC
Jefferson Healthcare
Gary Kennedy
John and Deb Kennedy
Matt and Gretchen Loschen
Jerome L Levine
Carla Main and Brad West
Lorraine W. Vagner
Carla Vander Ven
Sandra Walker and Wesley Moore
Matt Watson
Jack and Lorna Zalaha
Patron ($500 - $999)
Anonymous (3)
Edmund Aleks
Emil Atanasov and Ken Bleyer
Best Services
Blue Heron Construction
David R Brown
Dianne E. Butler
Jennifer Carl and Sarah Grossman
Denys Carrillo
City of Port Townsend
Karen and Mark Clemens
Larry and Donna Coffey
Leslie and Janet Cox
Jerry and Katheryn Daly
Bernard and Mercedita Del Valle
Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic
Elizabeth Dencker
Jim Erickson
Patricia Farmer
Henry and Nadine Feldman
Jim and Auman Ferris
David and Marsha Fitzpatrick
Nancy Fowler
Frank and Patricia Garred
Kay and David Goetz
Jim and Kendra Golden
Roger and Lynn Hagan
Gordon and Rose Hamilton
Dave Hamlin
Keith and Jeinell Harper
Phyllis Hatfield
Kathy Hill
Gwen Howard
Humanities Washington
Mike Kenna
Kitsap Bank-Port Townsend
Elizabeth and John Kuller
Susan Landgraf
Charles MacNab and Ann Pougiales
Max Grover Gallery
Susan Moffat
Everett and Stephanie Moran
Kristine Morris and Brigida Knauer
Dean Mueller
National Blues Museum
Charles Parker
Bruce and Alene Patterson
Peninsula Daily News
Betty and Robert Petrie
Port Townsend Arts Commission
Quimper Mercantile
Geralynn and Richard Rackowski
Dave Robison and Sheila Westerman
Beverly and Mason Rothenborg
Judith Ruggles
Richard Scherrer
Marcia and Donald Schwendiman
SKL Architects
Howard Slavin
Phyllis S. Smith
January 1, 2014 – March 2015
David and Helen Marriott
Cindy and Ken McBride
John and Joyce Morton
Stephen Nordine and Sue Reid
Michael Peak
Port Townsend Paper Corporation
Smiling Dog Foundation
Marilynne Urquhart
John and Kathy Wilcox
Rick and Debbie Zajicek
Centrum Thanks its Generous Supporters
Founder ($25,000+)
Amazon Author and Publisher
Giving Fund
Sage Foundation - Laura and
Edmund Littlefield, Jr.
Anne and Dick Schneider
James and Nelly Tretter
Washington State Office of
the Superintendent of Public
Kristin and Otto Smith
William and Anita Snell
Alexander and Elena Spear
James Thomson
V.T.L., Inc.
Nancy and Doug Van Allen
Marielle Warren and Daniel Steinberg
Christina Wright and Luther Black
Wurlitzer Manor Music and Arts Fund
Champion ($250 - $499)
Anonymous (1)
Catherine and John Ahl
Nathan Barnett and Cindy Madsen
Joan P. Bateman
Paul Becker and Lisa Crosby
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Robert Bergman
Al and Megan Bergstein
Dean Bethmann
Judith Bloch and Scott Shimel
Bob Boardman Memorial Fund
Jay and Shirley Burcham
Larry and Kathy Campbell
Robert and Helen Cleveland
Mike Cornforth and Linda Martin
Del and Sharon Delabarre
Annette and Eric Diehl
Megan Doherty
David and Geri Eekhoff
Lloyd and Roberta Frissell
Mark Gaponoff
Anthony George
Julie Gertler
Philip and Robyn Grad
Dora A. Green
Gwin Family
John Hamstra and Laurie Rivin
Rosemarie Havranek and
Nathan Myhrvold
Gee Heckscher
Ernie and Kristi Hensley
Dave and Valerie Hinchliff
Jo Anne Hughes
IBM Matching Grants Program
Bill and Linda James
JRuss Johnson and Andree Siu
Lucien and Sally Klein
Jeffrey and Laura Kopczynski
Barry and Ellen Lerich
Chelcie and Katherine Liu
Aaron Loux
Paulette and Terry Lyle
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Mt Townsend Creamery
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Steve and Kelley Oliver
Thomas Payne
Laurie and Marc Perrett
Luzi Pfenninger
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Libby and Nick Reid
Susan Rice
Beverly Schaaf and
Richard Kirkwood
Rodger E. Schmitt
Shameless and Friends
Brook Shumway
Debbi Steele and Dennis Daneau
Jan Stone
Swift and Company Landscape
Kenneth and Jean Telljohann
Meredith and Peter Wagner
Crispin Wilhelm and Sundee Morris
Scott Wilson and
Jennifer James-Wilson
David and Jeanette Woodruff
Supporter ($100 - $249)
Anonymous (12)
Thomas and Rosalie Abel
Betty Abersold and Don Wright
Don and Kay Allen
Steven Allison
Janey Anderson
Sharon McNamara and Laurie Andres
Jeff Baldwin
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Dorothy Banks
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Deborah Bellen
Mark and Lisette Berlin
Thomas and Patricia Biazzo
Susan Blake and Christopher Breen
David Brown and Arlene Immerman
Boeing Gift Matching Program
Charles Borgeson
Sydney and Sharon Bowie
Donald J Brocha
Leah Brown
William and Joyce Brown
Tom Brush
Deborah Bunn
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Art and Kate Burke
Steven and Kristine Burns
JoAnn Bussa
Phyllis Cairns
Laurie Calderhead
Kevin and Heidi Camfield
Jim and Emily Carlisle
Russell and Susan Carlisle
Andrea Carlson
Edward and Joan Carr
Ronald Carter
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Rick Clendaniel
Robert Coffey
Noal and Ann Cohen
Marcia Coleman
Sandy Colt
Mr. John H. Conley
Richard and Esther Conway
Sharron Coontz
Lynne Cooper and Gery Kroon
Lorrie Corliss
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Bruce Cowan and Deborah Pedersen
Dr. Peg Cozzi
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Richard and Sandra Curtis
Michael D’Alessandro
Jeremy Dangerfield
Jane Davies
Jane Champion and
Michael Delagarza
Rich DelGrosso
Robert Dent and Carole Lycett-Dent
Julia Derby
James DiIanni
Captain Gunther and Lee Dohse
Joseph Donahue
Ellen Mooney and Roger Doughty
Tom and Caryl Dowell
Dennis Dybeck
Ralph Edfeldt and Bonnie Steussy
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Dan Fick
Carol Jane Finn
Nancy and Jim Follis
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Erik and Marnie Frederickson
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Gary and Pamela Gormley
Thomas Hamilton
Lucie and Ken Hamner
Laurie J. Hampton
Rev. Anne C. Handler
Carolyn Kay Harper
Hugh and Ann Terry Haven
Carolyn and Wayne Hawks
Jackie and Jim Henry
Eric and Jane Herzog
Nick Hill
Barbara Hinchliff
Michael Hinojos
Leonard Hirshberg
and Deborah Estridge
Hobart Family
William and Kay Hobbs
Dorothy W Hungate
Elizabeth Imholz
Gordon and Lois James
Herb and Pat Johnson
Marlene Bennett-Jones and
Larry Jones
Beverly Jones
Steve Jones
Larry W. and Mary F. Jordan, Jr.
Alvin and Donna Kamara
Karen Kaser
Lirhus Keckemet
Gary Keenan
James and Maudie Kerns
K. Austin Kerr
John Kilbourn
David and Alice King
Christopher King and Emily Allen
Margaret King
Richard Kint and Rachel Rutledge
Louise Kirchen
Anne and Richard Kitaeff
Christine Kline
Jean Knauss
Helen and Kees Kolff
Helene Berg Kolin
Joseph and Takako Koplin
Paul and Susan Krug
Michael and Ron Kubec
Doug and Jane Kurata
Lisa Lanza
Andrew Larsen
Helen and Peter Lauritzen
Bertram Levy, MD and
Roberta Butler
Beverly Leyman
Katie and David Link
Nicholas Lovejoy
Terry Lundeen
Linda and Bob Maguire
John Maier
Claude Manning
Mike Marston
Larry and Linda Martinez
John V Matthews, MD
Kay and Michael McCarthy
Keith McClelland
Cameron and Roger McPherson
Jean Mennella
Merck Partnership for Giving
Patricia and Steve Merrill
Nancy Merrill
Ann Merryfield and Cyrus Cryst
Ruth Merryman
Carol Anne Modena
Pepe Montero
Sherrie Montgomery
Jim and Sharon Moore
Kenneth Morris
Janet and Mike Mortenson
Ms. Ann Murphy
Irene M. Myers
NANDA Acrobaticalists
Daniel Nasman
Jim Newberry and
Jenny Armstrong-Newberry
Honey Niemann
Fred Nussbaum and Nan Evans
Richard and Virginia O’Brien
Adriane and Jim Oliver
Linnea Patrick
Dan and Sue Perkins
Personalize It !
Carolyn and Wilson Peterson
Christina and James Pivarnik
Bob Podrat
Patti and Phillip Pollard
Port Townsend Computers
Dan and Fran Post
Bob Priest
Ruth Purcell
Mark and Michelle Puryear
Harvey and Karen Putterman
Suzanne Raley
George Randels
Hali Kalae Ransom
Tom Reinerth
Michael and Shelly Reiss
Bill Reith
Lucinda Reuter
Patti Reynolds and Harold Nelson
Linda and Peter Rhines
Barbara W. Rhoe
Nicole Rinne
Mike Rockwell
Sally Rodgers
Laura and Bernard Rosenberg
Mary Rothschild
Paul and Roberta Rovner
Sharon Rubin
Jude L Rubin
Florida Rue
Susie and Ralph Sabin
Carolyn and Jack Salmon
Debi and Phil Saxton
Jill Schacht
Richard and Mary Ann Schulte
Mr. Fred Schwartz
Sheri Sehulster
Nancy Shipley
Shure Inc.
Langdon S. and Anne Simons
Diona Smith
W.P. and Diona Smith
Patricia Smith
Dennis A. Smith
Craig and Laurie Somes
Bickie and Gary Steffan
Stephen M Stewart
Kate Storey
George and Karen Strohofer
Sunshine Propane
Janet and Greg Sweeney
Jill Taylor
Douglas Thompson
Larry and Peggy Thompson
Joseph Topness
Tumbl Trak
Joanne and Len Tyler
Pat Vaughan
Bruce and Carol Von Borstel
Waldron Island Community Library
Charlotte G. Warren
Joe Wheeler, Jr.
Allen Whitehead
James Whittaker and
Dianne Roberts
James Wilke and Judy Cites
Dale and Margaret Williams
Mary Wilson
Judy Dahl and Carol Wood
Timothy Wood and Anne McDuffie
Patricia and Ted Yearian
Vicki Young
Richard and Diana Zinn
Friend ($50 - $99)
Anonymous (4)
Donna and F C Adams
Cheryl Albaugh
Rebecca Allen
Kristen Arrivee
Claudia Bach and Philip Smart
Holly and Douglas Barlow
Louise Bayma
John and Pam Begley
Marilyn Bennett and Peter Pendras
Brian and Dolores Bennett
Julie Bermant
Vernon Bessey
Stefan and Mary Biskup
Catherine Black
Richard and Deborah Bonfanti
Larry Brandt
Terrigal Burn
Dana Buttler
Steven Campf
Carol Chandler
Mrs. Georgia Christensen
John and Pam Clise
Merilee Clunis and
Margaret Schonfield
Lewis and Mary Coleman
Adam Cook
Eileen Cooney and Chris Jones
Curtis and Britt Danielson
Jean and Burl Davies
Ronald D Delzer
Dianne Diamond
Jim Donaldson and Margaret Snow
Ann Dowie
Dream City Catering Inc
Lucie Duclos
Rikki Ducornet
Malcolm and Cosette Dudley
Carolyn Eastman
Dr. and Mrs. Eric and Barbara Effmann
Bert Ed Emswiler
David and Merry Estrem
Michel Ferry
Marjorie and Richard Fiddler
Paul and Kirsten Fischler
George and Janis Fisler
Joseph Fleischauer
George Goins
Frank Goodbold
Betty Gordon
Barbara and Robert Gray
Nicolas Greenlee
Glen Greisz
Carl and Elizabeth Hamlin
Ellen and Rick Hargis
Elizabeth Hartman
Janet L. and Robert L. Higdon
Richard A. Hobbs
Ann Hueter
Diana Hughes
Barbara Hughes
Karen Iglitzin
Charles Jackels
Jo Ann and Stephen Jackson
Virginia Jennings
Betty Johnson
William Jones, Jr.
Gregg and Phyllis Kanyer
G. Franklin Karreman and Associates
Paul Kelton
Rita Kepner and John Matthiesen
Patty Kinney
Robert Komishane
Jean Lawson
Elaine Lachlan
Ms. Susan D. LaMay
Harrel Lawrence
Dave and Dixie Llewellin
Gwen L Lovett
Eric Mahnerd
Emily and Leonard Mandelbaum
Joseph Marek
Oliver Marston
James G. McCurdy
Margie McDonald
Petra McDowell
Gary C. McMannon
Melanie and Manes Merrit
Jean Millican
Jeff and Jan Mitchell
Dale Moses and Susan Pool Moses
Elizabeth and Robert A. Moss
Bruce Mulloy
Orville Murphy
Georgeanne Muse
Peter and Robyn Newland
Darwin Nordin
Sheila Parker
Thelma and David Parris
Robin Paster
Wayne Paulson
Betsy Pendergast
Mitchell and Sandra Poling
Randy and Sara Powers
Vivian Pratt
Susan Pratt and Richard Williams
Leon Richard and
Martina Abba-Richard
Larry and Marilyn Richardson
Peter and Kay Robinson
Morton and Susan Robinson
Catharine Robinson
Janlyn and Donald Robinson
Hector R Roche
Melvina and Richard Romanelli
Mary Fran and Michael Ryan
Michael Ann Sagin
Denis and Kristine Salmon
Larry Sammons
Charles and Mary Ann Schroeter
Lisa Seifert
Gary Selufsky
Mary Ann Shaffer
Gloria P Short
William and Zoe Shumway
Sue and Carl D. Sidle
Duane Simshauser
Robert Sklovsky
Kay and Michael Smallwood
Ronald Smith
Hilton Smith
Dana Standish and Noah Seixas
Dolores E. Stewart
Jim and Mary Sundeen
Karen Sweeney
Carlyn Syvanen
Jeanine Thoene
Alfred and Beryle Thomas
Bob and Diane Threlkeld
Brock and Amy Tidball
Barbara and Jim Tipton
Helen M Turner
Nan Toby Tyrrell
United Way of Central Virgina
Gary and Donna Usa
Gerald and Cynthia Walsh
Gretchen Wambach
Steve Wang and
Katheryn Hamilton Wang
Robert and Le Watkins
Ida and Philip Wingrove
Julian and Maureen Witherell
Allene Wodaege
Monica K Wong-Goebel
Penelope R. Wood
Woodle Family
Carla Wulfsberg
Mattie and Tom Young
Joseph and Nancy Young
Allan Zee and Judith Chandliss
Fan (up to $49)
Anonymous (3)
Carol J. Allen
Susan Anderson
Charles Archuletta
Heather Atkinson
Daniel Baron
Jim Becker
Elizabeth Blake
Brenda Bole
Gloria Bram
Marlene Broemer
Gordon and Bonnie Bushaw
Mac Cantrell
Lygia Chappellet
Laurel Circle
Tomoko Clark
Nancy Curtis
Sandy Diamond
Patrick Doyle
Judy Duncan
Duncan Duvall
Debra Earling
Robert Erlich
Polly Fabian and Craig Seasholes
Robert Filippi
Kay Floria
Mary Jane Fraser
Charlotte L. Frazier
Jack Galliett
Linda Garrison Gray
Robert Goldberg
Lynn Graves and Robert Morgan
Myrna L Halpern
William and Joan Hartnett
Diana Herndon
Eddie Hill
Howard Holman
Robin Hruska
Floyd and Jeanne Hudson
Jennifer Jenkins
Becky Johns
Chris Kelling
Jana Kessinger
Sharon and Wayne Lamm
Cheryl Lawrence
Andrie and Duncan Leaf
Barry H. Lerrich
Parker Lindner
Xiomara Lugo
Bill Martin
Patti Noritake Matsuda
Van Maxwell
Jennie Mayer
Jennifer McClure
Julie Melito
Deborah Melker
Anne Metcalfe
Linda Milius
Rick Mohr
Christopher Montgomery
Daniel Moore
Frederick Olson
Sally Orlob
Malcolm Page
Bill and Carolyn Parker
Marilen and Jordan Pitler
Karen Posner and Frank Ruggiero
Michael Harkey and Carol Jo Quaife
Millie Renfrow
Emalene Renna
Raymond S. Rice
Rex and Carrie Rice
Sharon Robinson
Lois Rosen
Rosalind Russell
Susanna Sandke
Richard L Shaneyfelt
Marcia Sloane
Drew Smith
Matthew Stoloff
Samantha Stromberg
Angela Summer
Carol Sunde
Selina Sweet
Mary Jo Taylor
Douglas Temkin
Colette Tennant
Davis Thomas
Karen Tsao
Doris Unruh
Leslie Wake
Emily Welsh
Vicky Wenzlau
Michael and Cathleen Wilburn
Anne Woods
Bruce Reid and Bonnie Zahnow
Maya Zeller
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Calendar of Events
Port Townsend
Chamber Music Festival
Sunday, June 21, 2:00 PM
ENSO Quartet
Wheeler Theater
Voice Works
Friday, June 26, 7:30 PM
Global Resonance
Wheeler Theater
Saturday, June 27, 7:30 PM
Honky Tonk Polka Dot
Dinner & Dance, USO Building
Festival of
American Fiddle Tunes
Port Townsend
Writers’ Conference
Friday, July 3, 1:30 PM
Fiddles on Fire
McCurdy Pavilion
Sunday, July 12, 7:15 PM
Gary Copeland Lilley
Friday, July 3, 7:30 PM
North and South
McCurdy Pavilion
Saturday, July 4, 1:30 PM
Fiddles on the Fourth
McCurdy Pavilion
Monday, July 13, 7:00 PM
Lisa Norris & Pam Houston
Tuesday, July 14, 7:00 PM
Claire Davis & Kim Addonizio
Wednesday, July 15, 7:00 PM
Participant Reading
Thursday, July 16, 7:00 PM
Skip Horack & Luis Urrea
Friday, July 17, 7:00 PM
Melissa Febos & Erin Belieu
Saturday, July 18, 7:00 PM
An Evening with Joseph Stroud
Jazz Port Townsend
McCurdy Pavilion
Friday, July 24, 7:30 PM
Much More Than Samba
Regina Carter & Friends
Saturday, July 25, 1:30 PM
Trio da Paz
Kim Nazarian & Friends
All-Star Big Band
Saturday, July 25, 7:30 PM
Latitude Adjustment
Sit Down, Hang On
Thursday, July 23, 8 PM,
Friday & Saturday, July 24-25,
10 PM Jazz in the Clubs
Port Townsend
Acoustic Blues Festival
Wednesday, July 29, 7:30 PM
Rag, Blues & Zydeco Dance
USO Building
Friday, July 31, 8:00 PM
Blues in the Clubs
Port Townsend
Acoustic Blues Festival
Saturday, August 1, 1:30 PM
Acoustic Blues Showcase
McCurdy Pavilion
Saturday, August 1, 8:00 PM
Blues in the Clubs
2015 Ticket Sponsors
Hope Roofing
and Construction
John L. Scott
Sport Townsend
Port Townsend
Ukulele Festival
Saturday, October 10, 7:30 PM
Ukulele Bonanza One
Wheeler Theater
Saturday, October 17, 7:30 PM
Ukulele Bonanza Two
Wheeler Theater
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