The Rooster Review -

The Rooster Review
May 2015
Welcome the Babe Chicks of the 472nd Men’s Cursillo:
“Repent Renew Rejoice”
Ray Fiol
Pete Hastings
Jack Klinker
Gene Miller
Nick Setliff
Clifton Thigpen
St. Joseph
St. Joseph
Spiritual Direction Team
Father Frank Wiggins
Jane & Mike Walsh
Team Members, Roles, & Talks:
Rick Fleming - Rector
Galen Potter – Asst.Rector – Christianity in Action
Jim Hayes – Head Squire
Bill Hayden – Shalom House Liaison; Liturgy –
Study of the Environment
Johne Bandino – Squire - Leaders
Chris DiChristina – Head Liturgy – Group
Carlos Ortiz – Squire - Piety
Joe Strain – Tech Squire - Study
Paul Attanasio – TMAT – Layperson in the
Dave Biddulph – TMAT - Action
Mike Mercadante – TMAT - Ultreya
Glenn Pfluger III – TMAT - Ideal
And our ever-present Host, the Holy Spirit!
Babe Chicks Chirp at Closing:
What has this Cursillo Weekend meant to you?
Becoming part of a family that is involved and wants
to be involved…that joy of sharing it with everyone
else…Impelled to say rock, paper, scissors…educate,
instill some greater love of Christ; I feel it took…I
learned I was doing it all wrong…the support and
preparation were unbelievable…my expectations were
not huge, but it was way more than I could have asked
for…it was a great weekend…what I learned and took
out of it is this is one heck of a community…my rock,
paper, scissor skills are so legendary…a reminder that
there is so much color in the world…I’m sure with
God I can be more of an extravert later in life…it was
a good thing that happened this weekend that I really
needed in my life…a community there to support me.
“Now is the Time”
475thWomen’s Cursillo
May 28-31, 2015
Shalom House, Montpelier, VA
Spiritual Direction Team
Father David Stanfill,
Deacon Chris Colville, and Mary Hayes
Team Roles and Talks:
Neilann Brown - Rectora
Grace Marino - Asst. Rectora-TMAT - Total Security
Linda Hancock – Archangel - Layperson in Church
Ellen Klingman - Liturgy Team - Action
Patti Allen - Liturgy Team - Ideal
Ruth Mercadante – Angel - Christianity in Action
Kaitlin DiChristina - Angel/Leaders
Lee Ann Benton - TMAT/Study
Theresa Cammarata - TMAT/Piety
Judy Goodman - TMAT/Study of Environment
and our Ever-Present Host – The Holy Spirit!
Weekend Details, Palanca Needs
& Other Opportunities
Location: Shalom House
15340 Robert Terrell Road,
Montpelier, VA 23192
Date: Thursday, May 28, 2015
Time: 7:45pm
Please bring: Snacks, drinks, and
palanca letters.
Snacks & Drinks
We will need snacks, nuts, fresh fruit, granola
bars, trail mix, pretzels, bananas, candy,
chocolate, and drinks including bottled water,
diet soda, and iced tea.
Palanca Letters
Keep Cursillo alive by writing Palanca and
doing the sacrifice. Letters may be given to any
team member or sponsor by Wednesday, May
27. Letters can be mailed no later than
Wednesday to Grace Marino 10712 Lunswood
Rd Chester, Virginia 23831. There will be a
drop-off point at Shalom House Thurs., May 28.
Note to Sponsors
Make sure to have candidates to Shalom House
between 7:15-7:30pm on Thurs. May 28.
Bring a bottle of your candidate’s favorite nonalcoholic beverage and their favorite snack.
Help your candidate to the registration area, be
sure their balance for the Cursillo is paid in full,
follow Angels to gathering area, and report to
the sponsors’ room once dismissed by the
Please call this number only
in case of EMERGENCY:
Linda Hancock 804-314-7167
Grace Marino 804-931-5247
Meal Palanca
Meals are provided by Shalom House, but they
can use two kitchen helpers per meal. These
Cursillistas will help in the kitchen before the
meal and clean up after the meal. To volunteer,
please contact:
Mary Alexander, Director of Shalom House
Phone: (804) 883-6149
Set-up/Clean-up for Closing
Contact Person: Russ Wisler
cell 804-883-0171
home 804-564-1902
[email protected]
For Closing, set-up begins around 3 PM on
Sunday, May 31.
Location:St. Ann’s
105 S. Snead St., Ashland, VA 23005
Date: Sunday, May 31, 2015
Gather by: 3:30pm
Start time: 4:00 pm
Please bring: a potluck dish to share.
Flowers are always welcome.
When you invite someone to make a Cursillo Weekend and
their answer is no or not now, how do you respond?
Compiled by Rob Grubbs & Trisha Potter
Does every person you invite to make a Cursillo Weekend accept the
invitation and sign the application immediately? Yes. Really? If so, then
please write in and let us know exactly how you do it! We’ll publish it as
a how-to article the very next issue.
If you’re like the rest of us, we hear no often. Certainly, there are very
good reasons – logistical, health, financial, previously made plans, family
commitments, etc. – that make ‘no’ the right choice for that person at that
How will people know if now is the time for them to go?
We polled the readers of The Rooster Review, to see what their
experiences and responses have been when people say no or not now to
their invitations. Here’s what some seasoned Cursillistas had to say on
the matter:
I first take the advice of the Evangelization Talk and tell God about the
person before I tell the person about God. Sometimes, it stops right
Quick Reference:
1. Pray
2. Plant the seed
3. Gentle
4. Ask them to
about going
5. Talk to them
after Mass and
offer to
sponsor them.
6. Listen to the
Holy Spirit.
I "plant the seed" with the person. I don't invite them at first. I ask if they have ever heard about a
Cursillo Weekend and if they answer no, I give them a 30 second overview and suggest they think
about it.
If the answer is yes, I suggest they think about it and add that I think it would be a
rewarding experience. I answer any questions and leave it at that.
Weeks later I may casually ask if they have been thinking about the Weekend but
stop short of trying to convince them to go.
Once the weekend team is formed, I remind them that a weekend is coming up and
ask if they have they considered going. If the answer is no, I suggest they pray about it and ask the
Holy Spirit if they should do it, and then change the subject. This could be several months ahead of
time so later the calendar should not be an issue.
Probably about a month before the weekend, I try to talk to them after Mass at church and offer an
invitation and my willingness to be their sponsor. In the invitation is the offer that, "all you have to do
is say yes, and I will take care of making it happen. There is a cost for the weekend, and if that is a
problem just tell me and I will take care of that also." I like to make the offer in person rather than on
the phone or email so I can perceive how it is taken and read the body language etc. Making the
offer at church I think is in a spiritual environment and having just heard the Word and experienced
Eucharist and Community the candidate just might be a little more receptive to listening with his/her
I guess my approach is one of gentle encouragement relentlessly applied rather than the hard sell
during the last few weeks leading up to the weekend. For, bottom line, if I have to "sell" someone on
the weekend and vigorously convince them to go, I may, and most probably will be setting up
unrealistic expectations.
Ultimately attending the weekend is responding to the call of the Holy Spirit. All I ask of them is to
listen and respond. Either yes or no is okay......but, I will remind them of the next weekend coming up
if the answer is no. Nick Vidonic, 1998 the Abbey
Please e-mail any spiritual reflections, Scripture meditations, articles, book, music, or movie reviews,
“God Moments,” prayer requests for the printed newsletter, or something brand new to Trisha
Potter at [email protected] or Rob Grubbs at [email protected]
Is it possible that a bit of "time off" is in order?
There is a deeper problem, I feel, if people need
to be coerced. I also feel that continuing to follow
through with a weekend with far too few
candidates is not healthy. When the
candidate/team ratio is 1/1 (or even greater) it can
be overwhelming. And sometimes, even though
team members do not care to spend all of that
prep time and then not follow through with the
weekend, team formation may be all that the Lord
has called that team to experience. Perhaps the
time would be better spent with Cursillo
Workshops, reviews etc. for a year or so allowing
for greater enthusiasm throughout the community.
Cathy Puhala 11-79
Johne B and I agree on this: best way to get
someone to consider Cursillo seriously( and over
the time it may take) is to follow up any initial
conversation with a letter mailed to the person
inviting them and detailing how you think Cursillo
fits them/ their desire to grow their faith (enclose a
copy of the application). Most people won't throw
a personal letter away ( at least not immediately)
and the worst they'll do is file it till another
time...then if the time is right they will have both
your well-reasoned impetus AND the application
ready to hand.
-Joel Nuckols
Thanks so much for sharing your responses!
Hopefully this will help others “Make a Friend,
Be a Friend, Bring a Friend to Christ!”
Prayer to the Holy Spirit: Come, Holy Spirit, fill
the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the
fire of Your love. Send forth Your Spirit and they
shall be created. And You shall renew the face of
the earth.
O, God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, did
instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the
same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever
enjoy His consolations, Through Christ Our Lord,
The second of two episodes, "Bringing our Friends to Christ", is scheduled to be broadcast on
EWTN's The Church Universal program on the following dates:
• May 12, 2015 - 5:00 a.m. (EDT)
• May 15, 2015 - 10:00 p.m. (EDT)
If your TV set does not receive EWTN, you can watch it live at these times from your computer at
Please keep the following
Cursillistas and families in your
prayers: Kathy Cook, Brenda
Hartless, Catherine (granddaughter of Ed
and Dolores Groat), Pat Clement, Jason
Klingman (son of Joey and Ellen
Klingman), Fr. Robert Lange, Barb
Rogers, Nick Griguts, and those who are
unemployed or underemployed, as well as all who are
suffering in mind, body, and/or spirit.
We pray for the peaceful repose of the
souls of our loved ones: James McCarson
(father of Sharon Ritenour), David Coddington (Laura
Stapleton’s grandfather), Paul Landry, Bing Arrighi
(husband of Doris), Loretta Getson (mother-in-law of
Deacon Charles Williams), Mildred Klingman
(mother of Joey Klingman) and for all who are
mourning the loss of loved ones.
Thanks Be to God (and You)!
Serving at
Shalom House
Gives Cursillo
Mary Alexander can
use kitchen helpers
whenever she has
retreats being held
there. If anyone is
able to volunteer as a
kitchen helper on
non-Cursillo retreats,
Cursillo will receive a
financial credit of $10
per hour per person.
Volunteering takes 34 hours per meal.
Please contact Mary
if you can help.
“We appreciate everyone who has prayed for us over
the past five years. Those prayers have helped us
through some tough times. Knowing that there was a
strong community behind us made the hardships, the
sadness, the loneliness, not take hold...Please let the
Cursillo community know how much their prayers
have meant to our family. Thank you all.”
Humbly, Gigi Curtin, October 2008, the Abbey
Introducing the
Men’s Cursillo Team
for the
July 23-26, 2015
at Sacred Heart
Spiritual Direction
Kathy Haut
Steve Haut
Amber Parsons
Victor Valle
Rob Grubbs – Rector
Dan Clark
Greg Davis
Tim Evans
Ed Flynn
Steve Haddon
Joey Langford
Dan Martin
Peter Schneeberger
Dick Swistock
Ron Wisniewski
Updates from John Baab and Michele Morris
John Baab is excited that he will be doing his pastoral year at Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Church and School in Newport News beginning this summer after a month of Spanish
language immersion in Guatemala in June. He would appreciate your prayers as he and his
brother seminarians finish up their school year, then transition into their new assignments.
Michele Morris message to the Cursillo family and beyond: “HELLO! :) I am doing well and after many
wonderful, in-depth, conversations with Reverend Mother and my spiritual father (a priest who has been serving
as one of my primary spiritual and discernment guides), we came to a peaceful and grace-filled decision for me
to leave the Sisters of the Sea Monastery at Carmel and follow God wherever He wishes me to be next.”
Michele lived with some Carmelite hermits in the state of Washington. She left there on April 16 to visit the
Benedictine Clear Creek Sisters community in Hulbert, Oklahoma planning to stay two weeks. The last I heard
she was unsure what was next after that. Please keep Michele in prayer as she continues her discernment.
Dick Commander
530-3546 (h)
Jeannine Commander
839-3596 (c)
Deacon Bob Straub
732-5350 (h)
PO Box 5560, Fort Lee, VA 23801
CVCC Spiritual Director Deacon Charles Williams
Precursillo Coordinators Mike & Jane Walsh
932-4505 (h)
Brady Beveridge
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Spiritual Director Coordinator
Kathy Haut
4thDay-2nd Friday
Judy Goodman
4thDay –4 Fri/Communications
Tom & Ellen Herod
Group Reunion coordinator
Cris Pond
Babe Chick Survey
Clay Beveridge
Member at Large
Mary Attanasio
Member at Large
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Sub-ministry Coordinators
Supplies/Shalom House Coordinator
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Newsletter Co-Editor
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Newsletter Distributor
Dan & Mary Martin
General Palanca
Cathy Valle
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Jack Bruno
4 Day packets
Kathy Cook
Sacred Heart Motel Coordinator
Scott Fisher
Emmaus Liaison
Janet Hasenfus
Weekend Closing Coordinator
Russ Wisler
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address, to
receive online,
or to cancel,
please call
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Upcoming Cursillo Weekends
Women’s at Shalom House: October 8–11
Men at Shalom House: February 18-21
Women at Shalom House: April 28-May 1
Men at Sacred Heart: July 22 – July 25
Women at Shalom House: October 27 – 30
Here’s the new Central Virginia Cursillo
Please report any problems or suggestions to Dick
Commander, [email protected], when using
the website. It is still a work in progress.
Also, contact please contact him if you wish to be
added to the e-mail list.
Catholic Diocese of Richmond
7800 Carousel Lane
Richmond, VA 23294-4201
Richmond, Virginia
Permit Number 321
In 2015, Ultreyas will be held the
2nd and 4th Friday evenings of the
month from 7:30-9:30pm.
Come with friends & bring a snack!
May 22 – St. Theresa, Farmville
June 12 – Holy Rosary
June 26 – St. Elizabeth Ann Seton,
July 10 – St. Gabriel
July 24 – St. John, Highland Springs
Aug. 28 – St. Olaf, Norge
Sept. 25– St. Augustine, Chesterfield
Oct. 23 – St. Joseph, Petersburg
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