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The Pine Needle Press
Volume 31 Issue 2
Pine Tree Quilt Guild
February 2014
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A newsletter of the Pine Tree Quilt Guild of Nevada County, having taken root in the fabric of the Grass Valley
community since 1984. Published monthly except August.
11255 Banner Mine Way, Nevada City 95959
February President’s Message
As we enter into the busy days ahead, let’s take a moment to reflect on why we belong to PTQG.
“The purpose shall be to contribute to the growth of knowledge about quilting techniques, patterns, history and quiltmaking, by providing educational meetings, fun and fellowship. The Guild sponsors and supports charitable quilting
activities, encourages quilt-making and collecting and promotes the appreciation and knowledge of quilts.”
Our purpose clearly states what I receive from my involvement with the Guild. I learn something at every meeting and
class, feel rewarded volunteering with Community Service, enjoy the camaraderie and cherish the friendships I have made
at PTQG. Within my mini-group there is plenty of opportunity to laugh, get honest opinions to better a quilt, push me
ahead when I am stuck on a project and offer emotional support when that is needed.
To join Community Service come to Seventh Day Adventist Church on the third Thursday of every month; sew or pick up
a quilt kit to assemble at home, for more info contact Marjorie McConnell 265-9787 or [email protected] To take an
informational and fun workshop (cost is still only $25) contact Kathleen Stanley 346-1415 or [email protected] To
join a mini-group contact Clairie Carter at 271-5986 or [email protected] Scholarships are available for workshops
and memberships, contact Anne Wilson 274-1290 [email protected] if you have a need.
I hope to see you at the next meeting, February 4, and learn about EQ 7. I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to
purchase EQ7 and am really looking forward to this informational program and workshop to help me decide.
Happy quilting,
Anne Wilson
Have You Sent in Your Recipe Yet? Beat the February 20th Deadline!
You may or may not know about the guild cookbook in the making. not a big fundraiser
for the guild, more a joke that became an idea and, with the Board's approval,
blossomed into a project. See last month’s newsletter for the format for recipe
not the "full monty" cookbook
three categories - beverages, appetizers, desserts
a quick reference for a tasty tidbit suitable for a brunch, luncheon, tea, mini-group meeting, happy hour, open
house, or family dinner (soup, meatballs)
fact: preferred, not mandatory, that a quilting tip, technique, anecdote (50 words or less),
historical tidbit accompany your recipe
fact: preferred submission via email, hard copy to marjorie acceptable
fact: without member support the cookbook will not happen. may we count on you to email a recipe to lorna tiller,
[email protected] today? That is not lorna.1, it’s lorna.l.....(‘L’)
fact: for less than $.02 per day, you may own a copy of this handy reference. your $10.00 guarantees your very own
copy, autographed by the committee optional. see Kris Cook at February, March, or April meeting.
I would love to talk to you by email or phone, 265 9787 or [email protected]
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Table of Contents
2014 Officers & Board Members
2014 February Program & Workshop
Anniversaries & Birthdays
Board Mtg Minutes
Community Service
Cookbook Project
Drop in & Sew
General Meeting Minutes
Guild Meeting Dates
Highlights of Guild Positions
Holiday Challenge
Skill Builders/Home Workshop
March Mixer
Mystery Quilt
Patchwork Star
PTQG 2013 Financial Report
President’s Message
Quilt Shows & Events
Research Project
Share & Care
Guild Meeting Dates February 2014
General Meeting
Grass Valley Charter School
Day of the Month & Time
1st Tuesday at 6:30pm
225 S. Auburn, Grass Valley
Speaker Workshop
Seventh Day Adventist Church, GV
Wednesday after General Mtg
PTQG Board Meeting
Eskaton Village, 49er Room, GV
2nd Thursday, at 6:30pm
Newsletter Deadline
[email protected]
5pm Saturday after Board Mtg
Junior Quilters
Salvation Army, Alta St. GV
2nd Saturday at 10:30 am
Community Service
Seventh Day Adventist Church, GV
3rd Thursday, 9:30 am
Drop-In ‘n Quilt
Seventh Day Adventist Church, GV
3rd Thursday, 9:30 am
Skill Builders/Home Workshop
Seventh Day Adventist Church, GV
3rd Thursday, 9:30 am
No mtg
Quilt Show Committee
Eskaton Village, 49er Room, GV
3rd Tuesday at 6:30 pm
Ben Franklin Crafts
598 Sutton Way, Grass Valley
[email protected]
Craig & Andrea McGovern, owners
Christine Barnes Designs
208 Hill St. Grass Valley
[email protected]
Christine Barnes, owner
Back By Popular Demand
Last year's March Mixer was so well received that we are going to do it again! Our March Guild
meeting will be a night of fun and fellowship,
with a few surprises thrown in.
Bring a friend and come to enjoy some interesting exhibits, delicious food, beautiful Challenge
Quilts, and even a bit of entertainment.
More details will be given at the February Guild meeting.
Your Mixer Committee:
Ruth Bertaccini [email protected]
Kate Grant [email protected]
The Pine Needle Press! !
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Quilt Show News..........
The Quilt Show is only 3 months away. Doesn’t
seem like a lot of time to put together our 30th anniversary show! I know the committee
chairs are working hard to organize their parts of the show. Hopefully you are working
hard on those quilts you want entered into the show. We are asking our Charter members
and Hall of Honor members to put quilts in for a special exhibit honoring our 30th
anniversary. Don’t forget the items we need for the baskets and silent auction. This show
is our biggest money maker for the Guild. With the profits from the Show, we can
continue with our community service projects and give out scholarships to deserving students. So please help us by
selling your Opportunity Quilt tickets and helping out in any way you can. There are many opportunities for
volunteering between now, and especially, the weekend of the event. All volunteering is really appreciated!
Barbara Ceresa
Show Chair
Co-chair Needed for Set-Up/Take Down
for the 2014 Quilt Show.
Help!! I can’t be in two buildings at the
same time!! 
Please call
Ruth Bertaccini at 272-7423
February’s Speaker
Deby’s Sierra Sewing
245 E. Main St. Grass Valley
Deby Hendrickson, owner
Fat Lady Singing
14392 Lake Wildwood Dr., Penn Valley
[email protected]
Sally Monestier, owner
McHenry “Skip” Norman
We are looking to McHenry “Skip” Norman to educate us on the basics of Electric Quilt 7. In three
years he has taught over 200 students across Northern California. Skip emphasizes ease of learning
and guaranteed results in his presentation. His presentation will be at the meeting on February 4th.
His workshop, Electric Quilt,
The Basics will be on Wednesday, February 5th.
This class will familiarize participants with the electric Quilt Application for the design and construction
of any size quilt. Instruction will focus on how to use the software tools provided by the application to create and construct
quilts of various sizes and designs. Students, at their option, can bring laptop running windows XP, Vista or later. For
Apple/Mac users they must be running a Windows emulator: either Virtual PC or VMWare Fusion.
Supply List and description of work, if any , to be completed prior to class: Laptop PC is required. Notebook and
pencil are encouraged. If you wish to bring your laptop and have Skip install a limited edition of Electric Quilt 7, you must
notify Skip no later that two weeks prior to class, and have your laptop available in the classroom at least one hour prior
to class.
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Page 4
Pine Tree Quilt Guild Financial Report 2013
From the Editor:
Hmmm, I have been reminded more than
once that we highlight the Affiliates in the
newsletter! It seems that once I had
highlighted most of them, I somehow put it
in the back of my mind amidst all the other
clutter that’s there. I had meant to include
the group from October on...however, I
found a different story when I reviewed the
year’s newsletter. I didn’t do what I
thought I did!
I am so sorry to all of you. Most especially,
to Sandra Bruce and the staff at Howell’s
Sewing and Vacuum in Auburn. Sandra is
one of our generous and talented members
who has created beautiful items for our
guild. She is generous with her time and
Throughout this newsletter you will see
each affiliate from 2013 highlighted with
their name, address and phone number.
There are nine of them from last year....
Please patronize their businesses.
Sue Miller
Howel’s Sewing & Vacuum
13555 Bowman Rd. Auburn
[email protected]
MaryLynn Matthews, owner
Sandra Bruce Creative Long-Arm Quilting
116 W. Main St. 5B, Grass Valley
210-9748 or 477-1909
[email protected]
Sandra Bruce, owner
Precision Quiltworks
18251 Starduster Dr. Nevada City
[email protected]
John & Karla Rogers, owners
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“First in a series:
Page 5
“Highlights of Guild Positions”
Program Chair
One of the important positions in the Guild is that of Program Chairperson. The by-laws state:
“Program chairperson(s) shall make arrangements for Guild programs at general meetings and handle
all necessary arrangements for workshops held by invited guest speakers/lecturers/teachers. “ Program
chairs attend the Northern California Quilt Council (NCQC) in Pleasant Hill where the learn more
about potential presenters for our programs. Most of our speakers are chosen through exposure at
NCQC. The following article was submitted by Judy Vaughn and Lynda Lasich. Program Chair and
Co-Chair, respectively.
NCQC meets in Pleasant Hill. Each meeting has a social hour when we interact with prospective
teachers. Each of the 15 speakers is attending a table bordering the room. This set-up is much like a
booth with quilts hanging in the back and alongside with brochures, flyers, and other contact
information on the table. At the beginning of the meeting there is a short introduction by members of
NCQC and announcements of the organization. Each speaker is called up to the stage, usually 5 or 6 at
a time, and allowed 3 minutes to present their quilting focus. This can include numerous quilts of their
making and/or a description of the workshops they provide. Handlers display the quilts of the speaker
to facilitate the short time allowed.
After the prospective speakers give their presentations, general announcements of guild shows and
activities are solicited from those attending. At the conclusion of the meeting, there is again time to
talk with the individual speakers. Speakers are chosen based on their skills in order to blend both
traditional and art tastes.
Like all other committees of PTQG, the Program Chairs work within the budget allowed and submit
check requests when the speakers come to Grass Valley. The written check includes the IRS milage
allowance and/or hotel accommodations. Approved and signed by two officers, this check for services
is given to each speaker at the end of his/her stay in Nevada County.It is important to note that
speakers want to provide a workshop to enhance their visit to our community and usually are not
interested in just a speakership. It is also important to know that if each member of the Guild would
take just one workshop per year (a bargain at $25), the Guild would benefit financially, off-setting the
cost of programs and increasing our general fund.
Mystery Quilt
Last year's Mystery Quilt was a rousing success,
so we are gonna do it again.
It will be another one designed by Debbie Caffrey,
uses four fabrics, and is eight clues long.
To participate, it is a one time fee of $5.50.
Deadline for this years mystery is February 23.
Feel free to call me if you have any questions!
Frances O’Brien
Sugar Pine Quilt Shop
452-A South Auburn St., Grass Valley
[email protected]
Bonnie Bechtol, owner
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Patchwork Star for January 2014
Marilyn Engelking
With sprightly step and enviable charm, Marilyn's versatility came to the fore. Specifically, if you can't hand quilt
anymore, if those once-sturdy thumbs and digits don't cooperate like they used to, well, you simply adjust. Marilyn is happily
learning to machine quilt with an older non-computerized Bernina 1300. Her steady progress is bearing fruit. She'll not be
With an amazing and
impeccable nine stitches to the inch, large
patchwork masterpieces have
been fully hand-quilted. As a newbie in
1982, Marilyn learned to
work on an old-fashioned large quilting
frame side-by-side with
fellow quilting bee ladies. She quipped:
“You learn to work your
thumb and fingers to quilt in any
direction. In circles if
necessary!” What an envious beginning,
I say, for that flexibility has
produced astonishing results. You'll see.
Marilyn worked in a fabric
store in the Camarillo/Oxnard area in the
1970's. Her small Guild there
was essentially a mini-group. 1982
marked her transferrence to
Grass Valley, discovering Heidi's Fabrics
and our other Pine Tree Quilt
Guild starters.
A spontaneous amount of
non-conventionalism has spurred at least
two of Marilyn's successes.
Simply folding a child-like chain of paper
dolls can successfully space a
quilting motif onto a specified border.
Secondly, grocery store
“Press 'n Seal” also marked with quilting
designs can be used to lay and
stick upon a desired area. It's bought in a
roll next to the parchment paper. Paper piecing, often an anathema to many, is one of Marilyn's favorites. “Elmer's school
glue with a metal nozzle tip or a garden variety glue stick works very well,” she grins radiantly.
Often we quilters get hooked on hues. Marilyn has been tethered to Christmassy greens paired with royal purples. But,
the times, they are a-changing. Women get to do that. . . . Always full of bounce and playfully non-plussed, Marilyn couldn't
yet come up with her new favorite colors. Time will tell.
As a co-leader for the Peace Lutheran Church's Thursday morning “Piecemakers”, Marilyn takes charge of sewing projects
for DVSAC, Maternity Health Center and Shriner's Hospital. Quilts have, for years, been given to the needs of many.
Marilyn also sings soprano for the esteemed 30-member Sunday choir, requiring practices every Thursday night. Afternoons
may be devoted to a dutiful workout at Curves. These activities render her Grass Valley bound for all of Thursday each week.
Driving the 30 minutes from LOP necessitates a commitment of gas and time.
Likewise, a worthwhile commitment to Pine Tree Quilt Guild and favored mini buddies, the Busy Bees, makes Marilyn a
vetted and clearly devoted fellow quilter for more than 40 years!!
Jeanie Ferguson
Patchwork Star Reporter
Holiday Challenge
Sun Forest Quilts
13745 Sun Forest Dr. Penn Valley
[email protected]
Barbara Ceresa, owner
It's that time of year! The annual Holiday Challenge will begin
this February! To participate, all you need to do is bring three
fabrics, at least one half yard each, in a brown grocery bag with
your name inside. A mystery quilter will take those fabrics and
make you a quilt in time for the holidays. In turn you get to
make a quilt for someone else. That's it! That's all there is to it! I
hope to see all your smiling faces at the February meeting! Feel
free to call me if you have any questions or concerns!
Frances OBrien
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Page 7
Community Service and Drop In and Sew
THANK YOU PINE TREE QUILT GUILD for your response to the Community Service Christmas WISH
LIST— scrap batting, thread, plastic zipper bags, and fabric. All of the donations are finding their way
into quilts and replenishing our supplies. I have received several “thank you” notes from the agencies
we donated to in December – all the recipients were thrilled and the convalescent care residents were
zipping around showing off their treasure to each other.
CS and DIS resumes on Thursday, January 16, 2014 at the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Grass Valley,
9:00 – 3:00; 2014 calendar dates below. We have a busy year ahead of us! Our January meeting will
focus on “organization” – sorting fabrics by color, straightening the closet, and preparing quilt as you go kits.
We have had two special requests for quilts. Dr. Sarah Woerner has asked for 20 baby quilts for Nicaragua (10 girl/10 boy by April), and
the County Office of Education has asked for 12 teen quilts for foster youth by May. Some of you mentioned that your mini-group may
do some of these. Please let me know if you are contributing to one of these requests.
Several small and medium size quilts that were not quilted in 2013 are waiting for that finishing touch. This is a great opportunity to
practice your free motion quilting or stitch in the ditch, sew from corner to corner, or meander. If you can help out, let me know – I will
bring quilts to guild meeting, meet you, or you can work on one at Community Services. No need to bring supplies – we also have sewing
machines, rulers and rotary cutters, fabric, and thread.
Please join us for an hour or for the day – we have a project to fit your time constraints. Remember – chocolate, homemade cookies,
coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and lots of fun and laughter are available. Do bring a lunch or a snack. If you cannot attend CS but would like to
help, please contact me.
2014 Community Service Dates
January 16
February 20
March 20
May 15 June TBA
July 17 September 18
October 16
April 17 August 21
November 20
Thank you, December NO MEETING
Marjorie McConnell
[email protected]
Skill Builders/ Home Workshop
In March Betty Maddox and Ina Githa will be teaching how to make an envelope quilt. Community Service kits will be
available for learning Ina’s quick technique and tips. Check March’s newsletter for more details. Email Betty,
[email protected], if you are interested in registering for the workshop.
Research Project on Teen Parents
Dr. Winters, Cal State Northridge, is conducting a research project on teen parents. She
estimates data collection will take two to three years, interviewing 1,000 teen mothers. To
encourage their participation she wants to raffle baby quilts each month.
Community Service quilts may only be donated to recipients, they may not be sold or
raffled. I have shared this policy with Dr. Winters and told her that I would make the
announcement to guild members. If you would like to support this effort please contact
Professor Loretta Winters, Sociology Department, CSU:Northridge, 18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, CA
Thank you,
Marjorie McConnell
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The Pine Needle Press! !
Page 9
Happy Birthday!
Doris Demers
Karle deProsse
Jeanne Allgood
Julie Berry
Yvonne Leever
Caryl Fairful
Claire Casey
Jeanie Ferguson
Ardy Tobin
Judy Moore
Susan DeHaan
Lois Goodwill
Linda Reeve
Elvira Kranz
Julia Marvel
Irmke Schoebel
Christina Brodie
Happy Anniversary!
Carol & Jack Gates
Myrna & Loren Raglin
Doris & Arthur Demers
Donna & George Tilley
Fran & Bill thomas
Linda & Dennis Keels
Share and Care
Do you know someone in the Guild who is under the weather and can use some cheering? Whether it is illness,
surgery, or loss of a loved one, please let me know so an appropriate card can be sent. Thanks.......
Carol Gates
Share and Care Chairperson
[email protected]
Quilt Shows And Events
February 1-15, 2014
Sisters Quilting Collective
“Our Stories in Quilts”
The Brickhouse Gallery, 2837 36St. & Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95817
February 7-9
Folsom Quilt Show “Walk on the Wild Side”
$7 entry fee
Children under 12 free
March 22-23
Foothill Quilters’ Guild Quilt Show
Gold Country Fairgrounds, Auburn, CA
$7 entry fee
Our next meeting is February 4th at 6:30PM.
Grass Valley Charter School, Grass Valley
PTQG Information
The Pine Tree Quilt Guild of Nevada County
Send address changes and corrections to:
PTQG Computer Records
P.O. Box 3133, Grass Valley, CA 95945
or contact Computer Records
Ardy, 575-8433
Mail membership forms and dues to:
PTQG Membership
P.O.Box 3133
Grass Valley, CA 95945
Submit newsletter articles to:
Sue Miller, PTQG Newsletter Editor
[email protected]
11255 Banner Mine Way
Nevada City, CA 95959
Newsletter Deadline: 5:00 p.m. the Saturday
immediately following the PTQ Guild’s Board
Meeting on the second Thursday of the month
See our web page for membership forms and information:.