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Nouveautés 2012
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The brand that symbolises
the French art of living
Ever since its creation in 1928, NOBILIS, as a designer and producer of fabrics, wallpapers, carpets,
sofas and furniture, has always worked with talented partners and collaborators. Over the years,
well-known artists and designers have contributed to enriching its history and world, and all their
skills and expertise have made the company's glowing reputation what it is today.
Synonymous with elegance, distinction and good taste, NOBILIS is a brand that stands for French
culture while remaining open to the world.
2012 collections
Flights of fancy, colours
and sensuality
The rich, radiant NOBILIS collections for 2012 explore highly varied worlds imbued with a love of
colour, harmony and flights of fancy. They take us on imaginary voyages halfway between East and
West, the ethnic and luxurious, through magnificent timeless, revisited collections that are also
vibrant with youthfulness and beautiful prints. Whether modern or classic, the variety of NOBILIS
designs perpetuates the values of quality, comfort, elegance, excitement and the pleasure of the
NOTE: Each fabric is declined in several colors. Thank you to refer to files "Tissue samples" on the
USB or DVD for all to view.
Palazzo Collection
Palazzo Collection
Palazzo Collection
“ FA B R I C S E D I T I O N S N O B I L I S 2 0 1 2 ”
PALAZZO, inspired by Italian palaces, takes you on a remarkable journey to a world of lavish splendour. The majestic patterns, the focus on
silky materials and the strong, timeless range all make this an essential collection for classic and luxurious settings.
The unique know-how of French silk work is expressed in the pure NOBILIS tradition.
Raphaël Ref. 10347
Raphaël is a classic, elegant velvet suitable
for both upholstery and curtains.
Its small pattern, contrasting colours and
matt or shiny yarns, and its wide range of
14 colours all make it essential to decorate
timeless, modern and contemporary
settings alike.
Barberini Ref. 10348
Barberini is a great damask inspired by a
Nobilis archive.
It makes play with the contrasts between
a silk satin delineating the pattern, and a
natural background lit up by a shiny thread
evoking an ikat effect.
A heavy, very high-quality feel for an
exceptional, incomparable product.
Soie Pizzi Ref. 10350
A revisited re-issue of a great Nobilis classic.
This curtain fabric, with a broad width (3m),
100% silk, with a light pattern that gives
intensity and a special vibrancy to the colours,
goes with all the fabrics in the Nobilis damask
Colonna Ref. 10349
Colonna coordinates perfectly with Barberini: a
broad, majestic damask stripe.
Its construction enables play with the graphic
and the material, between a natural background
and a silk satin that lets the damask emerge.
Villa Borghese Collection
Villa Borghese Collection
“ FA B R I C S E D I T I O N S N O B I L I S 2 0 1 2 ”
VILLA BORGHESE summons light and elegance imbued with Italian nonchalance. Full of artistic skill, the fabrics of this collection, supple
and fluid as water, speak of sensuality and intimacy. Here we find a range of indispensable, classic items full of natural, authentic grace
and undisguised charm.
Monte Napoleone Ref. 10355
A wide damask with simplified, modernised
graphics, with a vigorous yet airy fall in a
range of radiant, authentic colours.
A product full of character, which is ideal for
conventional and modern interiors alike.
Via Manzoni Ref. 10356
A plain fabric that makes play with the contrast
between a natural side and a satin side.
A feel and weight that are particularly
diaphanous and sensual.
Via Manzoni is not just a plain material.
Through its force and presence, it sets the tone
for a discreet, chic ambiance.
Via Veneto Ref. 10357
A broad, modern stripe, which coordinates
perfectly with Monte Napoleone.
Its play with contrasts between a linen weft,
substance and a satiny pattern makes it an
easy, genuine product full of character.
Voyages Collection
Voyages Collection
“ FA B R I C S E D I T I O N S N O B I L I S 2 0 1 2 ”
This collection proposes a mysterious voyage to a place halfway between desert and city and the ethnic and luxurious, cosily contained
in a warm interior full of inspiration. Characterful materials and a pleasing thickness dialogue with stylised patterns and make play with
refined colours, perpetuating the pure NOBILIS heritage.
Bora Ref. 10358
This upholstery jacquard is highly appealing
for its attractive thickness and soft, rich touch.
Its geometric, maze-like pattern comes in
monochrome or two-tone shades.
Pampero Ref. 10360
This wide, generous, colourful stripe,
with a woolly feel, particularly wellsuited to upholstery, is similar to kilims
and will decorate stylised interiors as
well as modern, colourful ones.
Loo Ref. 10359
Milleraie stripe velvet: perfect for upholstery,
in seven subtle colours ranging from bright
pinks to sophisticated reds, including a chic
and modern neutral.
Sirocco Ref. 10361
Mainly for use in curtains, this is a
heavy, mysterious jacquard
providing richly varied materials.
A batik motif contrasts with rich,
enigmatic colours.
Zéphir Ref. 10362
Two-sided plain fabric: a little
conjuring trick, as this fabric is
100% linen. Astonishing poetry
and charm in this extremely light
and colourful material.
Influences Collection
Influences Collection
“ FA B R I C S E D I T I O N S N O B I L I S 2 0 1 2 ”
INFLUENCES: a poem around the theme of natural materials like cotton and linen. A modern and romantic world peopled by vibrant
materials with simple graphics, lively and radiant colours or softer, tenderer shades, all speaking of histories, lives and influences.
Hector Ref. 10343
Hector is a print on a light cotton background.
Its diaphanous aspect makes it easy and
delicate. Its pattern, a reinterpretation of a
classic design, is treated with a totally
contemporary material and vibrancy.
Tourbillon Ref. 10346
This linen jacquard, suitable for upholstery
and curtains alike, is a fabric whose material
and simplicity make it highly contemporary.
Its matching tone pattern is delineated by
the material, and evokes a plant-like world.
Dunes Ref. 10342
This fabric reinterprets the diamond pattern
while telling the story of passing time, with
a hint of nostalgia. It will provide originality
and a modern feel to decors with substance
and character.
Vibrations Ref. 10340
A graphic, colourful stripe, making play
with the contrast of matt and shiny, natural
and coloured, graphic and material, which
celebrates a magnificent mix of linen and
viscose satin.
A curtain fabric that will give a strong,
resolute touch to interiors, while giving
free rein to the expression of colour.
Les Landes Ref. 10344
A small weave for upholstery with a
mineral-like structure created through
thick, contrasting wefts.
A play of opposition between natural
and coloured yarns, with particularly
appealing highlights and lustre.
Theia Ref. 10345
Theia interprets a dream halfway between
mineral and vegetal, colours and linen
shades, modernity and the purely organic.
A vintage aspect with a "burn-out" effect
giving a high-quality fabric.
This powerful material nevertheless retains
a young, light spirit.
Ambre Ref. 10341
A superb linen satin that appeals through
its weight and full, vigorous feel.
Its highly subtle lustre differentiates it from
all the other satins.
It offers a fine, wide range of nine colours
with not only young, bright shades but also
those essential neutrals and taupes..
D’une Rayure à l’Autre Collection
D’une Rayure à l’Autre Collection
“ FA B R I C S E D I T I O N S N O B I L I S 2 0 1 2 ”
D’UNE RAYURE A L’AUTRE interprets a thirst for colours, rhythms and patterns. A delicious collection featuring a huge choice of stripes
mingled with coordinated prints in a fresh, youthful and spontaneous range. The soul of this collection is a joyously bright, playful world
that tells of sunny summer afternoons…
Diabolo Ref. 10335
Uncompromising colour associated with a
graphic wave…
The fabric, woven then embroidered, is wide
and strong yet easy and appealing. It will set
the tone in settings with character.
Dorémi Ref. 10337
A simple rhythm for this stripe with
colours like touches of light on a
dark or linen background.
Dorémi is one of the essentials for
upholstery and curtains. Its colouring
enables it to have several identities,
with classic seaside, sophisticated
urban and young colourful versions.
Dominos Ref. 10336
Through its play with graphics and colours, this
small multi-coloured print will bring gaiety and
imagination to young, modern interiors.
Les Pivoines Ref. 10338
A Suzanne Fontan re-issue, this
print on linen offers a design of
flowers and fruits that is original
and graphic, joyous and modern.
Méli-Mélo Ref. 10339
Braid like a graphic, modern stitch;
embroidery that adds colour like
writing in pure ink, with linen twill
Light and playful with a pronounced
character, this is a fabric with definite
Samarcande Collection
Samarcande Collection
“ FA B R I C S E D I T I O N S N O B I L I S 2 0 1 2 ”
More than any other collection, SAMARCANDE expresses a desire for lively colours. Inspired by a dream of forgotten voyages halfway
between East and West, its fabrics explore a silky ikat theme.
Combining bold colours and modernised graphics, this radiant collection will make for warm, distinctive interiors punctuated by a wide
range of Otello cotton velvets.
Adras Ref. 10351
With its Eastern name, Adras has a radiant,
seductive appeal.
A wide, elegant and sophisticated stripe,
whose rhythm enables play with colours and
materials, between silk taffeta and satin,
bright colours and powdery shades.
Hidaya Ref. 10352
Hidaya reinterprets the great ikat classic
through simplified graphics enabling the
expression of colours like pure pigments.
This great silk jacquard, simultaneously
modern and timeless, will inspire luxurious,
shimmering worlds.
Zinda Ref. 10353
Velvet with an ikat pattern print.
Its wide range provides a diversity of interpretations,
and it goes perfectly with modern interiors and
bright, colourful settings alike.
Jardins Suspendus Collection
Jardins Suspendus Collection
“ FA B R I C S E D I T I O N S N O B I L I S 2 0 1 2 ”
This collection offers a charming expression of the water-colourist's talent through floral prints and free, generous patterns inspired by
the Nobilis archives and Suzanne Fontan's designs. Four joyful, sensual, vibrant flowers, accompanied by young, colourful stripes and plain
colours, mark a warm-natured collection that will enhance stylish interiors. A dream of freshness, summer days and lunches on the grass…
Camélia Ref. 10366
The broad petals and countless colours in
this pattern make it a strong and powerful
Dahlia Ref. 10367
A touch of modernity; an encounter
between a light graphic line and an
up-to-date watercolour, a compromise
making exclusive use of colour as a way of
expression in this collection.
Violette Ref. 10369
Evoking delicate, ephemeral spring
flowers, this design charms through its
movement and lightness, and the power
of its colouring.
Rose Ref. 10368
A classic that contradicts our preconceived
ideas, for Rose is not just an artistic
watercolour whose subject seems familiar to
us; it above all expresses the power of colour
treated as a watercolour, like powerful, subtle
ink stains.
Célestin Ref. 10370
This two-tone, simple, easy and vibrant stripe
evokes canvas tents on the beaches of our
childhood. It goes perfectly with the four
flowers in the collection, with a great deal of
charm and youthfulness.
Mambo Ref 10323
A small jacquard, suitable for upholstery,
whose design is reminiscent of braided
fabrics. Mambo will provide a splash of
color and a hint of summer to your interior.
Samba Ref 10321
This plain, available in young and colorful
colours, seduces us with its use of different
yarns which create tiny oppositions of
tones and material. It gives a lively and
dynamic character to this fabric.
Lampions Collection
Lampions Collection
“ FA B R I C S E D I T I O N S N O B I L I S 2 0 1 2 ”
LAMPIONS: broad embroidery in linen with festive colours and a young, graphic design making for interiors full of humour and character.
Lampions Ref. 10363
Otello Collection
Otello Ref. 53300 à 53356
Otello Collection
“ FA B R I C S E D I T I O N S N O B I L I S 2 0 1 2 ”
A great house classic, this cotton velvet announces a new era with a new range. 54 classic shades, such as Opera Red, are subtly combined
with tinted greys and modern taupes. Plain colours for seats and curtains provide essential coordinates for the NOBILIS collections, and also
stamp interiors with simplicity and a modern touch.
Otello Ref. 503305
Otello Ref. 503313
Otello Ref. 503318
Otello Ref. 503325
Quai de Seine Collection
Quai de Seine Collection
“ FA B R I C S E D I T I O N S N O B I L I S 2 0 1 2 ”
Quai de Seine is a fire-resistant velvet expressed in a fine range of 26 colours, with an attractive density and a particularly appealing feel,
at a highly affordable price.
Quai de Seine Ref. 10364
Natural Rythms
Eun II Lee Collection
“ FA B R I C S E D I T I O N S N O B I L I S 2 0 1 2 ”
At last, a new Eunilee, collection to perpetuate the long-standing association between NOBILIS and the famous designer/producer!
A collaboration based on traditional weaving, enriched with new sources of creativity.
Natural Rhythms now proposes unique work using vegetable fibres: an attractive product consisting of cut-out wooden slats, or a strong
and graphic product in bamboo.
Trimming collection
Tiebacks, fringes, braids, trimmings and uncut cords make up an all-linen soft furnishing collection with highly original colours. This young and dynamic
range goes perfectly with the colours in the "Voyages" and "Influences" collections.
Contact presse : Jessica Locatelli . 29, rue Bonaparte 75006 PARIS - FRANCE
Tél : +33 (0)1 53 10 27 34 - e.mail : [email protected]
Contact Show-room : 38/40, rue Bonaparte 75006 PARIS - FRANCE
Tél : +33 (0)1 53 10 27 30 - e.mail : [email protected]
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