11/05/2015 Celamin Holdings Receives Results of Initial Court Action

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11 May 2015
Celamin Holdings Receives
Results of Initial Court Action
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Celamin Holdings NL (ASX: CNL) (Celamin, the Company) announces it
has received the results of one of the initial court actions it has
brought regarding the dispute with its joint venture partner, Tunisian
Mining Services (TMS). Celamin is in dispute with TMS over ownership
and control of the joint venture company Chaketma Phosphates SA
(CPSA), and has engaged Tunisian legal advisers and commenced legal
actions to resolve this situation.
As previously reported, Celamin has commenced three initial legal
actions in the Tunisian courts:
- An Application for reversal of a purported share transfer against
the Director General of CPSA, TMS, and Kais Mansouri of TMS;
- An application for appointment of a trustee under supervision of
the court to manage the business of CPSA and preserve the rights
of all parties until a final decision is made regarding the share
transfer; and
- An application for recovery of AUD$160,000 owed by TMS to
Celamin Limited, which is unrelated to the share transfer.
Celamin has been informed that the application for an appointment of
a trustee to manage CPSA was not granted. The reasons for the
judgement have not yet been released, and are expected to become
available within the next 2 weeks. Once received, Celamin, in
conjunction with its legal team, will determine appropriate next steps.
Celamin notes that the application for the appointment of a trustee is
separate from the application for reversal of the share transfer and
there has been no consideration of the merits of the latter application.
The two remaining court actions continue and Celamin is in the
process of determining further actions to be launched in the near
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