C O U N T R Y S... Project Supplies

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Project Supplies
You Will Need
1 Ball® Wide Mouth
Quart Jar
1 Ball® Wide Mouth Band
4-inch Foam Ball
1 (4-ounce) Can
White Spray Paint
1 (2-ounce) Bottle
White Acrylic Paint
1 (2-ounce) Bottle
Orange Acrylic Paint
1 12- x 18-inch Square
Dark Green Felt
27 inches Holiday Ribbon
(1½-inches wide)
1 Fuzzy Sock
1 Small Bell
1 Sprig of Holly
or Greenery
12 Flat Head Straight Pins
1 Small
Decorative Cardinal
3 Large Red Flat Buttons
5 Medium
Black Flat Buttons
Step 1, Getting Started: Read all instructions for the Country
Snowman Jar before starting. Assemble all supplies.
Step 2, Assembling Country Snowman Jar Base: Lay cardboard box on its side and newspaper down in a well-ventilated
location. Set jar upside down in the box. Put on rubber gloves.
Spray paint jar white. Allow to dry. Repeat if necessary for a
solid coat.
For the Body and Scarf: Glue large red and 3 medium black
buttons on front of snowman chest. Layer buttons for added
dimension. Wrap ribbon around band; tie a knot to form the
scarf. Secure to band with dots of glue under ribbon.
For the Jacket and Arms: Print provided templates and cut
out. Trace patterns onto green felt. Cut one back and two front
patterns. Place back flat on table, line up and pin front pieces
into place. With embroidery floss, stitch front pieces to back
piece in cross stitch or whip stitch over the edges. Wrap “jacket”
around jar and secure with dots of glue under the felt jacket.
Trim small twigs and glue into sleeves of jacket.
For the Head and Hat: Spray paint foam ball white, one coat
only. Tip: Use an old plastic drink cup to hold ball while spray
painting. Stuff 1 or 2 paper towels into sock to form hat. Pull
sock over foam ball; turn up edge to form stocking cap. Fold a
paper towel several times and stuff into folded sock rim to add
dimension. Secure sock hat onto ball with a bead of glue under
sock hat. Cut a 9-inch piece of ribbon and glue around sock hat.
Glue sprig of holly or greenery onto ribbon. Adjust band onto
lid. Run a bead of glue around top and inside upper edge of band.
Place head onto jar, hold in place until glue sets. Pin medium
black buttons onto foam ball for eyes and small black buttons
for the mouth. Touch up pin heads with black marker. Dip end
of a paint brush in white paint. Touch medium black button with
end of brush to form highlight in eyes. Paint orange triangle on
face. Outline detail with black marker.
4 Small Black Flat Buttons
Red Embroidery Floss
2 Small Twigs
Black Permanent Marker
Additional craft supplies
to have on hand: Scissors,
rubber gloves, white household or craft glue, paper
towels, cardboard box and
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