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January – March 2014
4126 West US Highway 90, Lake City, FL 32055 386-755-0179 fabricartshop.com [email protected]
STORE HOURS: Monday–Saturday 10 AM – 6 PM Sunday 1-5 PM
I truly hope you have had a wonderful holiday season, rested up and are ready to begin our New Year with a bang!
Cause we have lined up a great variety of classes and a Fiber Art Retreat. Bunches of fabrics were held for delivery
until this year, and they will be quickly rolling in. We will also be trying to increase our donations, so please help.
As I always wish, Come to my purple world and May you be moved to Create! Barbie
Lily Belle would like you to take classes and shop with her:
VISITING TEACHER----Wally Reichert
Watercolor Painting— ($28.00 per session +
supplies, Intro $15.00 + supplies) Water color
paints, paper and painting tools are available at
FABRIC ART SHOP. For additional information, call
Wally at 386-758-7853 to register. Saturdays, 1:30 –
4:00pm, January 25, February 22, March 22
Silk Painting -- Paint one of my designs or your own.
students can chose to paint a second piece or learn to
add free motion to make a quilted wall piece. ( $35
includes all supplies) 10-4 pm, Saturday, February 15.
February 14 Purchase retail priced RED fabric on the
bolt, RED thread, RED (predominately) books and get
15% off. This is a great time to add to your RED stash!
February 17 Purchase retail priced BLUE fabric on the
bolt, BLUE thread, BLUE (predominately) books and get
15% off. This is a great time to add to your BLUE stash!
Monday Mornings are for Hand Work—
and Fun Talk----Join us!
January 20, 15% off retail priced fabric on the bolt &
all books
VISITING TEACHER----Laurie Edvardsson
Intro to Tatting, a 2 part course on Sundays,
January 12 & 19, 1-3 pm. If questions, contact
Laurie at <[email protected]> ($35.00 +
VISITING TEACHER----Sandy Lindfors
Sunday's with Sandy Oil Painting -- Come spend a
relaxed afternoon in Lily-Belle's beautiful, new Hide-aWay and re-discover the fun of oil painting. Sandy has
taught Art for over 40 years and would love to share her
secrets and tricks for making Art treasures for home and
gifts for family and friends. Bring you own supplies &
it’s $25.00 Have Sandy set you up with everything for
$40.00. For more information & to register for class
dates, call Sandy-(386) 362-6850 to join. Sundays 1-5 pm,
January 19, February 16, March 16
March 17 Purchase retail priced GREEN fabric on the
bolt, GREEN thread, GREEN (predominately) books and
get 15% off. This is a great time to add to your GREEN
Fiber Art Retreat
March 12-15
More Details Coming Soon in Separate Flyer BUT Get It On Your Calendar!
Kimekomi--Bettie will continue with these fun and
popular classes. Bettie help you to explore the
numerous possibilities for unique patterns for our
Kimekomi balls. With all the fabulous fabrics, beads
and other embellishments, the individual expressions
are boundless. Beginners will learn mapping & cutting
techniques Come join in the fun, learn a new technique
and meet new friends. (Class fee $25.00 includes kit),
10AM - 3:00PM, Wednesdays, January 8, 22, February
12, 26, March 19 and Sunday, March 2 12-5pm
The Sewing Basket- The Sewing Basket: This
workshop is for the beginners & those who want to
brush up on their long lost sewing skill. You must
know how to operate your sewing machine. Start a new
garment project-or finish one that you have start;
spend a day cleaning out your sewing basket. Jeanette
will be here to answer questions & help solve
problems. ($18.00 plus supplies and your machine.) If
you would like to sew on our charity projects (quilt,
binding, pillowcase dress, pillowcases, etc there is no
charge for the workshop. 10a.m.-3p.m. Saturday,
January 11, Fridays, February 21 and March 7
Ruth Kennedy:
Quilting Basket -- This workshop is designed to help
you finish those quilt tops or table runners hiding
around the house. Ruth is there to answer questions,
figure out patterns & help solve problems that have
kept you from finishing. If you would just like to come
sew some of our charity projects there is no charge for
the workshop. Workshops ($18.00 + supplies) are
Fridays, 10-3, January 31, February 28, March 28.
Sample This! -- The conclusion of this sample quilt is
January 3rd from 10-3. We will try to repeat this quilt in
2014. Let us know if you are interested. Pattern
$19.95. All of the sections of the quilt have different
techniques, some traditional and some new and
exciting. Stop by to see the sample and get ready to
embark on a new quilting adventure. Class $60 +
pattern & supplies. Friday, January 3, 10-3
BQ3-- This BQ quilt from Maple Island has a fun slant
to it. It works well with small, medium and large prints.
Beginner Level-- ($18 +$8.00 Pattern + Supplies)
Sunday, March 23, 12-4
BQ4 --is the newest of the BQ quilts by Maple Island. It
is wonderful for large prints and puts together quickly.
($18 +Pattern + Supplies) Sunday, January 26, 12-4
4 Simple Squares-- is an introduction to the world of
Kaleidoscope quilts. This easy 4 patch quilt shows
you how to create the kaleidoscope look with 4 repeats
of the fabric pattern. Beginner Level--Join us Sunday,
February 23rd 12-4pm. ($18 +$9 Pattern + Supplies)
Hand Appliqué– If you want to learn how to hand
appliqué or you just want to join in the current project,
join us. ($5.00 per session while learning the technique
or to get the newest pattern.) Tuesday mornings, 10am12 noon January 14, February 4, March 18
Beginner Quilt—If you don’t have a lot of time want to
learn to be a quilter, this is the class for you. It is also a
great second class for those who graduated from other
beginning quilting classes. You make a lap quilt while
learning how to rotary cut, measure properly, learn
piecing techniques and how to put it all together as well
as sandwiching, quilting and binding ($89.00 + supplies)
4 classes on Tuesdays, 6-9pm, February 4, 11, 18, 25,
March 14, 18 + 1 personal appointment.
Intro & Return to Crazy Quilting -- We will meet once a
month this quarter to learn how to construct crazy quilt
blocks & how to use various techniques to embellish.
For our tatting people, this would be an awesome way to
show off some of that delicate lace! ($15.00 + supplies
when special lessons are given, otherwise FREE) FAS
has a supply of fabrics to share and trade. If our group
is willing, everyone can share with one another to make
this process even more fun. Thursdays, 10am-12 noon,
January 23, February 20, March 20
Double Sided Chenille Quilt- Find out how easy it is to
have a cuddly lap quilt that has chenille on top and
bottom. ($20 + Supplies) Thursday, February 27, 10-4pm
Kid Art -- Shaving cream and paint! What fabric we can
make! Wear your old clothes and get ready to have
fun. $25 includes class and supplies. Sunday, March 9,
Thread Painted Leaf Bowls -- Create your very own
unique leaf bowl for the holidays. This will be a fun
class that anyone will be able to do. $20 + pattern +
supplies. Saturday, March 8, 10 am-3pm
Flashy Scarf -- Let's make a scarf that will turn heads.
Just some yarns, thread & other stuff. ($16.00 +
supplies). Sunday, February 2, -1 -4pm
Modern Quilt #1: Hexies --Learn what makes a quilt
modern and how to easily execute a light & airy Hexie
Quilt. ( $25, incl. pattern + Supplies) Saturday, March 1,
Mountain Tops By The Sea—Use up those strip sets and
make an on-point quilt that mimics mountains. ($25,
incl. pattern + Supplies) Saturday, March 29, 10-4pm
Log Cabin Techniques - Learn how to make the log
cabin block with 3 different techniques and then choose
your favorite way to make your future log cabin quilt!
Any basic log cabin book is a great addition to your
book stash, but none is required. ($25 includes all
handouts + supplies) 10-4, Thursday, January 30.
Kimberly: If you want to know anything about
digitizing your embroidery or quilting designs, Kim is
the one who is the expert teacher on Digitizer JR,
Digitizer MBX, Floriani Total Control, Floriani My
Decorative Quilter and the INNOVA’s Auto Pilot,
Navigator, and Pantovision software. She brings a
beginner along so that they become confident under
her expert tutelage. Actually it’s not scary when she
teaches! All classes--$35.00.
Class Requirements: Each class is hands on. Students
should bring their laptop's with the appropriate
software installed. Please make sure you bring your
dongles (if needed), and your software is running prior
to class.
Floriani Total Control Embroidery Class for Beginning
Floriani My Decorative Quilter Students:
Wed. Jan 29th 10am - 1pm - "Part 2 - Digitizing Outline
Files" - Gain an understanding of digitizing out line type
clip art or drawings. You will learn tips and techniques
for cleaning up vector and raster files, Opening Image
files, using Automatic Digitizing Magic Wand tools,
along with Making Stitch and Pattern changes. Includes
four step by step exercises utilizing the tools and
techniques learned in class.
Wed. Feb 19th 10am - 1pm - "Part 3 - Creative Lettering"
- Gain an understanding of how to use the Lettering
tools and features of MDQ. You will learn how to Create
and Edit lettering, along with Lettering Features.
Includes step by step exercises utilizing the tools and
techniques learned in class.
Wed. Feb 5th 10am - 1pm - "Part 4 - Toolbox Extra
Toolbar" - Gain an understanding of how to use all the
tools on the Toolbox Extra Toolbar. You will learn how
to use the Motif Shapes, Applique Shapes,
Optimization, Duplication, Repeat, Circle Template,
Rotation, Alignment, Distributing, Grouping, and Resequencing Tools/Icons. Includes step by step
exercises utilizing the tools and techniques learned in
Wed. Mar 26th 10am - 1pm - "Part 4 - Toolbox Extra
Toolbar" - Gain an understanding of how to use the rest
of the tools on the Toolbox Extra Toolbar. You will learn
how to select Blocks, Fills, Embellishments, Alignment,
Distributing, Grouping, and Re-sequencing Tools/Icons.
Includes step by step exercises utilizing the tools and
techniques learned in class.
Wed. Mar 5th 10am - 1pm - "Part 5 - – Manual Digitizing,
Artwork, and Symbols Tools" - Gain an understanding
of how to use the Manual Digitizing tools, Artwork
Tools, and using the Symbols Icon. You will learn how
to use the Manual, Run, Satin, Steil, Complex Fill,
Applique, Cross Stitch, Tackle Twill, Artwork, and
Symbols Icons. Includes step by step exercises
utilizing the tools and techniques learned in class.
Lampshade class--Just finished a quilt, create a
lampshade with your favorite quilt fabric to
complement that quilt. Take an old shade or get a new
one and make it your own creation. Home-Deco
lampshade class is February 19, 2:00 to 4:00 (18.00
plus cost of any supplies).
Tab curtain and shade class--Be creative and make that
sewing room or bedroom or any room special. You can
choose tab curtain or shade to make for your window
treatment to make your space your own. Home-deco
class Is January 15, 11:00 to 3:00, ($20.00 + Supplies)
Please -------support your local
quilt shops!
FOR BEGINNERS!) Color is the first thing that is
seen in a quilt. This class will delve into color theory
and how to use it in quilting. We will discuss the value
of value, how to use contrast to enhance your quilt
design along with texture, scale and repetition to give
your quilts the art school graduate look. Trunks full of
quilts and color exercises will help you understand the
importance of your color choices. ( $15 + Supplies) 102pm, Saturday, February 8.
Specialty Class by Jeanette & Lee:
How to use your sewing machine (NOT YOUR
for the person who needs help becoming familiar with
their SEWING machine. Your SEWING machine must be
in good working order, have the correct sized
accessories, & your SEWING machine manual is a must.
We will go through the basics of your machine so you
will become familiar with the machine anatomy. We also
discuss trouble shooting, tension, problems, posture,
finding a place to sew, storing your machine.
“Simplicity, How to use a Sewing Machine”, is the book
that will be used during class. It is NOT required.
Copies will be available for purchase. ($15.00) 68:30pm, Tuesday, January 21.
Trash to Treasure Scrappy Pineapple Workshop—when
throwing it out is not an option; what do with all those
scraps? Take the challenge, make something from
literally nothing. Turn the most humble scraps into
some stunning, absolutely beautiful, artist expression
in fiber. This class is so popular that we are holding it again!
The Trash to Treasure Pineapple Quilt workshop is a step-bystep lecture/demonstration on how to construct the block;
following the guide lines from the book by: Glyeen X.
Fitzgerald and using the accompany ruler. Book & ruler will
be available. You will have time to construct 1 or more
blocks. Bring your machine, cutting mats, rotary cutter
& scraps to try it out. ($16.00 class fee + supplies &
Ruler is a must: $14.95. Book is optional.) 6-9 pm,
Thursday, January 16, 10-3pm, Saturday, February 1.
Policy for Classes:
Class supply lists normally will be at the store.
Classes may be cancelled with advance notice in
the case of emergencies. Under these
circumstances, class fees will be credited to
another class. If you do not notify us of
cancellation at least 4 days prior to class, no
refunds or credits will be given. One-on-one
classes at your request are available by
appointment at $25.00 per hour. These classes
must also be paid at time of registration.
Group meetings, such as Socials, Hand Appliqué,
Hand Work Group, do not require advance
payment or registrations, though we do appreciate
knowing in advance if you will attend.
Sewing for Kids and Adults to make
donation items for Cuddly for Comfort.
Let’s see how many quilts, pillow
cases, dresses, etc. we can make.
Gather the sewing kids and come over
for a fun afternoon of sewing. Free &
you’ll get a fat quarter to take home.
Signup lists will be available immediately. You
may sign up for classes via telephone but please
be prepared to give your credit card information for
class/kit payments.
1-4pm February 9
Circle your chosen class dates. See you soon!
Don’t forget: AMERICAN