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Spring is Here!
February — March — April 2015
Cedar Mill Subdivision - Dallas, GA
Visit Our Community’s Website at: CedarMill.webs.com
Cedar Mill Clubhouse
Questions for our Sentry Mgt Representative?
Need a venue for that Holiday party, Birthday party or Contact: Carole A. Hannah
special occasion? Did you know you could rent our c/o Sentry Management
5901 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd NE
Suite B-525
Atlanta GA 30328
Clubhouse Rental Information:
(404) 459-8951 x111
$150 Rental Fee
[email protected]
(404) 459-8962 (fax)
$250 Deposit
To reserve, contact: Anna Bonesteel at
Important Dates
[email protected],
or (404) 459-8951 x122.
1st Thursday of every month - HOA Meeting @ 7:00pm
Visit CedarMill.webs.com, click on Bylaws and Declarations Every Tuesday morning at 9:00am - Bible Study
([email protected])
and select the “Process & rules & Form to Rent Cedar Mill
Clubhouse” link to download the form.
- 2015 Reminders
April 18th — Community Garage Sale
April 25th — Spring Cleaning at Clubhouse and Pool Area
Christmas Lights need to be taken down.
Trash cans are placed in an area not visible from the May 1 — HOA dues due
May TBD — Volunteer day
May TBD — Spring Party
New neighbors — Go out and MEET them!
Keep all vehicles that are parked in your driveway locked May 16th — Pool Open
and remove all valuables (for example, purses, wallets, September TBD – Consignment sale?
laptops, GPS units, etc..) each night. From time to time,
other neighborhoods in this area have experienced
thefts from unlocked vehicles.
Parking — Per Paulding County there is No Parking on the
Happenings In Town
street. Cars parked on the street will be ticketed by
the county.
Chic-Fil-A — Offering free hot coffee in the month of
In Need of Volunteers
NCG Theaters @ Acworth — $6 movies on Tuesdays!
Painters for the Clubhouse.
Shelton Elementary — will be building an extension.
Stain the deck at the pool.
Helpers to spruce up the Clubhouse.
Neighborhood Distributors for newsletters and flyers.
Start some clubs, examples: Tennis, Book, Card & Trivia.
Plan seasonal activities
Best Decorated House!
To Do List
Paint inside and outside of Clubhouse.
Pool Repairs.
Stain decks.
Repair doors and walls in Clubhouse.
Change locks in Clubhouse.
Wi-Fi in Clubhouse.
Cutting down 2 pine trees behind the water wheel.
Getting declarant on community.
Please email the Cedar Mill HOA Board if you are
interested in volunteering for any of the above at
[email protected] to help keep our
neighborhood beautiful.
121 Cedar Mill Drive — The Hegarty’s!
Thanks to all those who participated and voted!
Mailbox Maintenance Needed
PLEASE paint your mailbox numbers if they are faded.
They are the only number on the street that represents
your house. If the USPS cannot read them, they will NOT
deliver mail to your house. Any GOLD paint from a craft
store will do the trick.
Cedar Mill HOA Board
The Cedar Mill HOA Board members are Jan O’Neil (President), Richard Mullen (Secretary) and Jim Hegarty (Treasurer)
Contact: [email protected]
Mee&ngs are held at the Clubhouse the first Thursday of the month at 7:00p.m. Please join us, make some friends and let us know how you
like living at Cedar Mill. Homeowners AND Renters Welcome!
There will be a Special HOA Mee&ng in January on the 8th to discuss HOA dues and the possibility of an assessment. If you have any
ques&ons whatsoever for the board, or any one the commi3ees, this mee&ng is your chance to have them heard in person.
Cedar Mill Committees
Contact: [email protected]
Responsibility: Establishes and maintains architectural standards in the community provided by the Cedar Mill Declara&on. Reviews and
approves exterior appearances and construc&on of property improvements. Assures improvements are in conformity and harmony
with external design and quality of exis&ng standards. No&fies homeowners who are not in compliance and works with the HOA Board,
when necessary, in seeking compliance.
Making any improvements? Please follow these steps.
1. Please visit CedarMill.webs.com for the approval form.
2. Fill out the form and send it to [email protected] Allow a maximum of 30 days for approval.
3. No work should start prior to approval from the Architectural Commi3ee and/or the HOA Board.
Contact: [email protected]
Responsibility: The commi3ee oversees the opera&on of the clubhouse. A member of the commi3ee is responsible for scheduling the events
at the clubhouse.
The Clubhouse is available to all homeowners and renters to rent for $150 for the day, along with a deposit of $250. Upon your checkout, an
email will go to Sentry Management sta&ng that the Clubhouse was leD clean and in proper condi&on according to a checklist for
checkout. Sentry Management will then arrange for the return of your deposit. Once you have secured your deposit and date please
email Clubhouse Commi3ee Chairperson at [email protected] along with your confirma&on of receipt.
Contact: [email protected]
Responsibility: To submit informa&on for inclusion within the newsle3er, please send it to [email protected] The commi3ee puts out
a quarterly newsle3er (both hard and soD copy). It informs the homeowners and renters of events and news that is relevant to the
community as a whole. The commi3ee also maintains the Cedar Mill home directory. If you would like to volunteer to distribute the
hard copy of the newsle3er, please e-mail me prior to the end of the month before the newsle3er goes out.
Moving — let me know so that I can take you off my email distribu&on list.
Contact: [email protected]
Responsibility: The commi3ee performs bi-weekly inspec&ons of homeowner's lawns to ensure they are in compliance and are being
maintained properly. Reports are provided to the HOA Board who will address any issues, as necessary.
Contact: [email protected]
Responsibility: How are things on your street? Any complaints...sugges&ons? Please email me and let me know of anything we as a
commi3ee can do to help improve our neighborhood.
Moving — let me know so that I can take you off my email distribu&on list.
POOL COMMITTEE: Laura Micalizzi
Contact: [email protected]
Responsibility: The commi3ee overseas pool management. The pool, as well as the pool area, is now closed for the season. As of October
30th, the pool has been covered for the winter months to save money for the Sub Division. The pumps have been shut down as well to
save electricity.
Hopefully next Spring we would like to get some handy volunteers together to do a few things around the pool area to get it ready for the
new season. We will create a workday posted in the next newsle3er and we thank you in advance for any help you can offer.
Friendly reminder to secure your pool key in a safe place for the winter as it is a $50 fee to replace the key (card). Also the gym will,
unfortunately, remain CLOSED due to vandalism in the past.
Important Names, Emails, Websites and Numbers
Cedar Mill HOA Board: [email protected]
Jan O’Neil
Jim Hegarty
Richard Mullins
Cedar Mill Website:
Non-Emergency Police/Sherriff:
Marshall’s Office:
Report street lights & pot holes:
Animal Control:
Welcome to Paulding County:
City of Acworth:
City of Kennesaw:
(770) 445-2117
(770) 443-9768
(770) 445-4759
(770) 445-1511
What Can I Do To Help My Neighborhood?
How can you help? Get Involved!!!
1) Attend HOA Meetings each month.
2) Volunteer on Community Workdays.
3) Report suspicious behavior to your Neighborhood
Watch Captain, any Board Member, neighbors and/or
police if needed.
4) Be a POSITIVE influence.
5) Provide ideas and solutions.
Neighborhood Watch Captains
Cedar Mill Dr/Lakeside Tr Jim Hegarty
Cedar Pt Judy & Richard Mullen
Longwood Pl (Sec # 1) Jude Louissaint
Longwood Pl (Sec # 2) - Michelle Hewitt & Dianna Leyva
Longwood Pl (Sec # 3) Jerry Declement
Longwood Pl (Sec # 4) Patty Wilson
Longwood Xing (Sec # 1) Michelle Hewitt
Longwood Xing (Sec # 2, 3, & 4) Barbara Abair
Boulder Ct Laura Micalizzi
Longwood Ct Richard & Judy Mullen
Leyland Xing Fran Hewitt
Zimmerwood Ct/Ryans Pt Torrey & Letitia Searles
~ Welcome to the Neighborhood! ~
Have We Met?
The Vega Family
Outdoor Cats have been wondering around in the
neighborhood. Male cats are VERY territorial and will
fight for that territory, which will be on other people’s yards. Please restrain your cats.
Cedar Mill got a gym? Please send suggestions to the
HOA Board on how to keep the gym from being vandalized.
TRASH around the neighborhood has increased since
construction started. The HOA Board will report to
D.R. Horton.
Construction trucks going down the wrong streets.
The HOA Board is going to notify the D.R. Horton in
hopes of having signs put up that will guide the truck
drivers down the correct streets towards the construction sites.
NO DUMPING OF ANY KIND! When you dump your
grass clippings or leaves, you are killing the underlying
vegetation. When those roots die, the soil washes
away and erodes the land. It is harmful to your property. This is also causing major sewer problems.
Association Approvals Required for Home
Susan for planting flowers at the Clubhouse.
When you are planning to make improvements to your
home that require a building permit, you will also be
required to obtain approval from the subdivision. You
can speed up the process of obtaining necessary permits by sending us your plans in advance. Please ask
your contractor to get you copies as quickly as possible.
If you can fill out the form (available on the web site),
we can handle it more quickly. Remember to include your
name, address, phone number and email when you send
or deliver your material.
Jim for putting colored lights on water wheel.
Your Neighbors Are Improving Their Homes
Renters that take care of their yards.
Cedar Mill residents are making home improvements. The
committee has received more than three requests for
approval of exterior modifications. This says great
things about our neighborhood's desirability. Our location, and school district is unbeatable.
Neighborhood Captains for volunteering their time.
Homeowners that come to the monthly meetings.
Michelle for tremendous assistance with this month’s newsletter.
Laura for assisting with the delivery of the newsletter.
Art2go Studio – I am a realistic artist and seeking commissions
for portraits of people, pets and/or things. A portion of my work
can be seen at http://johnmelliesstudio.webs.com. Please contact John Mellie, Sr. at (678) 521-2040 or at [email protected]
NEED SOME ADULT TIME? Will babysit your children. References
available. Call Michelle at (917) 951-9814.
Cedar Mill Residents Special
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Dine In | Carry Out | Delivery
(678) 401-8429
Monogram – Need clothing monogrammed? Call Julia at
(770) 298-4303.
Tutoring – Former Cobb County Teacher of the Year! – I
have over 20 years of experience and am available and eager to
help your child with any elementary subject. I can also work with
Middle School students in most subject areas. Give your child a
chance to start off on a positive note this spring. My fee is $30 an
hour. Please give me a call. Call: Linda Bomar @ (404) 509-2491.
Babysitter wanted – Hi, my name is Gretchen and I am looking
for a babysitter to come to my home and watch my 15-month old
son while I am at school or studying. Please contact me if your
available and looking for a laid back easy job at (404) 275-7485.
Psst – Pass It On!
Roofing Inspection – Call Terry Garrett at (404) 543-4888.
Everything You Always Wanted To Know,
And Then Some!
Exterior House Painting – Call Certapro Painters (800) 4623782.
Paulding County’s Leading DISCOUNT Reality Company –
Listings starting as low as 1%.
There are 179 homes in our community.
D.R. Horton has 25 vacant lots and has begun building
six homes on Ryan’s Pt and Zimmerman Ct; if these
homes sell well (three have been sold), he will build
Phase I of our community is still being built out.
Cedar Mill Amenities need maintenance work (pool
pumps, pool resurfaced).
Club house deck has boards that need replacing,
pressure washing, restained to protect existing
structure and full exterior painting.
Tennis courts have unfortunately been mistreated,
misused and severely damaged.
185 newsletters are printed for each issue and volunteers hand-deliver a copy to your home in addition to
the electronic version sent by email.
Two resale houses have been sold.
To Submit Info for the Next Newsletter
E-mail: [email protected]
Subject: “Cedar Mill Newsletter” -orMail: Bob Spangenburg
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