Descriptions & Pictures - Cedar Mill Stake Pioneer Trek 2015

Trek Fashion Show 2015
Welcome to our Trek Fashion Show 2015!
Why Dress like a Pioneer? “Dressing in historic clothing is one way to form an immediate connection to
the past. When we take on their clothing, we get a better feel for the physical conditions of their lives….
We can have some wonderful “time travel” moments, when it feels as though the veil is very thin, and
our pioneer friends are standing right beside us, encouraging us in our personal journeys.”
Today we’d like to show you some examples and ideas of ways you can dress for Trek.
We’d like to welcome out our first group of models:
Three YW wearing a BASIC LOOK, with a HISTORIC FLAVOR.
Lucy Winkel:
Is wearing a 1970’s Gunne Sax dress. Yes, this was originally worn
in 1979 to a prom- but since then it has been worn several times
for various dress up and pioneer reenactment events. (It may be a
little worn and faded, but is still comfortable and will work fine).
Notice that I It has been hemmed up so that it is off the ground.
Trek dresses should be hemmed to between the bottom of your
calf to a hand span above your ankle bone (You don’t want to be
tripping, or having it caught under the handcart wheel.)
Her white Apron is sewed from an old bed sheet. Notice that the
Pockets are big enough to hold a book of Mormon, trek journal,
and/or a water bottle!
Her Bonnet is made from fabric that a ward member donated, and
was sewn together at an YW activity that was planned for a
personal progress project. To meet the standards of this year’s
trek, we ask that you extend the back of the bonnets so they reach
beyond the neckline of your dress. The YW that wore this outfit on
the last trek got a sunburned neck- so this bonnet will need to be
modified. Not at all hard to do- add a bit of fabric.
Jordan Nelson is wearing a blue calico dress that is
borrowed from a past trekker. The second outfit that she will be
taking on trek is also a borrowed dress. So don’t be afraid to ask
in your ward for any available items to be borrowed that were
put together for the 2010 Trek.
This dress was sewn from a McCalls pattern. If you plan on
sewing a dress, check out the trek website for some links to
patterns that will work best. This dress has short sleeves,
however long sleeves are encouraged, so keep that in mind
when you making or hunting for a dress.
Jordan’s apron is Blue. –This darker color is great for covering
up the prairie dirt.
Rachel Leete is modeling a
Skirt- another blast from the
past- the 1980’s that is, and a
blue blouse that was purchased
at Goodwill. Notice that the
blouse is a light color. Darker
colors will not be as cool in the
hot dessert sun. When choosing your clothing at Goodwill or other
locations, look for fabrics that are mostly Cotton- that will be much
While picking out a skirt or dress, make sure that the skirt bottom is wide
enough to take large safe strides. As noted on the Pioneer clothing tab on
the, skirts should have a circumference of 90-140”.
Rachel is wearing a bonnet made
from a pioneer costume pattern.
Notice that that back has been
extended to give her more
protection from the sun.
So young ladies, when you are
looking for Trek outfits, don’t hesitate to look thru your mom’s or
grandmother’s closets, ask ward members for hand-me downs, or
have fun hunting at Goodwill.
Thank you lovely YW pioneers models!
Our Next Group of YW and YM are wearing examples of the
BASIC PLUS Pioneer look:
Courtney Jensen is wearing a Goodwill blouse, and a homemade
skirt. Her skirt is made from the free pattern found on the Trek
website. It is an example of the skirt we will be making in the
workshop this Saturday. So if you want to make your own skirt like this
one please sign up with Sister Thacker.
She is also wearing a bonnet from another free pattern found on our
Trek website. Notice the long back of the bonnet that reaches to her
shoulders. There will be a sewing workshop to make these coming up
this spring break on Thursday March 26th. Don’t forget to sign up if you
want to learn how to make this.
Kellie Jensen is wearing a dress
made from a pattern similar to the
Butterick Making History Pattern
5831. (There is a link to this pattern
on the trek website) As with the
other girls notice that the dress length and skirt width will allow her
a lot of comfort along the trail. She is also wearing an apron made
from the free pattern found on the website.
Lincoln Bay is wearing cotton twill pants, a button down plaid shirt and
a vest. The vest is a nice touch and would have been an everyday item
worn by the majority of pioneer men and boys. Lincoln found his clothing
already in his closet.
Don’t these youth look great? They are ready to hit the trail. Thank you
very much.
We didn’t want to leave the Ma’s and Pa’s and other
leaders out of the fun…
Let’s take a look at a Ma and Pa Alberts, they sure look
like they are “Stepping out from the Past.”
Brother Alberts — is wearing
all his tried and true trek gear.
Notice his broad brimmed hat, his
appropriate clothing. All he needs
now is his handcart.
Sister Alberts — looks lovely
dressed in a dress similar to the Butterick Making History
pattern 5831. She is wearing two petticoats that really help
keep her skirts from wrapping around her legs while she is
walking. And I am told that they are actually quite comfortable
and aren’t hot at all. Her neckerchief can be soaked with cool
water when she is on Trek to help cool her down.
A big thank you to all our Pioneer Models! We can’t wait to see
what ya’ll are going to be wearing at this year’s Pioneer Trek.
Start preparing now, you don’t want to be left scrambling at
the last minute.