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Needle News
Colorado Chapter, EGA
October 2013
** A Note from Our
Hello Everyone,
This Month’s
Embellishing your
Program by Marnie Ritter
Did you Stitch That??? No but I could have !! :-)
Good heavens....the months just
keep zipping by me!!! I can hardly
believe it is nearly Halloween. My
little grand daughter has already
been planning her costume for me
to make. Luckily it doesn't look too
hard this year.
For those of you attending the
National Seminar, I know you will
have fun and learn new things.
Please share your newest projects
with us when you return. I look
forward to seeing everyone at the
next meeting.
Have you ever repaired a boo boo with embroidery?
Jeans, nightgown, whatever -- bring a boo boo to share.
For this meeting bring a:
sweater, cardigan or blouse (denim works great), skirt,
vest, jeans, or a blouse/top that has a printed
Also bring: cotton floss, beads, buttons, ribbon,
metallic (like Accentuate); an embroidery hoop and
embroidery needles.
please e-mail me or call about your choice!!
I will suggest, draw patterns, etc.
Project pattern ideas: beaded pattern, buttons and
beads, embroidery patterns/flowers, embellishment
over printed pattern, cross stitch patterns
Bring your own ideas, too!
How about a fashion show in 2014??!
Needle News October 2013
Show Table – Jeanette Short
Valerie Cowan
- nautical ornament with cross stitch, detached button hole & ribbon flag, "Nantucket" by Carolyn Wells
- needle case & pin keep, American flag design with multiple stitches,
- "long may she wave" by Ellen Chester
- treasure map journal holder, dyed & painted linen, class by Katherine Jordan
Jeanette Short
- cross stitch, Edinburgh Castle, kit purchased in Scotland.
Nancy Miller
- "carrots" needlepoint class by Jennifer Riefenberg
- needlepoint "Christmas patches" by Susan Kerndt
Caela Tyler
- Santa Fe notebook of 2012 EGA seminar, compiled by Karen Race & Nancy Miller
Around the Region, by Vivian Wilson, Region Representative
The motion to purchase a computer and related software for the Region Treasurer (made by Marthann
Simpson on behalf of the Region Finance Committee) did pass. There may be further discussion at the
upcoming Board Meeting in Billings.
The RMR Nominating Committee has announced the 2014-2015 slate of officers:
Region Director: Janice Wood (Foothills Chapter, Colorado)
Assistant Region Director: Patricia Toulouse (Sandia Chapter, New Mexico)
Secretary: Joanne Ingersen (Pikes Peak Chapter, Colorado)
Treasurer: Maureen Brown (Rocky Mountain Web Stitchers, lives in Elko, Nevada)
Nominating Chairman: Julie Laybourne (Turquoise Trail Chapter, New Mexico)
Vivian will have their bio information available for you to puruse and discuss at the October chapter
meeting. The voting will take place at the RMR Board Meeting in Billings.
Janice Wood has made a lovely quilt for this year's Rocky Mountain Region contribution to the EGA
National Seminar Opportunity Drawings. Look for a photo of it in the upcoming issue of Border to
I will be attending the upcoming RMR Board Meeting in Billings, being held October 25 (Executive Board)
and all day on October 26 (Region Board) and I will report on the meeting in November.
Needle News October 2013
** Membership - Deb Klein
There were 26 members in attendance at the
September meeting with one guest.
No news this month – position is OPEN
Lunch Reservations: Please contact Beverly Bell on or before the Wednesday prior to each
monthly meeting under the following circumstances:
Permanent List Members ONLY if not attending
Non-Permanent List Members if you ARE attending
The permanent list is available at the meeting.
Barb Golubiewski
Susan Goodman
Christine Hause
If you cannot attend the meeting, please make arrangements for someone else to bring goodies or trade months. Thank you!
Treasurer’s Report – Joanna Lord
Balances as of 9/16/2013
EGA Checking 3,825.76
Needle News October 2013
Area Groups
Boulder: The Boulder Group meets on the third Monday of the month between September and June.
We meet at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church at 3700 Baseline in Boulder. Visiting time is from 9:30
through 10:00 am when the meeting officially starts.
On October 21 we will continue to work on Kurdy Biggs project "Four Friends". Please bring your
stitching and any questions you have. Joe Ann Fox will provide refreshments.
Any members are welcome to join us. Please call Vivian Wilson or Joe Ann Fox for information.
Saturday Group: Meetings are held at 10:00 to Noon on the fourth Saturday at All Saints
Lutheran Church, 15625 E. Iliff, Aurora. We usually go out to lunch after.
Call Janet Dean for directions or information.
In October (26th) we will be finishing a beaded tassel we started in September.
Supply List:
One skein of Needle Necessities (Threadworx) floss
9 skeins DMC floss (3 each of 3 colors)
2 skeins DMC Light Effects floss
2 skeins of DMC metallics
For October (finishing):
2 packages of Mill Hill seed beads
One bag size 6 beads
Two large metallic beads with large holes
4 large glass beads with large holes
Size 10 needles
One spool Nymo D thread
This is what is called for in the pattern – make yours as simple or exotic as you wish.
Or – bring a UFO and stitch and talk. We usually go out for lunch after. Join Us!
Needle News September 2013
** Minutes from the Last Meeting – Tina Hubis
------------------------------------------------------------------------------GENERAL MEETING - September 24, 2013
The meeting was called to order by our Vice President – Programs Jennifer Riefenberg at 9:40 a.m. Henri Jonas
our President was unable to be with us.
Jackie Rhoades made the motion to approve the August meeting minutes. Joanna Lord gave the second.
Vivian Wilson did suggest that it should be noted in the minutes that the motion for the laptop for the
Region Treasurer was made by Marthann Simpson. The minutes were approved as amended.
Deb Klein reported that we have 26 members in attendance today and 1 guest.
Jennifer Riefenberg will lead our program today on pulled thread. Marnie Ritter also gave a little
overview to help us prepare for the program next month on Clothing Embellishment.
Vivian Wilson reported a couple of things from the Region:
The motion for the Laptop for the Region Treasurer passed. No other details available yet.
We have a slate of candidates for Region officers:
Region Director-Janice Wood, Assistant RD-Patricia Toulouse, Secretary – Joanne Ingersen, Treasurer –
Maureen Brown and Nominating Chari – Julie Laybourne.
The next Region meeting is October 25th in Billings, MT.
Vivian has tickets to adopt Saige, an American Girl doll. This is a fundraiser for the Region Seminar 2014
and Saige will come with a special wardrobe.
Joanna Lord reported the following balances:
CD $2,343.27 Checking $ 3,825.76 Scholarship Savings $1,581.15 Seminar Savings $3,865.26 and
Workshop Savings $2,791.92 for a total of $14,407.36
Jackie Rhoades reported that cards had been sent to Constance Siebel and Karen Race.
No report today.
No report today.
Darlene reported that she will be making contact with Sharon Rusewald to make arrangements for the
ornament distribution. Darlene reminded us that she is still collecting Laundry soap and Dishwasher
detergent packets.
Beverly Bell thanked the hostesses for this month and reminded those on the schedule for next month.
A reminder that information for the newsletter is due on the 5th.
Needle News September 2013
No report today.
Jeannette Short encouraged members to talk about the pieces they had brought.
No report today,
Nancy Miller announced that Kathy Sanders’ basement had been flooded during the recent flooding.
Many of us know Kathy from other groups.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:03 a.m. The meeting was followed by our program Colorado Flag led
by Jennifer Riefenberg.
Officers and Volunteers of the Colorado Chapter EGA
Henri Jonas
1st VP Programs
Jennifer Riefenberg
2nd VP Membership
Debbie Klein
Tina Hubis
Joanna Lord
Region Representative
Vivian Wilson
Janet Lockhart
Darlene Locke
Member Care
Jackie Rhoades
Beverly Bell
Show Tables
Jeanette Short
Ann Pinfield
Vicki Shigley
Education Liasion
Jeanette Short
Newsletter Editor
Janet Dean
Traditional Japanese Embroidery
Merna Hunter was a beloved teacher to many.
embroidery group will miss her leadership.
Her Japanese
Carolyn Burke ((303) 337-9406) assisted by Donna Kunkel ((719) 2664255) will now be the spokespersons and coordinators of the group.
If you would like to find out what traditional Japanese embroidery is all
about, please give us a call. We meet the 2 and 4 Mondays of the month from 10:00 A.M. to
4 :00 P.M. to stitch and learn.
For more information and questions please call Carolyn (303-337-9406).
Needle News September 2013
Our Advertisers – Support those who support our passions!
Needle News September 2013
Debbie Klein
1411 East Long Place
Centennial, CO 80122
EGA Mission: The Embroiderers’ Guild of America, Inc. is a not-for-profit educational organization created to foster the art of
needlework and associated arts, and to encourage a high standard of design and technique in embroidery and needlepoint
The Colorado Chapter website is THE place to
stay informed about EGA.
Also, keep informed on the region website,,
Scholarships Available
Would you like to go to a seminar or take a class to further your skills in the needle arts but feel you just
can’t afford the entire cost? Help is at hand! Money is available to Colorado Chapter members to give
them a boost, although financial need is NOT a requirement. How? Apply for a Scholarship!
Scholarships may be applied to cover the partial or full cost of a class, workshop, seminar,
correspondence course (group leaders note!) or other approved activity in the amount requested,
dependent upon availability of funds, number of applicants, and the approval of the scholarship committee. Funds do not cover kit fees and/or transportation.
There are a few simple rules regarding the use of the funds, including an agreement to share your
experience supported by your scholarship. Some ways to share, among others include: give a talk or
presentation at the chapter meeting as a program, conduct a ―Back to
Basics‖ program using information from the class, serve as a leader in a future group correspondence
course, support and aid in future fundraising activities for the scholarship fund, write an article for any of
the newsletters or EGA publications.
The form is under the chapter website under ―Forms and Special notices.
Needle News September 2013