Document 100270

Subject: Kindergarten Math, Patterns and Relations
Outcome: PK.1 - Demonstrate an understanding of repeating patterns (2 or 3 elements) by:
 identifying
 reproducing
 extending
 creating
patterns using manipulatives, sounds, and actions.
Beginning – 1
Approaching – 2
I need help.
I have a basic understanding.
Proficiency – 3
Mastery – 4
My work consistently meets
I have a deeper understanding.
With assistance I can identify
I can identify a repeating pattern. I can identify repeating
I can identify repeating and nonrepeating patterns. With
I can copy parts of a pattern. I
sequences and non-repeating
repeating sequences by
assistance I can copy parts of
can extend one repetition of a
sequences. I can independently
identifying the part that repeats.
patterns. With assistance I can
repeating pattern. I can create a
copy a repeating pattern. I can
I can independently copy and
extend part of a repeating
simple pattern with two
independently extend repeating
repeating pattern and describe
pattern. With assistance I can
patterns by two or more
the pattern. I can extend
create a simple pattern.
repetitions. I can create a
repeating patterns and explain
repeating pattern of more than 2 the repetitions. I can create
elements using manipulatives,
repeating patterns and describe
instruments or actions.
the pattern.
Indicators – please select and assess as appropriate to your unit, bold text indicates possible key indicators.
Distinguish between repeating patterns and non-repeating sequences by identifying the part that repeats.
Copy a repeating pattern and describe the pattern.
Extend repeating patterns by two more repetitions.
Create a repeating pattern, using manipulatives, musical instruments, or actions and describe the pattern.
Identify and describe a repeating pattern in the classroom, the school, and outdoors.
Refer to the Saskatchewan Curriculum Guide Kindergarten Mathematics.