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From left: Sheets (top), Peacock Alley,
Shabby Chic for Target, and Lilly
Pulitzer for Garnet Hill. Quilts (center),
Shabby Chic for Target and Garnet
Hill. Towels (bottom), Lauren by
Ralph Lauren Home. For more information, see Sources, page 112.
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Above the Fold
Open the doors to organization! Here’s how to store and
stack your way to an enviable linen closet
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P H O T O G R A P H b y d a v i d hill e gas
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linen closet
6 ways to spiff up your linen closet
1. Freshen up
Don’t let your linens fall victim to an overextended stay in
storage! Wash towels and sheets every six months to avoid
a musty smell. We recommend these gentle cleansers and
products for their phosphate-free
ingredients and oh-so-clean scents.
The Laundress
Detergent, $21, and
Stiffen Up/Ironing
Water Duo, $31;
The Good Home
Company Line
Dried Laundry
Detergent, $22;
When it comes to storage,
we believe in keeping all
your eggs in one basket—
preferably a labeled one for
ultimate organization.
The Container Store Open
Canvas Bins, $8–$12 each;
Peacock Alley Monaco
Bath Towels, $39 each;
Peacock Alley Adagio Sheets in
Sea Glass, from $115; peacockalley.com
Kumi Basics Sheet Set, $640;
CoastalLiving.com September 2012
The Macbeth Collection Adhesive
Shelf Liner in Decker Apple and
Sophia Limoncello, $10 for
two rolls; themacbeth
5. Tie it together
2. Carry all
Follow this tip for storing extra
sheets: Fold the fitted and flat
sheets together with one
pillowcase, and place all
inside the other pillowcase.
You’ll thank yourself later.
There’s no better way to quickly spruce up a closet
than with easy-to-apply patterned wallpapers
and shelf liners. They provide a dose of eye
candy and protect surfaces from spills.
The Container
Store Scented
Shelf Liner
in Blue Waters,
$12; container
Vaska Oxygen
Brightener, $6;
for retailers
3. Store more
4. Add some pizzazz
Space is a luxury in a linen
closet, so make the most of
yours by nixing the fold and
embracing the roll for bulky
items such as comforters and
quilts. A grosgrain ribbon tied
around the middle ensures
nothing comes loose (and makes
you look like a domestic goddess).
Serena & Lily Aqua Diamond Quilt,
$180 (twin); serenaandlily.com
6. Breathe in
Add some oomph
to those justwashed linens
with pretty sachets
in fresh scents like
Ocean, Coconut,
and Cotton. Your
guests won’t
be able to keep
their noses out
of your linen
closet’s business.
The Macbeth
Collection Scented
Hanging Sachets, $14
for six; themacbeth