I’d like to show you how easy it is to... lovely Angel with Bird doll that I’ll be presenting on

I’d like to show you how easy it is to make the
lovely Angel with Bird doll that I’ll be presenting on
Friday. The kit comes with a sheet of instructions,
but I’ve included some tips and photos below as an
extra resource to use at home.
Please note, I've tried to include appropriate
directions, but these are only a supplement to the
manufacturer’s instructions, which should be used
as the ultimate resource.
Angel with Bird Tilda doll
All you need is the kit plus some doll stuffing and thread. Everything else is
You can sew by machine or by hand. You will need to use scissors and a wire
cutter, possibly pliers.
How to make the doll:
1. Read all instructions included in kit. Add seam
allowance (approximately ¼ inch) to all pattern
pieces and cut out. Sew skin fabric to white fabric.
With right sides facing, fold in half. Place pattern
piece across the seam line. This will form the top of
doll dress.
2. Trace and cut out all pattern pieces, then sew
together. Use wooden dowel provided to turn inside
out the legs, arms, body, and wings, then use wooden
dowel to push stuffing into the legs (after stuffing half
way, sew a few stitches for the knee, then complete
stuffing), arms, body, and wings.
3. Cut out two "mirror images" of the front of the
dress and one back. Sew front side of dress to
back, starting with the side and arm seams and
the hem around the sleeves.
4. Make frill for the bottom of the dress. Cut out two strips of
white fabric (approximately 13 x 4"). Sew together to make a
26" strip. (If you want a deeper ruffle, cut longer strips.) Fold
the strip in half with right sides facing in. Sew off the sides,
and turn inside out and sew a gathering thread on the raw
edge. Pull the thread so the fabric forms a long ruffle.
5. Sew hem onto the bottom of the dress, and attach
the ruffle and sew into place. Iron on fusible webbing to
the reverse side of the flower fabric. Fussy cut the motif
(i.e. cut around the flower and leaves). Place on
the dress and iron to secure. Create a tie for the dress
by cutting a strip approximately an inch wide and length
to desire. Fold and iron both side of the fabric towards
the middle. Fold and iron in half again so all raw edges
are hidden.
6. Sew flat and sew the ties to dress. Sew arms and legs to
body. Then with brown embroidery floss, sew fringe and
sides of hair.
7. Place pins in back of head and twist the textured doll hair
around the pins, then sew to head. Keep two lengths of
textured hair to place on sides of head and sew into place. Put
the dress on doll and sew wings to the back of the dress and
through the doll if you wish. Create the bird cage by cutting six
pieces of wire approximately 16 inches. Twist with another
small piece of wire in the middle to keep together.
8. Fold wire upwards and twist ends together.
Separate wires with finger and bend into circular
shape. Insert bird and twist bird wire to cage wire to
secure into place. Sew cage to doll hand with a few
stitches. Now, you're finished!