Z People Awards 2015

Z People Awards 2015
Application Form
Now you’ve got the idea, we’ll need some details about you so our judges can judge! All sections of the
application need to be completed.
Training Development Award
Tick Box
Emerging Leader Award
Tick Box
First, we’ll need:
1. Your details
Your full legal name:
Company name:
Job title:
Address: Mobile:
Post code:
Your Fly Buys Number:
2. Add a photo
3. To apply, you’ll need to send us the following:
1. An electronic copy of the application form.
2. Your reply to the questions in stage one in the written submission.
3. Video footage for stage two.
4. All of this can be electronically sent to the CCNZ DropBox. Please contact Tricia Logan to arrange an invite to be sent to you.
Video guidelines:
Videos are to be about 2 – 5 minutes long and focused on the bullet points listed on stage two. If we have any issues with your video we
will contact you and ask for you to provide another copy.
Z People Awards 2015
Application Form
Have you got everything?
This completed application form including your written section
Your photo Your video files ready for dropbox
Entry fee of $250 (plus GST)
Your Fly Buys Number
Your Record of Achievement (if applicable)
I declare that all information contained in this application form is true and accurate and I have obtained the nominee’s approval to nominate
him/her. I agree to abide by the decisions made by the judging panel and accept all terms and conditions provided.
You can send your application by email to [email protected] or post all the above on a memory stick to:
CCNZ Margan House
Z People Awards
P O Box 12013
Wellington 6144
What happens next?
Once we have received your application our panel of judges will sit down and review all entries. The judges will review these against the
judging criteria and will come up with a short list of five applicants.
Once we have our shortlist, we will give you a call to let you know if you’ve made it to the next round and organise a time for a site
interview. This will happen by 15 June 2015.
The site visits will happen around 1-12 July 2015; we’ll be in touch closer to the time with those who’ve made it to this stage.
By mid July 2015 we will have our final three (from each category) names of those who will be traveling to Taupo to take part in the annual
CCNZ conference and find out who has won first place in both catagories.
Best of luck!
The closing date for applications is 9am, Monday 25 May 2015.
Celebrate our Previous Winners
Emerging Leader (Leader of Tomorrow Award)
Training Development (Trainee of the Year Award)
• 2008 Felicity Glenie
• 2007 Angus (Gus) Wilson - Modern Apprentice
• 2009 Sheridan Peckett
• 2008 Donald Wellis
• 2010 Ank Rickard
• 2009 Douglas Brier
• 2011 Dean Elder
• 2010 Steven Davies
• 2012 Daniel Lucas
• 2011 Sarah Boulton
• 2013 Logan Aves & Drew Griffen
• 2012 Jamie Campbell
• 2014 Imraan Mohammed
• 2013 Liam Scarborough
• 2014 Michael Butcher